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Frame Control Secrets

Powerful Mental Skills

When I was younger, I used to do a lot of backpacking.

It kind of forced you to be very careful when choosing what to bring.

Some things were AWESOME to have with you, but they were heavy.

So you had to spend a lot of time choosing.

Since you’re carrying all your stuff on your back for a week or so, you want to make sure it’s not weighing you down.

Once I had to take my then girlfriend to the airport. I showed up at her house and she had three HUGE bags.

Clearly, everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

This goes with pretty much everything.

Even the basics of human biology has costs. Sure, it’s great to get energy from food. But finding it can suck, especially if you’re a caveman. And you’re being chased by a tiger and you have to stop use the caveman toilet, it’s not so convenient.

In economics they have something called an “opportunity cost.” Which means whenever you decide to do something, you’re subconsciously choosing to NOT do a bunch of other things.

You can go out and hang with your friends, but you might miss out on some amazing TV shows!

You could agree to an exclusive relationship with that girl or guy you’ve been seeing, but that means that EVERYBODY else on earth is off limits.

You could buy that cheeseburger for $2, but that means you’re also deciding that everything else on earth that’s also $2 is not what you want.

Of course, when you’re eating that delicious cheeseburger, you’re not focusing on what you DON’T have, you’re focusing on what you DO have.

If our brains weren’t pretty good at this, we’d NEVER be able to decide anything.

Then again, a lot of times we over think things. Instead of focusing on a positive outcome, or even a likely outcome, we allow our caveman brains to come up with the WORST outcome, and then use THAT, however UNLIKELY it is, to define our actions.

That’s the problem with having such quick thinking brains. Sure, they help us decide lickity-split, but we can also send ourselves on horrible mental loops.

Being able to manage your own brain, and manage the thoughts you think and HOLD is a POWERFUL skill to have.

For example, what if you were to imagine the BEST POSSIBLE outcome when you were considering doing ANYTHING, and you had the skill to ONLY think about THAT? Would that make taking action a lot easier?

Of course it would!

This is the power of holding a frame. Of not being knocked off balance by reality, other people, or even your inner caveman (or cavewoman).

It IS a skill, which means you MUST practice.

But when you do, you’ll be pretty pleased with yourself.

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Frame Control

Are You Kind To Your Best Friend?

Listen To Your Friend

Strengthen Your Instincts

When people go to Vegas, they hope to get “lucky.”

When people go to the track, they hope to get “lucky.”

Now, there’s blind luck, and there’s inspired luck.

For example, if you can learn to count cards, and stay focused, you can generally win most of the time.

So much so that if you start to win a lot, you’ll get kicked out. In the movie “Bringing Down The House,” which was based on the true story book, a group of students (and their professor played by Kevin Spacey) did just that.

With a pretty ingenious “group” card counting system, they won big. Consistently.

I also know a guy who’s pretty good at the track. He knows which horses are going to win, generally, before the race goes off. I don’t understand how he does it, but it’s a combination of reading body language (of the horses and their owners) as well as some advanced statistical analysis of past races for all the horses involved.

And he makes a very nice income from this “hobby.” More than most people make in a regular job. 

The truth is that all things are like this. Of course, most people are hoping for blind luck. They expect (or want) good things to come gift wrapped from some kind of fairy godmother.

But those that get lucky, consistently, instead of sitting around wishing, know that you need to put in a little effort.

But you’d be surprised how easy it is to learn to count cards. The theory is very simple, and it’s really a matter of a couple hours practice.

Most other “luck” is just as easy as well. It’s just a matter of understanding how the game works, and how to operate within it effectively.

For example, most people get hunches all the time. This is your subconscious speaking to you. Giving you a hint that there’s something good out there. Just waiting for you to grab it.

Most people are too scared, or too busy checking Facebook to notice.

Are you?

Imagine if you had a close friend, that was ALWAYS giving you fantastic advice, but you never listened. How long do you think they’d keep it up? They’d probably get gun shy after a while.

Now imagine if you finally started listening. Not only listening, but actually taking action based on their advice.

And imagine if once they saw you actually not only listening, but taking action, this made them MUCH MORE effective in spotting opportunities. So much they were literally speaking non-stop about all the things around you that you could turn into money, love, or anything else you wanted.

The truth is that friend is with you right now. They’ve always been with you and they always will be.

Will you start to listen? To take action based on their subtle advice?

You KNOW what will happen when you do!