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Are You Running Numbers?

Stop Ignoring People

Find Out What They Want First

​A long, long time ago, I used to work at Disneyland.

No, I wasn’t dressed up as a character. My job was to walk around and ask people various questions. Where they were from. How long they were staying. Which rides they liked the best, etc.

I worked for the “guest research” department. Our job was to collect demographic data to support the marketing department.

At first, it was pretty nerve wracking. We had to walk up and start conversations with people all day long. On an average day, we’d interact with 500-1000 people. A lot of people quit after a week.

But after a while, it became pretty fun. After all, you get to meet people from all over the world who are on vacation, and usually in a pretty good mood.

There’s a lot of ways you can use statistics. Marketing, sales, baseball, economics. If it weren’t for statistics, we humans would be pretty clueless. They wouldn’t even know how much to charge for insurance.

Sometimes when we think in terms of meeting people, for friends, romance, or even in sales, we tend to think in terms of “numbers.”

If you call enough people, you’ll get enough sales. If you ask enough people for their phone number, and go on enough dates, you’ll meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Problem is sorting through all those people can be pretty intimidating. Sure, you intellectually know that if you “number close” the next 500 attractive people you see, your BOUND to find your “soul mate” in there somewhere! (Or at least somebody close enough!)

However, the whole “numbers game” theory can be a little misleading.

Sure, no matter WHAT you do, you will NEVER be able to convince everybody. Despite what WAY over-hyped marketing may claim, there ARE going to be people who simply aren’t interested.

However, with just a few simple tweaks in how you communicate, you can SIGNIFICANTLY increase your odds.

What if you KNEW that you really only need to talk to TEN people before finding your soul mate?

What if you KNEW that instead of calling a hundred people for every sale, you only needed to call ten?

Would that make it easier? You bet it would!

How do you do this? The first step is to remove all your inner conflicts. Even if you have the best sales pitch written by Dale Carnegie himself, it won’t work if you’re so nervous you’re shaking when you deliver it. (Same goes with meeting guys and girls for relationships.)

The second step is to FIRST find out what THEY want, so you can speak in “their language.” You’ll find this will SIGNIFICANTLY improve your chances. With ANYBODY you speak with.

Do that, and ALL communication will be much, much easier.

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Economic Myths and Seduction

Economics Is Everywhere

Perceived Value Is Everything

One of the biggest causes of human suffering is expectation beyond what the data suggests.

This happens to guys all the time. The claim is that they’ve been told (I don’t know by whom) or have been sold the idea (again, I don’t know by whom) that all they have to do is get a decent job, get in decent shape, and the women will somehow flock to them.

Then they show up, don’t get what they expected, and get angry.

This is a common misunderstanding, and it’s actually present in economics as well. Many producers, for example, rationalize their high prices by how much it costs to produce them. However, this isn’t how prices are determined.

Prices are ALWAYS determined by supply and demand. Producers make products that satisfy demands. But the demand only holds at a certain price.

In economics there’s something called “elasticity.” Meaning if the price changes, the demand will change. A supply-demand curve that’s highly elastic will show a significant demand change based on a slight change in price.

For example, if the price of beef were to suddenly go sky high, people would simply switch to pork or chicken, and the demand for beef would plummet.

The beef producers could argue until the cows come home (yuck yuck) about the water shortage, and how much it costs to raise a steer these days, etc.

But NONE of these “input costs” (what it costs to make the product) would get people to pay the price.

Now for some products, like gasoline, we’re pretty screwed. If the price doubles, we still have to buy it. We may drive a little less, but it’s not like we can switch to something else right away.

The bottom line is that input costs, what it cost to make something, have little effect on people’s desires to pay, ESPECIALLY if there are alternatives on the market.

Think of it this way. You’re standing at the supermarket, looking at the steaks, which are $50 a pound. Then you look at the pork chops, which are $2 a pound.

Is the cattle rancher standing there complaining how much it costs to make the steak going to affect your decision?


How does this apply to dating?

Well, when you show up and expect women to suddenly fall in love with you simply because of the work you’ve done on yourself, you’ve got another thing coming.

The ONLY reason a woman is going to fall in love with you is if she wants you, based on how you interact with her.

And if you DEMAND a high price, meaning you expect her to be loyal and submissive and never look at another guy, JUST BECUASE of your high “input costs” (whatever work you’ve done on yourself), you’ll have about as much luck as the farmer trying to sell steaks at $50 a pound.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Just like in economics, the ONLY thing you can do to improve your odds is INCREASE YOUR VALUE.

And decrease the cost. Maybe demand a bit less from her, at least at the beginning.

Because in the world of dating, the supply demand curve is HIGHLY ELASTIC.

Meaning in the eyes of ALL WOMEN, there are many, many substitutions for YOU.

Harsh but true.

But guess what? The more you improve yourself, your confidence, your frame, your conversational skills, and everything else women find naturally attractive, there will be LESS SUBSTITUTIONS for you, and your value will soar.

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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl And Get Her Interested In You

How To Start Conversations With Girls

Starting Conversations With Girls is Easier Than You Think

So you want to talk to girls, do you? Well, it’s easy. Walk up and start talking! Just kidding. Some guys would LOVE to walk up to ten or twenty cuties every single day, but are petrified to even say hi. This post will not only help you blast away that anxiety for good, but be a smooth operator so she’s glad you came over.

Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts, there’s two types of conversations with girls. Those where you just show up, and those when you’re invited over. We’ll be focusing on the ones where you get invited over.


For one, you’re getting many, many more invitations than you realize (more on that later). Two is just that it’s so much easier, and less  nerve wracking, when you’ve got a warm lead, and a cold lead. Borrowing some sales language, warm leads are people who are already interested in your product or service. Cold leads are people who don’t even know your product or service exists.

For example, if you worked in a cell phone store, people that came walking in would be considered warm leads, and would be much more interested in buying a phone. Selling vacuum cleaners door to door, on the other hand, would be hard as hell, because most people don’t sit around at home wishing for a new vacuum cleaner.

Talking to girls is the same way. When you get an invite, it’s just so much easier. Once you get the hang of this, and see how easy it really is, you can start walking up to all those gorgeous girls you see on the street everyday and work your magic.

Wait For Eye Contact Before You Approach

Wait For IOI

An IO What? This is pickup lingo for “Indicators of Interest.” The name of the game is this. Girls send out indicators of interest. Guys pick up on them, and go over and talk to them. At least most of the time. There are some girls who are brave enough or self confident enough to start chatting up guys, but those girls are few and far between.

So to begin with, you’re going to have to learn to notice those indicators of interest. Luckily, though, they are EVERYWHERE!

Girls are Always Checking You Out

Clear and Obvious IOI’s

Any time she makes eye contact with you, that’s good. That means she knows you exist. If she makes eye contact with you and doesn’t break if off right way, or doesn’t puke on her shoes, that’s even better. Even better if she looks at you, and then actually holds eye contact for a bit.

To  make double sure she’s interested and she’d be open for a conversation, give her a brief smile, or slightly raise your eyebrows really quickly. Think of this as the initial “ping” that submarines do. If she pings you back, that’s fantastic. You’re ready to go.

A great way to practice this is to just make it a point to smile at every girl who makes eye contact with you. At first it will seem supers scary, but it gets pretty easy pretty quickly.

Think of it as working out at the gym. Eye contact, smile. Eye contact, smile. Go to the mall or anywhere that people are moving around, and just hit ten or twenty girls in about thirty minutes or so.

If she’s stationery, and kind of far away, you can tell if she’s game if she’s “pointing” her body at you, but facing somewhere else. Just make an excuse to move closer to her, and give her some eye contact, and a quick smile, and see what she does. If she smiles back, make a move son!

They're Waiting for You to Approach!

Start Off Easy

Most guys make this WAY too complicated. They try and think of the most witty, impressive one liners. The truth is that she’s just as nervous as you. If you make the opener too complicated, she’ll actually feel put “on the spot,” as if she’s supposed to respond in a certain way. 

Just be open, honest, and simple. Just basically start off by mentioning what just happened. Then mention what’s happening. Something like this is perfect:

“Hi, I’m George (except use your OWN name!), I noticed you from over there and you seemed interesting, so I thought I’d come and introduce myself. What’s up?”

Now, the cold harsh truth is that some girls will change their minds after they hear you talk.  Maybe you’re too nervous, and you’re making her nervous. Maybe she imagined you were a certain way, and you come across the total opposite. Don’t worry. 

How will you know? She’ll suddenly turn from friendly to cold. It doesn’t mean she’s mean, or a bitch, or trying to hurt your feelings. It just means her feelings changed for some reason.  Not your fault. Not her fault. Just accept it gracefully and move on. 

But most of the time, she’ll be open enough to get the ball rolling. She’ll respond with something about the same as you. She’ll tell you what’s up, and expect you to carry the conversation, since you were the one that made the first move. 

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Talk About Anything!

The Magic Of Pacing Statements

To begin with, you want to get the ball rolling with “pacing statements.” These are just statements that are objectively true. The music is loud. The lights are purple. It’s snowing outside. The Mets just won the World Series. Whatever. The purpose of these are NOT to impress her. They are ONLY give her easy things to deal with, and to get her thinking “yes…yes…yes…” in her mind.

While you are doing this, you want to match her body language, but not too much. If she’s sitting with her legs crossed, you cross your legs, but not exactly in the same way. If she’s leaning slightly to the side, you do the same.

This is called “rapport” what it does is create a deep feeling of similarity between you two. It just makes it easier. Don’t invade her space, and don’t overwhelm her with all kinds of magic tricks or super complicated openers. At this stage, your just showing her how easy and normal it is to talk to you. 

Once you’ve done this for a few minutes, it’s time to move on to the next level.

Let Her Know Who You Are

Always Reveal First

Whenever moving the conversation in new directions, avoid putting her on the spot. It’s a good idea to answer any questions ahead of time, before you ask her. 

Instead of firing off questions like you’re interrogating her, simply make a few statements about your own interests, and then ask her how she feels on the subject.

For example, if you happen to be in a club and there’s  band playing classic rock, and you like banjo music, tell her that you like banjo music, and tell her a few songs that you like. Then ask her what kind of music she likes. She’ll be much more willing to open up if you open up first.

Get Her Interested In You

Follow Up On Her Trance Words

Whenever she starts talking, pay close attention to how she says certain words. It’s pretty easy to get an idea of the things she’s really interested in. Once you find a few of these, ask some follow up questions that are open ended.

Just keep asking questions, based on her own ideas and stories, to help you dig further into her mind.

Whenever possible, get her talking about her ideal future. Now, don’t start out by asking her what her ideal future is, that sounds too corny.

But if she’s talking about school, and she mentions she wants to be a nurse, then say something like this:

“OK, imagine you go to nursing school, and everything works out perfectly. What kind of job do you have in five years from now?”

If you can get her talking about something she wants, that’s out in the future, she’ll unconsciously connect it to you on a deep level. This is pretty good!

She's Waiting For You To Make A Move!

Find Any Similarities

All during this whole process, you want to find as many similarities as you can. But be careful you don’t overly agree with everything she says. Just look for important things that she likes, and you also like. If you’re honest, this will go a long way.

Also, don’t be afraid to disagree. Many guys are terrified that they’ll turn her off if they disagree with anything she says. Just accept that she likes cats, and you like dogs, or whatever.


Summary and Conclusion

Relax, look around, and find signs of interest. Go and introduce yourself. Start talking about anything that’s true. Reveal your interests. Ask her interests. Go slow. Enjoy yourself. Keep this up, and you’ll soon have more girls than you know what to do with!

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