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How To Exceed Expectations

Master Persuader – Easily Move Minds To Your Way Of Thinking


Become Irresistible

: Natural Influence Ebook
Instructions: Visualize being able to easily convince anybody to do anything. Listen with eyes closed while visualizing ideal outcome. Best used with techniques in Natural Influence. Use ethically and legally. Do not listen while driving.


I easily hypnotize people

I easily mesmerize people

I easily influence people

I easily seduce people

I easily spellbind people

I easily charm people

I easily persuade people

I easily enrapture people

I subconsciously hypnotize people

I subconsciously mesmerize people

I subconsciously influence people

I subconsciously seduce people

I subconsciously spellbind people

I subconsciously charm people

I subconsciously persuade people

I subconsciously enrapture people

I easily hypnotize men

I easily mesmerize men

I easily influence men

I easily seduce men

I easily spellbind men

I easily charm men

I easily persuade men

I easily enrapture men

I subconsciously hypnotize men

I subconsciously mesmerize men

I subconsciously influence men

I subconsciously seduce men

I subconsciously spellbind men

I subconsciously charm men

I subconsciously persuade men

I subconsciously enrapture men

I easily hypnotize women

I easily mesmerize women

I easily influence women

I easily seduce women

I easily spellbind women

I easily charm women

I easily persuade women

I easily enrapture women

I subconsciously hypnotize women

I subconsciously mesmerize women

I subconsciously influence women

I subconsciously seduce women

I subconsciously spellbind women

I subconsciously charm women

I subconsciously persuade women

I subconsciously enrapture women

You easily hypnotize people

You easily mesmerize people

You easily influence people

You easily seduce people

You easily spellbind people

You easily charm people

You easily persuade people

You easily enrapture people

You subconsciously hypnotize people

You subconsciously mesmerize people

You subconsciously influence people

You subconsciously seduce people

You subconsciously spellbind people

You subconsciously charm people

You subconsciously persuade people

You subconsciously enrapture people

You easily hypnotize men

You easily mesmerize men

You easily influence men

You easily seduce men

You easily spellbind men

You easily charm men

You easily persuade men

You easily enrapture men

You subconsciously hypnotize men

You subconsciously mesmerize men

You subconsciously influence men

You subconsciously seduce men

You subconsciously spellbind men

You subconsciously charm men

You subconsciously persuade men

You subconsciously enrapture men

You easily hypnotize women

You easily mesmerize women

You easily influence women

You easily seduce women

You easily spellbind women

You easily charm women

You easily persuade women

You easily enrapture women

You subconsciously hypnotize women

You subconsciously mesmerize women

You subconsciously influence women

You subconsciously seduce women

You subconsciously spellbind women

You subconsciously charm women

You subconsciously persuade women

You subconsciously enrapture women

Tell Me Party People Is That So Wrong?

Are You Trapped By Social Pressure?

When I was in Junior High School I played a lot of golf.

No, I wasn’t rich, but next to my school was a public course, and it only cost $5 to play nine holes.

I had a set of hand-me-down clubs, as did many of my friends.

One thing I always did was slice. That’s when the ball starts to fade to the right after you hit it.

For a while, I tried to correct my changing my grip.

Because it caused more problems, and I wasn’t patient being a JHS goof, I just compensated.

Meaning I would just aim left. My friends thought I was nuts, until they saw how consistent my error was.

I suppose that if I’d taken the time to build in the muscle memory of the new grip, I wouldn’t have fixed it.

But since I was never really concerned with my score, only that had I had fun, it didn’t seem to be worth it.

They say that learning from your mistakes is one of the most important skills you can have.

Sure, we all do it naturally when we’re really young. Things like walking and eating and riding a bicycle.

It’s kind of hard to just “compensate.” If you just decided to wear a lot of padding instead of trying to ride a bike without falling over, that would be pretty silly.

But a lot of us do that without really knowing.

We try something once, we can’t do it, or we do it with difficulty and frustration, and just decide that “I guess I can’t do that.”

Instead of just getting and trying again, and again and again until we get it right.

This is easy when everybody around us is walking or riding bikes or playing catch. We feel left out if we don’t suck it up and learn how.

But other things, where most people suck, it’s EASY to try ONCE and give up.

Public speaking, starting a business, walking up and talking to attractive strangers.

But the SAME strategy works. Try, fail, try again, fail, keep trying, WIN!

It’s the learning strategy that is built in your brain.

Only sometimes we’re “forced” by social pressure to keep trying (we want to walk since everybody else is walking).

But other times we’re “forced” by social pressure to try ONCE and give up.

But you don’t HAVE to ALWAYS obey social pressure.

You can actually CHOOSE to ignore it.

Sure, it’s not easy. It takes consistent mental effort.

You may say this is one of the META SKILLS that support a lot of other skills.

Like learning how to talk to strangers, learn to be covertly persuasive, get rid of emotional issues, etc.

The good news is there are a lot mental exercises that make it easy.

So you can pretty much learn to learn anything.

Learn How:

Mind Persuasion Ebooks

Small Risks Are Essential

Income Stream Generator

Embrace The Unknown

When I was a kid one of my favorite old movies was Trapeze, with Tony Curtis.

He had struggled to complete the triple flip throughout the movie. In the final scene, he had finally gotten up the courage to try, just as they were removing the safety net, thinking the act was over.

He did it anyway, and it went off perfectly.

I also remember watching a REAL act, only the lady fell. She had spotters, but they didn’t catch her in time, and she broke her wrist.

I remember the VERY uncomfortable feeling that suddenly fell over the crowd when that happened.

The truth about human life on Earth is that it is dangerous. We can try to avoid risk at all costs, but it’s always there. The insurance industry has been around for centuries because of this. 

Nobody knows what’s going to happen when they try something unfamiliar. Even the old days Western Imperialism, many of the ships wouldn’t have sailed unless they knew they were covered against loss.

On the other hand, if you never take any risks, you’ll never have any fun. The trick is to know which risks are smart, and which aren’t.

The biggest risk you can take is not to take any risks at all. Then you’ll be at the end of your life wondering why it was so frikking boring!

Obviously, risks involving physical or financial danger should be undertaken with MASSIVE caution.

On the other hand, risks involving social safety are usually not risky at all. We only think they are, since we’re still carrying around those hunter-gatherer instincts from when we were surrounded by the SAME people our entire lives.

Sure, back then, if you looked like a goof in front of your peers, it may have cost you.

But today? You can just laugh it off and try again.

Even financial risks don’t have to be life or death. Sure, a lot of people want to make a LOT of money in a SHORT amount of time, but this either involves MASSIVE luck, or MASSIVE risk.

Luckily, the best way to get rich is to slowly grow your wealth.

Take small risks you can afford. See what happens. If it pays off, take a little bigger one. If it doesn’t, learn the valuable lesson, and take some time to digest it.

This is PRECISELY the mindset that has turned even the simplest business ideas into MASSIVE fortunes.

Sure, it didn’t happen overnight. But it happened.

Patience, SMALL risks, and persistence.

Any idea you have now could be worth millions.