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Bikini Girls Are Everywhere

Bikini Girls Are Everywhere

There’s a famous story of a couple of Buddhists walking along a river.

They come around this curve, to where they are going to cross.

And they see this hot girl in a bikini.

And the bikini girl says, “Will you help me get across?”

The older Buddhist picks her up, and carries her. His younger companion looks kind of butt-hurt.

After about couple miles down the river, the younger Buddhist looks up.

Problem? Says the older Buddhist.

Yes, says younger guy. We aren’t supposed to touch women.

Ah, I see your problem, says the older guy. I put her down way back there, but you’re still carrying her.

Ok, so may she wasn’t a bikini girl in the original story, but you get the idea.

Most of us are carrying things that happened to us a LONG time ago.

That time you got up the nerve to talk to that guy or girl, and got shot down.

The time in class when you asked an honest question and the teacher looked at you like you were speaking nonsense.

Or any of the million other things that left a negative impression.

That made you respond by covering up your brilliance with a protective layer of crap.

Now when you go out into the world, that protective layer of gunk is still there.

Most people see not you, but your protective layer.

Which means they aren’t really seeing YOU. They’re seeing your DEFENSE SYSTEM.

And defense systems are NOT designed to attract people, or opportunities, or income.

They are designed to REPEL them.

What’s worse, everybody ELSE has their OWN defense system.

It’s no wonder it’s tough meeting people.

Or saying what your really mean. Or sharing your TRUE self.

It is also why it feels like nobody can see the real you.

Not only can they NOT dig through your protective layer, but they have to get rid of THEIRS as well.

Which is why it SEEMS that you can only “click” on those rare and wonderful opportunities.

The GOOD NEWS is you can get rid of that layer of protection pretty easily.

All you’ve got to do is go back in time (mentally, of course) and RE-DEFINE those early events.

So in the present, you’ll feel much more open and natural. And less fearful.

So you can pick up bikini girls all over the place. (Or whatever you’d like to pick up, money, friends, new jobs, etc).

Learn How:

Emotional Freedom