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The Happy Popcorn Seller

Easy Money

People Want To Give You Money

When I was in high school I had a lot of retail jobs, usually related to some kind of food.

Selling popcorn at the movies, selling pizzas at a pizza shop, working the counter in various fast food places.

I always liked the fast pace, but what I enjoyed most was interacting with people.

Everybody’s happy when they’re about to eat something. They’re happy to be paying for something that’s going make them feel good.

Especially when I worked at the movies. People buying popcorn on a Friday or Saturday night before seeing the latest blockbuster were always in a good mood.

The conversation was just long enough to exchange smiles, a couple of “thank you’s” and then on to the next person.

This is the kind of transaction people overlook when they say “money is evil.”

Money is just energy. It’s how you use it that can be evil. It certainly doesn’t have to be.

Nor does wanting more money, regardless of how  much you’ve got.

Storing up potential energy for the future is a good thing. It’s even programmed into animals who hibernate.

When they are in “collection mode,” they don’t get angry at each other.

“Hey! Look at that greedy squirrel! Doesn’t he have ENOUGH nuts already? Sheesh! The nerve of some rodents!”

They are too busy getting as much as they can, to survive the long cold winter.

Humans are the same way. We have ZERO idea what future will be like. Yet we have this unique capacity to look out into the future and plan for what we think might happen.

So we store up as much “energy” as we can, which is our case, is money.

The more we have, the better we feel about being able to handle ANYTHING that comes our way.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Nothing evil about it. It’s only evil if you do evil things to get money.

So long as you get it “correctly,” there’s nothing to worry about.

How do you do that?

By providing value, real value to others. Just like selling popcorn at the movies.

Provide value that they’ll be happy to pay for.

The more you can do that, the more you’ll get paid.

Right now, you have an incredible amount of learning capacity. There are literally endless amounts of skills and methods you can discover that will help you deliver MORE value to others, and get paid MORE in the process.

The world is huge, and people’s needs are endless.

No matter WHAT you are capable of now, there’s people out there that need it. And are willing to pay for it.

And the more you increase what you’re capable of delivering, the more you’ll receive.

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Your Pre-Built Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Unleash Your Genius Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Many people imagine some kind of well funded inventor launching the next billion dollar start up.

Others may imagine some guy in his garage searching for that one invention that will save the world.

In reality, EVERYBODY (including YOU) is an entrepreneur.

What’s the structure of an entrepreneur? They think of something that may make them some money. They take action based on this idea. They get feedback from the marketplace. They adjust their ideas based on this feedback and try again.

This is the same process behind all human action.

You take a quick inventory of your state, right now.

Then you imagine a future that is better than now. Then you take action to attempt to create that future. We get a result, which gives us feedback. If we’ve improved our state, great. If not, we take action again.

The human mind-body-system is hard wired to operate on this behavioral structure. From the most basic movements, like shifting in your seat, to creating your biggest dreams, it’s the same.

Sometimes it’s unconscious, sometimes it’s conscious.

Sometimes is very small, and the outcome is almost guaranteed. Sometimes the actions are HUGE, and the absolute best we can do is move step by step toward our goals. Getting valuable feedback along the way.

Sometimes it CAN feel very magical. These are times when we’ve taken HUGE leaps, but they were unconscious, so we really didn’t know we were taking leaps.

There are ultra lucky people who live their whole lives like this. They never really try, they just do what comes natural, and get paid, get famous, and take their places in the history books.

The biggest mistake you can make is in thinking that if it’s NOT going to happen naturally, (or magically) that it’s not going to happen.

Since this strategy is build into every single human, all you’ve got to do is bring it up to the conscious level.

Choose your dreams, and then do something. Anything. Did you get closer? Great! Do more!

Did you move further away? No problem! Do something different!

However, this ONLY works if you CHOOSE your goals. Own your decisions. If you wait for it to happen magically, it most likely won’t. The dream fairy’s not going to show up to hand you the goods.

But if you own your life, own your behaviors, and own all the feedback, you can create anything you want.


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How To Generate Momentum

Start Slow And Keep Pushing

Start Slow And Keep Moving

A lot of people feel lost these days.

Meaning they’re working some of job they don’t really like, earning income that’s just barely enough, and not sure of the future.

No question, this is a crappy situation.

A few decades ago, all you had to do was show up, do a good job, and you’d get paid.

Not so much any more.

More than ever, it’s up to you to make your own way. This ain’t fair, but it’s the way it is.

Luckily, there’s plenty of opportunities. All kinds of ways to freelance, start your own business from scratch, and get something going on the side.

The secret of creating your own thing is that the process is the exciting part.

Once you make that first dollar, you’re hooked. That feeling of creating something with only your thoughts and the physical tools you have right now is a pretty fantastic one.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they’ve got to hit it big right out of the gate, but few people EVER find success this way.

Even the greats from history took time.

But once you get started, something else will happen.

That job that sucks so much won’t suck so bad any more. Because it won’t be the ONLY thing you’ve got going. 

Instead of thinking about it as your ONLY hope for survival, you’ll suddenly see it as a temporary “crutch” to help pay the bills until you get your own thing going.

Even if you just spend a few minutes a day on your “project,” your mind will shift.

Your spare time will be spent not with worry, but with hope and expectation for a better future.

You’ll actually wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. Ideas you can put into action.

All it takes is that first step. Then another. Then another.

Then you’ll have something few people ever experience.

Self generated momentum. Created by you and sustained by you. To create your future.

Once you get a taste of your independence, you’ll never look back.

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Why You’ll NEVER Reach Your Potential

Your Potential Is Infinite

Keep Getting Better

Once upon a time the Earth was a barren wasteland.

Then somehow, life began.

The first life forms were simple. But they grew.

They learned to interact from their environment. To take raw material and transform it into both energy and themselves.

As they grew and evolved, they started cooperating with each others. Bees and flowers, animals and seeds, plankton and whales.

Then humans showed up. Same story.

Take the very basic raw material from their environment, (lower order wealth) and transform it into more useful things (higher order wealth). Trees into houses. Skins into clothing. Stones into jewelry.

Then humans began interacting with each other. Trading things. Exchanging things. The amount of “stuff” or “higher order wealth” took off.

So much they had to come up with a different way than just trading.

Money was invented. 

Then the party really got started!

Societies, buildings, churches, hospitals, theaters, museums, factories, stadiums, burrito machines, etc.

All based on the same process.

Take lower order wealth, transform it into higher order wealth.

And take the created higher order wealth, and exchange it for potential wealth, or money.

Create the wealth that other people want, and trade for the wealth that you want.

But storing up the energy of potential wealth.


The very process of that began when life was first created is still happening.

Mixing thought, action, and wealth to create more and more wealth.

Are you participating fully?

The truth is that you’ll NEVER fully reach your potential.


As more and more people participate, there will ALWAYS be more and more stuff created. Which means more opportunities to make more stuff, and get more wealth energy (money).

Which will call for more skills, and more applications of those skills. 

You will never reach your potential because what you are capable of can ONLY continue to increase.

How far will you take your skills?

How much will you express your ideas?

How wide will you share your talents?

Are You Selling Out Or Starving?

The Food Truck Of Love

Find The Magic Middle

I watched a pretty good movie on Netflix the other night.

It was a good metaphor for the difference between “selling out” and “following your dreams.”

Many people abhor the idea of “selling out,” meaning ONLY doing something to make a buck.

Anyhow, the main character in the movie was a chef (also the name of the movie.)

He had a job in a pretty popular, high-end restaurant. But he felt he was “selling out” as the owner wouldn’t allow him to “experiment” with different dishes. They had a fight, he quit, and bought a food truck.

Even though he was selling stuff on the side of the road for 4 or 5 dollars a pop, they were HIS creations, and he didn’t have a boss telling him to only follow the money.

Naturally, since it was a movie, everything worked out. He made a ton of cash, got his gorgeous ex-wife back, and reconnected with his kid.

Life, however, is far from a movie. If you follow your dreams, there’s a chance you won’t make a lot of money. (Starving artist.) At least at first.

On the other hand, if you ONLY “follow the money” you might get rich, but you’ll feel empty inside.

Are these the only two options?

Luckily, whenever we’re presented with two complete opposite scenarios, they are really extremes on either side of a continuum.

Which means if you put some effort into it, you’ll find a some good middle ground.

Where you can follow your dreams, AND make a ton of money in the process.

Problem is many people aren’t so patient. It’s easy to “sell out” and get a job you hate, and figure “that’s the way it is.”

It’s also pretty easy to just give up and become a “starving artist” with the attitude that the world just doesn’t “get it.”

It takes real effort to take your passions, and cultivate them into real skills that people will pay real money for.

It’s not easy, which is why you’ll find most people in the “starving artist” category or the “sell-out” category.

You look up the personal history of ANYBODY who made it big, in ANY field, and you’ll find that it didn’t come easy.

In fact, many great creators went through plenty of struggle, in the beginning.

You might consider that to be the very purpose of your life.

To first identify your passions, and then do whatever it takes to cultivate them into something magnificent.

Something people will appreciate.

And something that will generate real wealth.

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Get Your Ego On Your Side

Embrace Your Inner Monkey

Trust Your Inner Caveman

There’s a lot of ways our ego can get in the way.

Even coming to an agreement on what the ego is can be difficult.

From a purely biological standpoint, it can be considered a leftover set of instincts from our days as hunters/gatherers.

Back in those days, we lived with the same group of people our entire lives, so their opinions of us were VERY important.

If they were talking trash about us behind our back, we could be in serious trouble. Life threatening, kicked out of the tribe trouble.

On the other hand, if everybody thought you were the bees knees, then you got a better looking mate, first dibs on all the big kills, and all the best spots to live whenever the tribe found a living spot.

So it became advantageous for those primitive humans to be super-hyper-sensitive to the opinions of others.

But like most other instincts, what worked well back then can only get in the way today.

For example, you could make a LOT of money in sales. It’s not that complicated, you’d just have to memorize a “pitch,” and call enough people, and you’d be making some serious cash.

Only problem is after getting yelled at by people who don’t like being called at home, you’d quit in a hurry.

Most sales that are based on commissions have a HUGE turnover rate. People are lured in by the potential big money, then run away in terror after getting their ego’s beat up.

Unfortunately, those instincts are pretty hard to ignore. For example, another instinct is to stuff our pie holes with food whenever it’s available. Worked back then, but not so much now.

But just understanding it doesn’t really help much. (Those burgers fries and ice cream sure do taste good!)

The trick isn’t to ignore or suppress your ego. 

The trick is to accept it, appreciate it, and manage it.

Think of it as your ally, rather than your enemy.

The easiest way is to have an overarching goal that is MORE IMPORTANT than the short term gratification of your ego.

One of the most important skills to develop, regardless of what you’d like to create in life, is to step back and see the big picture.

See your current situation in the context of your entire life.

Many people think of what they’d like to create, but then get stuck when their fear-driven ego (and all that other baggage) shows up.

But when you train your ego think long term, rather than short term, it’s a lot easier.

This will show you how:

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Magical Mathematics

Grow Your Skills

The Powerful Exponential Function

Many things are what we call a “double edged sword.”

This is one of those expressions that some people throw around without really understanding.

A sword with two edges means it cuts both ways. If you can imagine being in battle, standing their pushing your sword against your enemy, if he pushes it back against you, you get cut by your own sword.

As a metaphor, it’s used to describe something that can be both extremely beneficial, if used correctly, or extremely dangerous, if used incorrectly.

One thing about humans is our brains aren’t really hard wired to understand anything intuitively more than basic math. Meaning if we want to understand higher order math, we’ve got to do some thinking.

That’s why one misunderstood aspect of mathematics is one of the most potent “double edged swords” around.

What I’m referring to is the exponential function. Nature certainly understands exponential growth.

Humans, on the other hand, don’t.

Exponential growth is anything that increases as a percent, rather than a fixed about.

For example, if you’ve got a pile of money, and every month you add $100 to it. It’s ONLY going to grow at $100 a month. In ten years, you’ll have added $12K.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a pile of money and it increases by ten PERCENT every month, you’ve got a whole different ball game.

If you start with only $100, in ten years you’ll have over 8 MILLION dollars.

That’s the positive aspect of exponential growth.

The negative aspect, of course, is debt. Since debt is based on percent, you can be in deep trouble if you let any amount of debt go too long. 

I once read this list of the richest fictional characters. The richest one was one of those vampire guys from the “Twilight” movies. And the only reason he was rich was because he was 300 years old. He’d put money in the bank and just let it sit there for a couple hundred years, and it grew into billions. All on its own.

There are MANY ways you can apply the exponential function.

One way is your skills.

Every time you learn, you get better at learning. Every skill you add to your vast collection of skills, it just makes it even easier to learn more skills.

And when you make those skills satisfy these two requirements, you’re living a pretty good life.

What two requirements?

1) You enjoy doing them.

2) They make you a lot of money.

This is the secret of lasting wealth, happiness, and prosperity. Find something you like doing, that makes you ANY amount of money, and simply keep get better at doing it.

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Have You Begun Your Masterpiece Yet?

Your Life Is Waiting

Fully Adult and Responsible

There are two main phases of life, with one crappy one in between.

When we’re younger, we don’t really have to do much. We ask, and it is given.


Then when we get older, we need to participate. We need to give in order to get.

For example, if you celebrate X-mas, there comes a time when you need to start giving gifts as well as receiving them (or for birthdays or whatever).

However, there are many people that get “stuck” in this lower level.

It’s certainly easy to do. Politicians, advertisers, religions, are all heavily invested in keeping us in this “childhood” model of the world.

So long as we are “dependent” on them, it works. 

For them. But not for us.

If you take a good hard look at all the people in history who have created wonderful things, inventions, devices, pieces of artwork, they didn’t do it by simply being a “receiver.”

They did by acting upon their world. And they certainly didn’t do it alone. Even inventors who DID largely create things on their own were the first to say they were standing on the shoulders of giants.

In order to REALLY get the good stuff in life, you’ve got to get out there and participate in the world. You’ve got build relationships, and practice the ever present “give and take” that is life.

Sounds easy, but it can (and usually is) THE most difficult thing to do in life.

It’s hard to give up that feeling of getting or expecting something for nothing.

To make things worse, in between the childhood model of the world, and this fully functioning, adult CONSCIOUS CREATOR model of the world is part that feels like crap.

It’s when you’re starting to leave the childhood part behind, yet you haven’t quite arrived at the adult part.

This is where the “red pill” theory comes in.

You feel as if you’ve been lied to, you feel as if the world has “deceived you” somehow.

Believe it or not, these are just mental growing pains.

The butterfly fighting his way out of the cocoon.

When you finally cast those false beliefs of limitation, lack and victim based thinking behind, a whole new world will open up.

 A world waiting for you to participate. To learn and express you true skills.

Skills that will deliver your true gifts to the world, and in exchange receive the wealth and prosperity that is your birthright.

Make no mistake, it’s out there. Waiting for you.

But in order to bring it to you, you’ve got to create something magnificent.

What will be YOUR masterpiece?

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What Would Your Ideal Job Be?

Fresh Popcorn!

What Does Follow Your Bliss Mean?

What is your passion?

One of the greatest gifts in life is being able to share your passion with others in a way they truly appreciate it.

Not just accept it, or acknowledge it, but appreciate it in their own way.

A great way to do this is by expressing it through your business somehow.

Now, in some cases this pretty easy and straightforward. If you love programming and you get paid lots of cash for programming, then you’re work IS your passion.

Other times the connection is a bit more subtle, but it’s still there. For example, you might love speaking persuasively and convincingly in front of groups, so you make a decent living selling products and services that you may not use yourself, but you know serve a real need.

It can certainly feel empty when you feel zero passion for your job. Like you’re just going through the motions in order to collect a paycheck.

To be sure, a passion filled job is NOT the norm for most people, but it is certainly a goal.

That’s why KNOWING what your passions are is a very important first step.

Next is to find any way possible you can express them on the job.

For example, when I was in high school, I worked at a movie theater. I did a lot of jobs, usher, taking tickets, selling tickets, selling popcorn.

Working behind the snack counter was my favorite. It was busy, we had to do quick calculations in our heads (our boss thought cash registers would slow us down) and we got to interact with a huge cross section of the population.

It was nice seeing people who were happy, as they were about to see a good movie, while enjoying some junk food.

I’ve had plenty other jobs that made a LOT more money, but were incredibly boring, tedious and sometimes stressful.

The key is to take whatever you’re doing NOW, and find SOMETHING about it you like, or at least don’t hate so much.

Since most humans need money to survive, we generally need to have some kind of occupation most of our lives.

The ideal progression is to keep finding better and higher paying jobs that allow for a more direct expression of our passions.

Until you get to that magic sweet spot where your fully passionate, absolutely LOVE your work (whether you’re working on your own or for a huge company) AND getting paid a TON.

If you keep focusing on that ideal future, while always looking for ways to improve, you simply WILL NOT fail.

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Unlocking The Mystery Of Money

Wanna Trade?

My Apple For Your Potato Chips

Next time you buy something you want, pay attention to the energy of the transaction.

This is good to do with food, especially when you’re hungry.

Think of the food, and think of the money you’re about to spend.

Instead of thinking of it as a “purchase,” or a “transaction,” think of it as exchange.

A straight up trade. Like back in elementary school.

Take a moment, and imagine whatever you did to get that money. 

If it’s five bucks for a Happy Meal (or whatever) just imagine what it took for you to get that five bucks.

Then imagine trading your efforts for your food, rather than the money.

This can be a helpful exercise for a lot of reasons.

Sure, we all love money, but only because we can trade money for the things that we want.

I used to find it helpful to think of what I could buy with the money I was about to earn when I had a particularly unpleasant job ahead of me.

When the Beatles (John and Paul) would sit down to write a song, they would literally say, “Let’s write ourselves a couple of new cars.”

The truth about money is that it’s only an intermediary step between two actions.

Your action which you trade for money, and the action of somebody else, who is producing what you want to buy with that money.

This seems pretty basic, but it can be easy to drift up into the upper metaphysical atmosphere when talking about “money energy.”

Boiled down into it’s most essential components, money is the potential or stored energy that exists between two people that are making things that each other wants.

So when people talk about “money energy” they’re really talking about human effort.

When people say “resonate with money energy” what they really mean is to resonate with other people.

Both what they’re doing to produce the stuff you want, and what you’re doing to produce the stuff they want.

When everybody is “resonating with money energy” meaning everybody is doing their part producing and trading, based on what everybody else wants needs and appreciates, that’s when society really starts to take off.

This is natural because humans are social creatures. It is deep in our nature to participate in a diverse society with many different people from many different backgrounds.

With everybody making or helping make what everybody else wants, everybody’s happen.

The good news is that with the whole world kind of linked together, economy wise, it’s easier than ever to get in and get some.

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