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Gold, Bitches!

Find The Gold That’s Always Around You

I’ve had a lot of crappy jobs in my life.

And some pretty awesome ones.

One of my favorites was when I worked at a movie theater in high school.

Lots of people my age, fast paced, got to meet people when they were in a good mood.

The best part was when I’d load up a car with popcorn, drinks and candy and push it into a packed theater a few minutes before the movie started.

I would push the cart up and down the aisles and holler out like an old school pitchman.

And I almost ALWAYS sold out.

Other jobs were horrible. The worse was when I was a telemarketer. They had us memorize a script. And hooked us up to an automatic dialing computer. We would see the person’s name a split second after they answered.

And spit out the memorized pitch. If they hung up, the computer would automatically dial another line.

It was incredibly BORING.

The only fun part was when somebody got ultra pissed and went off into a well spoken tirade against telemarketers. THAT part was pretty entertaining!

Funny thing was, if I agreed with everything they said, while they were yelling at me, they actually thanked me when they were done.

It’s easy to fall into a rut, and hear the same things and say the same things day in and day out.

So when we finally unleash how we REALLY feel, even if it’s anger, it feels pretty good to get some sympathy and understanding.

Every single person you run across has all kinds of things they’d LOVE to express.

But most are too shy, and nobody ever asks.

So they never do.

Which is why there is a GOLD MINE inside pretty much every person you come across.

Even if you’re just looking to kill time while waiting for the bus, people can provide enormous value.

Everybody’s got a story. Everybody’s got a different perspective.

All you’ve got to do is practice “opening them up.”

Because inside, there is TREASURE.

And the more people you talk to, the more stories you’ll have.

The EASIEST way to use Covert Hypnosis to slip ideas into people’s minds is through stories.

“Hey, that’s pretty cool, that reminds me of this girl I was talking to the other day at the bus stop…”

And then launch into several nested loops, within which you can layer all kinds of language technology.

Most people go through life hoping to AVOID interacting with others. But once you realize that OTHER PEOPLE are your greatest resource, you’ll realize the HUGE gold mine that’s around you.

All the time!

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Moving Gold or Carrying Bricks?

Are You Afraid Of Hard Work?

What Will You Do To Double Your Salary?

​I used to watch this TV show called “Fear Factor.”

It was an elimination show, with the winners getting big cash.

They had teams, usually couples, and the “tasks” alternated between gross and physical.

The gross ones involved eating bugs or something. The physical ones involved doing stunts like being blindfolded while parachuting.

One of the physical tasks had a Brinks truck at the bottom of a swimming pool.

There were gold bars in the truck, and the couples had to swim down, and carry up the gold bricks.

The couple who carried up the most bricks could keep them.

Now, when you’re carrying something that’s clearly worth a lot of money, you’ll work yourself to exhaustion.

On the other hand, it’s easy to forget the money at the end of the chain of events if it’s not clear.

Like if you’re laying actual bricks, and getting paid per project, it’s easy to slack off and take your time.

So long as you’ve got a project per month, that pays the bills and allows you to save a bunch, you’re happy.

But if you worked as hard as those couples carrying gold from the underwater truck, you’d be able to do twice as many projects per month, and make twice as much money.

Most people claim they’ll do anything for money. Or anything to double their salary. What they usually mean is they’ll do anything, so long as it’s easy, there’s no risk, and they won’t look foolish in public.

The truth about money (or pretty much anything else you want) is that it’s pretty easy to get.

So long as you’re willing to do what it takes to get it.

The world is filled with people that have money and unmet needs, for example.

Just figure out what those needs are, and figure out a way to get it to them, and you can get paid a lot.

Trouble is, most people want to be TOLD what to do. They want to be TOLD how to do it.

But here’s the billion dollar question you MUST answer:

If there WAS a secret magic way to explain what people want, and how you could get it to them, so YOU could get paid, why would anybody tell you?

What’s in it for them?

And why would they only tell YOU? What happens when they tell everybody else on Planet Earth?

The truth is that finding the path from where you are, to what you want is completely and absolutely up to you.

The good news is that since most people are too lazy to try ANYTHING, you’ll be the only one getting the good stuff.

So, what do you want?

Are you willing to try something to find out how to get it? And KEEP TRYING until you do?

Most people aren’t.

How about you?

These will help:

Love The Path Get The Result

Rewire Your Brain

Rewire Your Brain

Getting in shape is a great metaphor for getting rich.

Most people want more money, and most people would like to be in better shape.

However, getting there, as most people imagine, is not so easy.

I saw a movie recently about these kids who were in a reform school. The older kids were in charge of the younger kids.

One of the younger kids (the hero of the movie) had angered one of the older kids. So the older kid had the younger kid move a pile of rocks.

One at a time. He was barely able to lift them. Once he’d move the pile, the older kid told him to move it back.

I know a guy who used to drive a forklift, and sometimes, to pretend they were busier than they really were, they would move stuff to one side of the warehouse, and then move it back.

They’d do this for weeks at a time, and anybody who walked in would see all this activity and then lay off giving them any new work.

If you were paid ten bucks an hour to be that kid moving the rocks, that would suck.

Really, really suck.

But what if the rocks were made of gold? What if every one you moved you got to keep?

Same labor, same physical activity, but a COMPLETELY different mental attitude.

This is the REAL secret between making tons of cash, getting your ideal soul mate to fall in love with you, or getting a super sexy sick pack.

It’s not CHANGING what you need to do to get there.

It’s simply LOVING the steps.

Take guys that are super naturals with girls. They don’t worry about rejection, or what to say. They just LOVE the entire process. They do the same thing anybody else would need to do in order to get the same results.

They just love doing it.

People that make tons of cash are the same way. They go through the same process. Trial and error, learning and improving, getting rejected over and over. Until finally they hit paydirt.

Only the they are LOVING every single minute of it. To them, it’s not work. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s anything but the normal, boring as crap, nine to five.

Getting in shape is the same way.  Love the process, and the outcome is easy.

All you’ve go to is rewire your brain.