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How To Make Number Closing Easy And Flake Proof

Easily Get The Digits

She Must Meet Two Criteria

How do you relax and just “let something happen?”

This is often give advice when talking to girls. Detach from outcome. Live your life and the girls will show up. Don’t ever go out specifically to “pick up” etc. etc.

But how specifically do you do this? It’s great advice. It sounds great. But how do you do it?

Many people have the question, “Where can I go to find quality girls?” As if all the low quality girls hang out in one side of town, and all the high quality girls have this secret clubhouse they go to.

One way is to simply get into the habit of talking to interesting people. Make this part of who you are. Have the intention of finding out something interesting of anybody you meet.

This will have the side effect of increasing your social skills, and increasing your “experience” with other people. It can also give you some pretty interesting stories. Sure, you’ll be a lot of boring people. But you’ll also meet a few gems who’ve got some REALLY incredible stories.

Then if the person you happen to be talking to is a cute girl that you’re interested in, you simply tell her.

“Hey I like talking to you. You seem pretty interesting. Why don’t we exchange numbers so we can hang out sometime?”

You can tell by how she answers whether or not she’s interested in you. If she seems to be conflicted, or now sure, don’t worry. Just tell her it’s no big deal and move on.

Because it IS no big deal.

This is the side effect of really jettisoning any conscious “plan” of meeting girls. If you go out with the intention of meeting somebody, and you see somebody interesting and get shot down, it feels pretty bad.

But if you’re the kind of guy who just talks to anybody as a matter of habit, it will sting a lot less.

And guess what?

As your social skills and confidence increase, you’ll naturally become more attractive. Girls will enjoy talking to you. Girls will be more likely to exchange numbers to hang out.

If you keep this up, just talking to random people wherever you go, you’ll eventually have a list of numbers of girls who are HIGHLY INTERESTED in you.

Let’s be honest. Any clown can go out and collect ten or twenty numbers. Ask enough girls and you’ll get plenty of numbers. But most of them won’t know anything about you, won’t remember you, and will likely flake.

But if you talk to her, and ONLY ask for her number is she seems interesting TO YOU and interested IN YOU, you’ll have almost zero flakes.

Sure, it may take a while to get to this “level,” but don’t you think it’s worth it? To have the option of SEVERAL GIRLS who are interested in you?

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Secrets Of Your Desires

Listen On The Inside

Listen To Your Inner Silence

I’ve been watching this pretty interesting TV show on Netflix lately.

They are all different episodes with different characters, and all have to do with the future, technology, and some dark side of human nature.

One was pretty frightening.

It was these guys who had to “power” the city by riding these stationary bikes all day long, watching these big TV screens.

They’d get “credits” which they could use to buy food, or entertainment.

They lived in these tiny cubicles, and the walls were pure TV.

Here’s the horrible part. Whenever they played a commercial, the sensors would sound an alarm and charge them credits if they closed their eyes.

Meaning they were forced to watch what the rulers wanted to show them.

Now, this may seem like some horrible future that will never happen, right?

But many of us are TERRIFIED of being left alone with our own thoughts.

Just this morning I saw several joggers, all with mp3 players stuck in their ears.

Are our thoughts so frightening that we need to drown out ANY silence with anything we can find?

It’s been said the problems of humanity can be traced back to our inability to sit alone with our thoughts.

When I was younger I used to do a lot of backpacking. One of my favorite parts was lying awake at night, just listening to the sounds.

Often times we look outside ourselves for solutions, when the answers are within us.

They HAVE to be. Because the only thing outside of us are other people, or the things those other people have created.

Are you willing to let other people, most of whom you’ve never met, and never will, control the flow of thoughts through your mind?

Now, you don’t have to pitch everything and go live in a cave. But it is useful to spend just a few minutes a day with your own thoughts.

Either thinking them or writing them down.

There is so much more to you than you realize now, or will ever realize, or are even capable of realizing.

Life is meant to be one long journey of self discovery, that ONLY gets better.

But ONLY if you decide to take the journey. Nobody is going to take you by the hand and lead you.

Within you lies the secret of everything you desire.

Are you willing to listen?

How To Overcome Two Obstacles To Romantic Success

Patience Is Always A Virtue

Two Birds – One Stone

The two biggest killers to natural, effortless “game” is impatience, and fear.

Now, I put “game” in quotes (there, I did it again!) because I don’t really mean “game” like it’s normally used.

The whole reason for using that word is that it’s a metaphor from sports. Sure, it’s easy to see a guy interacting with a girl as some kind of competition. And it can seem like in sports, there’s going to be a winner, and there’s going to be a loser.

But hopefully you’re starting to realize that this is a pretty restricting metaphor. Even holding the idea that the male-female interaction should be some kind of “game” takes away the real truth of it.

Girls all have their idea of their dream guy. And guys all have their ideas of a dream girl. Sounds sappy and overly romantic, but there it is.

And believe it or not, unless you’re talking to some con artist who just got out of prison, most girls hope YOU are their dream guy when you talk to them, just like you hope SHE is your dream girl when you first talk to her.

But here’s the thing. One, guys are pretty terrified of talking to girls. Even guys who go out and number close like nobody’s business don’t feel nearly as comfortable talking to girls as they do their buddies.

So one hurdle you’ve GOT to overcome is fear. If you want to be comfortable talking to as many girls as you want, with the intention of finding that PERFECT GIRL for you, you’ve simply got to ditch the fear.

The second reason guys study so many techniques and patterns and angles and gambits is impatience. They want their dream girl, and they want her right now.

Now you can thank Mother Nature for that. For something as important as reproduction, we humans don’t want to wait. The whole purpose of girls looking good to guys is so we’re ready go to NOW.

But here’s the thing.

If you can overcome BOTH those powerful instincts, and think with your rational, conscious mind, you will achieve astounding success.

You’ll lose your fear when talking to girls, and slowly but surely you’ll sort HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of girls to find the right one for you. 

How do you do that?

Start slow. Progress even slower. Take your time. Slowly and carefully expand your comfort zone.

If you do this,  you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

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How To Get Better At Anything

All Skills Can Be Mastered

How To Master Any Skill

The best way to get better at any skill is to simply practice.

This is pretty obvious for things like sports, music, or even cooking.

But we tend to overlook this simple rule when talking about thinking and other behaviors.

Consider feeling confident in certain situations.

It’s long been known that in the mind-body system, not only does form follow function, but function also follows form.

Wait, what?

If you ARE confident, then you’ll ACT confident. Meaning you’ll walk more upright, look people in the eye more often, speak a little bit more slowly and clearly.

However, if you AREN’T confident, you can ACT confident and the REAL confidence will follow.

Now, this is probably old news to you. In fact, this may be pretty obvious and self-evident.

Which is precisely WHY most people FORGET how powerful this is.

We tend to think that life changing behaviors and ideas must come with angelic trumpets blasting and the parting of the heavens.

But most of the MAJOR success you’ll achieve will be through LOTS of small, consistent steps.

Baby steps even.

Consider the confidence angle. If you spent TEN MINUTES, every single day, pretending to be confident, it would add up pretty quickly.

You don’t even have to talk to anybody. Just walk around where there’re other people like YOU are the King or Queen of the Earth.

The more you practice feeling confident, the more you WILL feel confident.

It’s like learning the scales on the piano. At first it’s tedious, takes all your brainpower, and is pretty boring.

But once you get it down, you can do it literally without thinking. 

ALL SKILLS, internal, external, or halfway in between are the same way.

At first practicing them is uncomfortable, takes lots of brain power, and feels weird. But so long as you don’t push yourself too hard, and give yourself plenty of time, there’s literally NO LIMIT to what you can do.

Getting in touch with your higher self is no different. Some people imagine some bolt of energy coming straight from Zeus and opening up your deep mind. 

But it’s really more like developing any other skill.

Spend a few minutes in quite introspection, and simply listen.

Listen for your inner wisdom and guidance. It’s there. It may be very quite, but it’s there.

And the more you PRACTICE listening, the stronger it will get.

If you started today, imagine where you’d be in six months.

Imagine if you started six months ago, where you’d be today.

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How To Become Naturally Attractive

Turn On The Permanent Charm

Turn On The Permanent Charm

There’s a difference between the natural players you see on TV, and natural players in real life. The natural players on TV are fictional characters, made up by writers who couldn’t seduce their way out of a paper bag. Most of the stuff on TV is fake, and it only LOOKS like it’s real so you don’t automatically assume your watching some fantasy-land show.

Even the way people talk. Remember, these are actors, who are saying lines written by writers, and they’ve practiced them over and over again. They sound super witty, with rapid fast comebacks and super confidence.

But remember, they’re only pretending. Watch that same actor in an interview, or giving a speech, and they sound a lot less confidence, and the stuff they say is lot less “well thought out.” 

This is what happens when they don’t have people writing their lines.

What about guys in real life that are ultra charismatic?

One thing you can do is simply pay attention to the guys that are always talking to cute girls. You’ll find them to be super happy, rather than super poised. Super relaxed and comfortable in their own skin rather than always coming up with the super snappy comebacks.

You’ll also find that they genuinely enjoy being around people. Not just some people, but all people. They are eager to simply have a chat with somebody just to pass the time. They enjoy making people feel good about themselves. They enjoy making people smile.

How can you become that person?


Just start talking to people. The idea that you can glide through life as the silent, lone wolf, but then suddenly turn on the charm when you see Miss Right is kind of far-fetched.

It’s MUCH easier to simply learn to enjoy talking to people.

Truth is that humans are HIGHLY social creatures. It won’t take long to find out how good it feels just chatting people up.

The more you practice, the easier it will get.

Then you’ll start giving that wonderful vibe that attracts people (including cute girls) like bees to honey!

Then you’ll have your pick!

Here’s a step by step manual to help:

How To Be A Social Magnet

Everything Points To You

Energy and Focus

I’ve had some pretty charismatic friends in my time.

One thing that separates them from “non-charismatic” people is the way they use their language.

Not the words themselves, but how they use them.

Consider somebody who’s shy, reserved, not sure of themselves.

Whenever they speak, they’re worried about getting rejected. Maybe other people pick up on this, and they become “easy targets” for those who are belligerent (which is of course another way to hide fear).

When they speak, they refrain from eye contact, you have to lean in to listen to them, sometimes asking them to repeat themselves.

Certainly, most of us speak like this in certain situations. Talking to super attractive people, our bosses, the cops, etc.

However, those that are naturally charismatic say every single word like it feels good just to say it.

Each and every word that passes their lips gets their full attention. Accompanied with strong, positive eye contact, a rich resonant voice, and open and confident body language.

Of course, you can over do this, and if it’s not “natural” you’ll come across as some kind of comic caricature.

But if it’s honest, people will LOVE to listen to you speak. They’ll LOVE to be around you.

If you’ve got young children, or you are ever around young children, you’ve seen this. Whenever you are doing something, and really enjoying it, the kids want to copy you. Even if they don’t know what’s going on.

Those that are charismatic speak and act with a natural energy that says, “I love life, I love me, and I love whatever’s happening right here, right now!”

This makes people want to hang around you. Anything you suggest sounds fantastic. Anything you want to do they’ll want to do.

On the other hand, non-charismatic shy types (or otherwise normal types that are in intimidating situations) speak with a “I’m not sure about life, myself, OR this situation.”

This tends to have the opposite effect.

How do you move from the shy side of the spectrum to the charismatic side?

Remember, all that outside stuff, the behavior, the speech, etc, is first on the inside.

From somebody who genuinely BELIEVES everything’s really groovy.

It’s not a matter of doing something, it’s a matter of NOT doing something.

Those fears, worries, anxieties, just let them go.

That natural charismatic person is already there. Inside you.

When you were a kid, just learning to walk, did you hold anything back? Or did you scream with delight every time something cool happened?

That naturally charismatic person is still there. All you’ve got to do is remove all the fake gunk hiding your brilliance.


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High Probability Dating

Consistent Effort Will Yield Huge Results

Low Energy Huge Results

There’s a lot of fantasy type movies where a guy has some kind of magical powers, and all the girls around him are desperately in love with him, and would do anything for him.

To be sure, this is one of the most prevalent fantasies of most men, based on all kinds of different social studies.

And to be sure, if ALL you wanted was short term flings when as many women as possible, that’s really not such a tall order. There’s a certain way to behave, to talk to them, and to quickly build up attraction.

Sure, you might not be able to do that now, but with some consistent practice, it would only take a few months, maybe a year.

Now, if you are absolutely desperate to get laid in the next ten minutes, waiting a year until you have the skills to pretty much seduce any girl you come across is a long, long time. But if that’s what you really wanted, it would certainly be worth it.

But here’s the thing. It can be dangerous to develop those levels of skills, for many reasons. One is you might decide one day you really only want ONE special girl to be with. Some girl that goes beyond just filling your bed for a couple nights.

And once you develop that “player” mindset, that might be hard to do. Suppose you meet some innocent sweet girl who really is “high quality.” (whatever THAT means). She will know that you’re a player, just how you interact with the world.

But here’s the thing. You can still get to that “harem like” world WITHOUT learning any tricks or techniques of seduction.


Just start talking to girls as a part of who you are. Instead of trying to seduce every single one of them, just talk to them normally, and see it as an exercise to find the girls who are NATURALLY interested in you.

Think if it like you would a sales job. On one end of the spectrum, there’s guys who are ultra high energy, ultra persuasive, know all kinds of techniques. These guys try to sell every single person they come across.

Then there are the guys who are ultra laid back. They know their product REALLY well. They know specifically WHO the product is for. They just spend their time finding that magical 2% of the population who will eagerly buy the product WITHOUT any sales pitch.

A lot less stress, and their customers generally come back again and again.

Here’s the funny thing. If you spent all your time learning advanced game to seduce every female on Earth, it may take you six months to a year.

But if you started today, just talking to girls you met, pretty soon you’d have a nice social circle filled with girls who like you EXACTLY how you are, right now.

A social circle from which you could choose your dream girl. 

Ready to get started?

The Boundaries Of Science

The Boundary Between Physics and Metaphysics

Peer Over The Edge

When I was a kid, I loved Quantum Physics.

I read a bunch of books on the subject (that had all the math taken out).

Then later on, in university, when the math got involved, it got even stranger.

(At least as much as I could understand it).

It’s NOTHING like “regular” physics.

But still science, not magic.

It’s just that our eyes, ears, brains, senses, etc, are tuned to intuitively understand things on large scale.

Rocks, trees, animals chasing us, etc.

Stuff on an atomic level is completely different. Completely outside of our intuitive understanding.

Neils Bohr (one of the original Quantum Physics guys) said, “If you understand Quantum Physics, you don’t understand Quantum Physics.”

To be sure, a lot of elements are “borrowed” and used in the metaphysical sense, metaphorically, to describe things we don’t really understand.

Now, to be honest, a lot of these terms are used kind of liberally, and incorrectly, to make the underlying discussion sound a lot more “woo-woo” than it really is.

But in a sense, they are sort of correct.

They are terms we use to describe things we understand, to approximate things we don’t understand.

One things humans HATE is confusion and uncertainty.

This is why letting go (at least temporarily) of the need to classify and categorize everything can be so liberating.

Sure, there are some VERY STRANGE things going on just below the surface. And it WOULD be very cool if some alien could come and explain everything to us in great detail.

But since that’s not likely going to happen, it might be a good idea to simply accept the vast mysteries of life. Appreciate them, embrace them.

Obviously, you need to balance between the real world and the “metaphysical” world.

As the expression goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood carry water.”

Part of enlightenment (whatever that means to you) is simply accepting that which can’t be controlled or explained.

Open yourself to it, embrace it, let it flow through you.

Awaken yourself to your deeper power. Your higher self.

Do you really need to understand the physics of a rainbow to appreciate its beauty?

There is great wonder within you. Amazing potential. Unlimited energy. Ancient life force.

Are you willing to embrace and appreciate it?

How To Practice Spontaneity 

Practice Not Knowing What To Say

How To Be In The Moment

Many girls love a guy who’s spontaneous. Now, that doesn’t mean saying you are spontaneous. That doesn’t mean telling her stories about how you were so super spontaneous back in college. 

It simply requires that you BE spontaneous, while you’re talking to her and interacting with her.

It also means that you don’t waste ANY time approaching. This is one of the reasons why the three second rule is pretty important. Ideally, you should never have to consciously apply the three second rule. It should be something you do automatically, without thinking.

You see a cute girl, make eye contact, and go and introduce yourself. 

“But, but, but, what do I say?”

“How do I approach?”

“What if she’s with her friends?”

“Who should I talk to first?”

Forget about all that. The whole point of being spontaneous is doing things BEFORE you really know what you’re doing.

Here’s an exercise to try. The next cute girls you see, immediately walk up and say this:

“I had the most amazing thing to do you, but on the way over here, I forgot what to say.”

Then see what she says.

No, this isn’t a pick up line. This isn’t some trick to show off how cool you are. This is PRACTICE to help you think in the moment.

After a while, you won’t need to say that cheesy line. You’ll walk up, and you really WON’T know what you’re going to say until you get there.

This is where REAL spontaneity comes from.

Sure, the first few times you’ll fall on your face. Look silly. Run away with your tail between your legs.

But so what?

The goal is to walk up, and be confident EVEN THOUGH you have no idea what to say.

This will make you INCREDIBLY attractive. Most guys are too scared to walk up. Most guys that DO walk up have some kind of line they memorized BEFORE they even started the approach.

You’ll come across as confident, natural, and fearless. And VERY spontaneous.

How do you do you get to this level?

Practice. Practice talking to girls when you have no idea what you want to say. Practice letting what she ways to you conjure up ideas in your mind.  Practice coming up with things to say ON THE SPOT.

Sure it will take time.

But you’ll develop a skill very few people have.

Accept And Ride The Flow Of Life

You Are The Channel Of Universal Energy

Be Open To Your Own Energy

Where does energy come from?

Hard question to answer, since it shows up in many different ways.

On a very basic, fundamental physics level, there’s the energy that moves matter. And since Einstein proved that energy IS matter, it’s pretty safe to safe that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is made of the same “stuff.”

What is that stuff? What is the nature of that stuff? How does that stuff make two people that look very similar behave very differently?

Even the same person in two different situations?

On some days, we’re “on.” Everything we do works. Lights are green, doors are opened, ALL of our jokes are funny, and people seem to genuinely enjoy being with us and talking to us.

Other days, it’s like the entire universe is like an impatient parent. “Not now! Please leave me alone!”

Nobody laughs at your jokes, every single light is red, there’s NEVER any parking spaces.

What gives?

Is it random chance? It can’t be random. Since the laws of physics, chemistry and biology seem to keep working.

Our arms suddenly don’t detach from our bodies and float out in space. The tires on our cars suddenly don’t start sliding all over the road as if the laws of friction have taken the day off.

The answer may lie with our own ACCEPTANCE of our energy. Whether we let it flow through us, or whether we fight it, consciously or unconsciously.

Many of the things we’d like to do in life don’t require we do MORE stuff, but they require we do LESS stuff.

For example, if you see an interesting person, for business or romance, you may want to talk to them.

You don’t need to learn how to talk. You don’t need to learn how to walk over there. You don’t need to take whatever they say, and riff on it to build a mutually enjoyable conversation.

All of these things are natural human skills. Hard wired into our brains.

However, you DO need to get out of your own way. Stop fighting with your natural energy and enthusiasm. STOP spinning those stories in your mind of what MIGHT go wrong.

Humans are social creatures, after all. We are also creators, builders, inventors, and explorers.

It’s just a matter of ACCEPTING your energy, and let it flow uninhibited.

THAT’S what it means to be fully human.

Are You Ready?

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