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Are You Waiting For Meaning?

Choose Your Own Path

Choose Your Own Direction

​Once I was dating this girl. We’d been together about a year.

It was pretty clear that the magic was starting to fade. Every time we’d get together, we’d just kind of go through the motions. Eventually we parted ways, both realizing that was best.

Sometimes on the weekends I’ll go to the local mall. If there’s decent movie to see, and I happen to be in the middle of a good book, I’ll get there a couple hours before the show starts.

Hang out in a coffee shop and read. Catch the show. Do some window shopping, then head out.

Sometimes when I’ve got a couple hours to kill before a meeting or event, I’ll go downtown and wander around.

Most people find that it’s pretty easy to feel lost. That life doesn’t have a point. That there’s no meaning.

But here’s the thing. Most people are waiting for somebody else to give the meaning. Some external “thing” that defines their lives. Some people happen to “meet” the right person, and it works out. Then they happen to “find” the right job, which turns into a career. Then you can feel like you’re onto something.

But for more and more of us, that doesn’t really “happen” any more.

The world is different. The economy is different.

Which means it’s up to YOU.

Only YOU can define what your life is for. Only YOU can give your life direction. Only YOU can choose where you are going in your life.

Most people have very vague wishes of things they’d like to have “happen” in their lives.

Very, very few take the time to take those vague wishes, and turn them into concrete goals, backed by concrete plans.

In reality, it doesn’t take long to do that. We humans come preprogrammed with very STRONG desires.

Money. Security. Companionship. Recognition. Self-fulfillment.

It’s up to YOU to take those vague instincts, and turn them into action plans. How long will that take? If you’re serious, not very long.

And once you get started on your action plan, you’ll simply redefine them as you go along. The more things you try, the more feedback you’ll get, and the more enlightened you’ll become on how to get there.

Only THEN will your life have real meaning. A meaning few ever feel. 


Most people are terrified. Most people think that if they choose one big goal for their lives, they may fail. Which means their life is meaningless.

But the paradox is that the only way for your life to NOT be meaningless is to choose your life. Live your life. Leave your mark.

Stop waiting, and start acting.

These will help: