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Are You A One-Banana Monkey?

One thing we humans are good at is efficiency.

We do it naturally without thinking.

We have to.

We need to put in effort to get calories (energy).

Meaning we need to spend energy to get energy.

Long long ago, way before we were humans, those inefficient animals were slowly weeded out of the gene pool.

Imagine, for example, there existed a species of monkeys that liked climbing trees.

And let’s say each time they climbed a tree it cost them 500 calories of energy.

At the top of these trees were a bunch of bananas.

Each banana gave them 300 calories.

Since these monkeys LOVED climbing trees, they only grabbed one banana each time.

So each trip they LOST 200 calories.

They SPENT 500 calories climbing the tree, but they RECEIVED only 300 calories.

That had a negative monkey ROI (return on investment).

These monkeys, needless to say, wouldn’t last very long.

On the other hand, monkeys with a built in efficiency instinct did.

They would spend the same 500 calories to climb the tree, but they would grab as many bananas as they could.

This is the same instinct that we use when clearing the table after dinner.

We don’t even think about it.

We just stack up as many dishes as we can, so we don’t have to make a hundred trips from the dining room to the kitchen.

(If you want to have some fun, have a dinner party and then clear the table by taking only ONE item to the kitchen on each trip. People will think you’re crazy!)

Many, many of our human functions are based on efficiency.

Especially our thinking patterns.

Our big brains take a TON of energy.

So anywhere we can find shortcuts, we’ll take them.

Sometimes, though, this works against us.

And it does in VERY insidious ways.

We humans think a bit differently about spending energy and getting energy.

We think in terms of money.

The money we make, and the money we spend.

And unfortunately, our thoughts on money are about as helpful as those goofy “one-banana” monkeys.


Because our money beliefs kill two birds with one stone.

Our leaders (political, religious, etc.) tell us money is “bad.”

But they don’t really believe it, since they have tons of money.

It’s just a clever idea so they can STAY “elite.”

Those that don’t have money tell us it’s “bad” as well.

Because if WE get money, and they don’t, they’ll feel bad.

WE believe money is “bad” because we don’t like thinking about.

So we’ve got TONS of people (including us) that think money is “bad.”

But before we humans invented money, life sucked.

No doctors, no air conditioning, no air travel, and no “anything else.”

But AFTER money was invented, BOOM!

All the cool stuff came.

And it’s still coming.

Money isn’t bad, money is FANTASTIC.

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Boolean Dream Generator

How To Overcome All Obstacles

Overcome All Obstacles

When I was in college, I had to take a course in electronics.

One of the thing we studied was Boolean Algebra. I was basically the logic of electronics.

If you had two wires going into a switch, the current in each of the wire would determine the output. Since these were digital circuits, the current was either “on” or “off.”

If they were both off, it meant one thing. If they were both on, it meant something else. If one was on and one was off, it meant something else.

All digital circuits are built like this. This is how you can take binary numbers (only 0’s and 1’s) and create a huge picture on your screen with all kinds of colors, or rich sounding symphonies, or beautiful motion pictures. 

They say our brains are like that. A whole collection of circuits, switches, and relays.

Maybe, maybe not, but it’s good way to think about things.

Napoleon Hill talks about a “Burning Desire.” Meaning if you have a desire big enough, you can get anything.

Why is this?

Consider all the obstacles you’ll come up against. The bigger your dream, the more obstacles you’ll likely face.

However, so long as your “burning desire” is STRONGER than any one of those obstacles, they will be easy.

If you only have a “so-so” desire, (or like most people have, a wish) then those obstacles will stop you dead in your tracks.

This is why people with only weak wishes seem to always wonder why life is so difficult or unfair.

And those with MASSIVE burning desires wonder why others haven’t discovered how easy it is.

How do you build a burning desire?

Visualizing is one way. But again, most people don’t do this nearly enough. They think about their desire maybe once or twice a day, and then think they’re done.

They speak of putting their intention “out there” somewhere, and expect the magic wish fairy to give them their dreams. All wrapped up in a nice box, with their name on it.

But if you spent some time, every single day, for twenty or thirty minutes, visualizing your desire with all your might, with the strongest emotions you can muster, something would happen.

No, your dream wouldn’t suddenly poof into existence right in front of you.

But your motivation would SOAR. Suddenly all those obstacles that were stopping you before would seem like NOTHING.

The path to your dreams would seem easy. Mechanical. You’d wonder why others don’t see how easy it is.

Sure, you’d still have to get out there and interact with the world, maybe for a while.

But it wouldn’t be hard. It wouldn’t be scary. It would be fun. Exciting.

How To Build A Burning Desire

Generate A Burning Desire

The Reason For Daily Visualization

It’s widely accepted that setting a positive, huge goal for your life is crucial.

Napoleon Hill spoke about having a “burning desire” to achieve this.

Meaning you had to have a desire so strong, it would overpower everything that life through up in the way.

For example, if you were walking down a random street and there was a pile of smelly trash in the way, you’d probably just choose a different street.

But if you KNEW there was a sack of cash at the end of that street, you wouldn’t hesitate to climb over that pile of trash.

This is why having a burning desire is so crucial. The bigger the strength of your burning desire, the easier it will be to overcome the inevitable obstacles that come up.

And they WILL come up!

After all, if it were easy, it wouldn’t be any fun!

A great way to build up your burning desire is to simply spend a few minutes a day visualizing your goal. 

Some people misinterpret the reason for this. Some believe that visualizing your goal is all that’s required.

While in reality, visualizing your goal is what gives you the motivation to go out into the world and get it.

One of the best examples of  this is the California gold rush. In the mid 1800’s, gold was discovered in California.

This set off one of the largest mass migrations in history. People took off across the country, many on foot, with only a burning desire of finding gold.

Every single day, they got up, and overcame different obstacles. And everyday, they kept their burning desire in mind.

This is the power of the human spirit. YOUR human spirit.

With a sufficient burning desire in mind, you can achieve ANYTHING.

Sure, it will take time. Sure it will be difficult. Sure there will be setbacks.

But this is the purpose of life itself. To set big dreams, and CHOOSE to go after them.

What do you want?

Can you picture it? Does it get you excited? Do you think about it when you’re at stoplights, in the elevator, or waiting in line at the supermarket?

You should.

The more you burn that desire into your brain, the more motivation you’ll feel, and the faster and easier it will come.