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The Birdhouse Strategy

Humans feel best when we are on purpose.

When we’ve got a reason to get up.

When we are in the process of building or creating or moving towards something.

Going on roadtrips is fun for this reason.

Part of the fun of going on a trip is the time it takes to get there.

If we could transport ourselves, like on Star Trek, from our living room to a faraway beach, it wouldn’t be nearly the same.

Maybe because the time it takes to get to our vacation spot (wherever it is) helps us to slowly shift from everyday mindset into vacation mindset.

Sitting in a car or a plane for a few hours literally feels like we are “leaving behind” our normal selves, and moving toward our vacation selves.

Which puts a HUGE barrier to insulate our vacation experience.

But you don’t have to go on vacation to feel on purpose.

Just doing a project which takes a lot of work gives you the same feeling.

Slow growth toward a better future.

Even building a birdhouse (if you’re into birdhouses) is a pleasant experience.

Taking something in your mind, doing the daily tasks to slowly turn your idea into a physical thing.

And once you put it in your backyard, (and see the birds using it) you can remember the process of turning thought into thing.

For a birdhouse or a road trip, it’s easy to measure your progress.

If you’re doing something and you don’t have a way to measure your progress, it’s easy to pretend you’re improving but you’re really not.

One of the “meta” ways to measure your progress is how much money you make.

On one level, this sounds very selfish and almost evil.

But on another level, it makes perfect sense.

So long as you aren’t a bank robber, the money you GET represents the value you’ve PROVIDED to others.

To be sure, there are a LOT of ways you can provide value to others without expecting to get paid.

But if you look at the money you make as directly related to how much you provide to others, it’s a fantastic way to keep score.

It’s very easy to focus on.

Do whatever it takes to EARN more money, and use that as your gauge.

For many people, however, this is VERY frustrating.

It shouldn’t be.

It should feel just like going on vacation or building a birdhouse.

Some people are lucky, and they are born with this mindset.

For them, making money is natural, fun and easy.

And it can be for you as well.

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Are You A One-Banana Monkey?

One thing we humans are good at is efficiency.

We do it naturally without thinking.

We have to.

We need to put in effort to get calories (energy).

Meaning we need to spend energy to get energy.

Long long ago, way before we were humans, those inefficient animals were slowly weeded out of the gene pool.

Imagine, for example, there existed a species of monkeys that liked climbing trees.

And let’s say each time they climbed a tree it cost them 500 calories of energy.

At the top of these trees were a bunch of bananas.

Each banana gave them 300 calories.

Since these monkeys LOVED climbing trees, they only grabbed one banana each time.

So each trip they LOST 200 calories.

They SPENT 500 calories climbing the tree, but they RECEIVED only 300 calories.

That had a negative monkey ROI (return on investment).

These monkeys, needless to say, wouldn’t last very long.

On the other hand, monkeys with a built in efficiency instinct did.

They would spend the same 500 calories to climb the tree, but they would grab as many bananas as they could.

This is the same instinct that we use when clearing the table after dinner.

We don’t even think about it.

We just stack up as many dishes as we can, so we don’t have to make a hundred trips from the dining room to the kitchen.

(If you want to have some fun, have a dinner party and then clear the table by taking only ONE item to the kitchen on each trip. People will think you’re crazy!)

Many, many of our human functions are based on efficiency.

Especially our thinking patterns.

Our big brains take a TON of energy.

So anywhere we can find shortcuts, we’ll take them.

Sometimes, though, this works against us.

And it does in VERY insidious ways.

We humans think a bit differently about spending energy and getting energy.

We think in terms of money.

The money we make, and the money we spend.

And unfortunately, our thoughts on money are about as helpful as those goofy “one-banana” monkeys.


Because our money beliefs kill two birds with one stone.

Our leaders (political, religious, etc.) tell us money is “bad.”

But they don’t really believe it, since they have tons of money.

It’s just a clever idea so they can STAY “elite.”

Those that don’t have money tell us it’s “bad” as well.

Because if WE get money, and they don’t, they’ll feel bad.

WE believe money is “bad” because we don’t like thinking about.

So we’ve got TONS of people (including us) that think money is “bad.”

But before we humans invented money, life sucked.

No doctors, no air conditioning, no air travel, and no “anything else.”

But AFTER money was invented, BOOM!

All the cool stuff came.

And it’s still coming.

Money isn’t bad, money is FANTASTIC.

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Magnetize Their Desires

The Opposite Of Levitation

When I was a kid I loved playing with magnets.

Getting the ends to snap together was pretty cool.

But I always wanted to build a levitation device.

Like Luke Skywalker’s land cruiser.

Magnetic levitation trains are built for the same reason.

There is very little resistance, so you can get the train going pretty fast.

If you have a strong enough magnet, you can do some damage.

Most hotel locks that are card activated can be opened with a magnet.

As can most electronic safes.

Attraction itself is an interesting concept.

Both as a metaphor and as a scientific law.

Gravity, for example, describes the attraction between two objects.

Just by having mass, objects are attracted to one another.

And even when described metaphorically, attraction between two people is pretty much the same thing.

You see an “attractive” person across the room.

Both figuratively, metaphorically and (if you make an approach) literally, you are “attracted” to them.

One minute you’re trying to think about what’s for dinner and then BOOM.

You’re walking across the room trying to think of something interesting to say.

In our most basic form, humans are a lot like magnets.

There are things we are attracted to, and there are things we are repulsed by.

Things we want to move towards, and things we want to get away from.

Every single thing you can think of can be put into one of these two categories.

Either something you want to get closer to, or something you want to get away from.

Most of the time, we are only concerned with OUR OWN wants and “not wants.”

But if you take the time to find out what these are in others, you can gain a lot of leverage.

Because in it’s basic form, that raw desire is the same.

Even if you don’t want to attach it to anything else, just talking to other people about their “wants” will do something pretty cool.

The more you talk to them about what they want, the more specific you help them get, the more they will AUTOMATICALLY start to associate that raw desire (underneath that surface level thing) with YOU.

So later on, when they think of you, they’ll get the SAME good feelings they get when they think about what they want.

Whatever it is.

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Become Irresistible

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Hot Sauce

Salsa Means You’re Sexy

There’s all kinds of weird things that marketers know about human nature.

Especially the kind of marketers who do research on grocery store placement.

They have TONS of data, and they are constantly sorting through the data to find relationships.

For example, there’s a kind of salsa that is preferred by people who have cats, or are “cat people.”

There’s a competing brand of salsa preferred by “dog people.”

The job of the marketer is to find these relationships, and then somehow leverage them.

They show this to the various salsa companies, who know where to put the ads for the most effect.

Now, it’s easy to misunderstand these “relationships.”

It’s not like if you start eating one particular salsa, you’ll morph into a cat person.

Kind of like those goofy “relationships” they are finding in the news.

People who drink diet soda, for example, have a higher risk of certain obesity related diseases.

But the news media make it sound as if you will drop dead of you drink diet soda.

They KNOW that most people misunderstand, or don’t know, the difference between “linked” or “correlated” and “cause and effect.”

Correlation, as they say, does NOT mean causation.

In fact, it RARELY does.

But our monkey brains tend to have a hard time with this.

Evolutionary biologists suspect assuming causation where none exist was to cut down on thinking time.

Instead of our ancient ancestors having to do a regression analysis every time they saw a tiger, or an apple tree, they just used the cause effect generator in their brains to assume what they saw MEANT something.

And the more “good” or the more “bad” that something was, the stronger the cause-effect linkage was.

Of course, today, that gets in the way of a happy life.

You apply for the job, don’t get it, and assume it MEANS you’re going to end up homeless.

You talk to that cute guy or girl and they reject you, and you assume it MEANS you’re going to be lonely.

You try and fail at your business and it MEANS you are going to be working minimum wage your whole life.

The truth is that anything can MEAN anything.

Especially when you are talking about the massively shifting variables that are always present in human relationships.

Of course, if you rely on your brain’s “go-to” meanings, they’ll be pretty scary.

Because your brain’s “go-to” meanings are necessarily survival based.

But your daily interactions are not.

Luckily, you can RE-PROGRAM your automatic cause-effect generator.

So those events can MEAN whatever you want them to mean.

That means everywhere you go, you’ll find PROOF that you are getting more of what you want.

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Emotional Freedom

Peel Back The Onion Layers

Interpersonal Glue

A long time ago I used to sell cars.

It was an eye opening experience, from a lot of perspectives.

One is I was amazed how happy people were once they’d decided to buy a car.

When they came in, they were fearful, anxious and weren’t sure.

But after an hour or so of going back and forth, when they finally made the decision, they transformed.

I mean literally, before my very eyes.

Before they signed a contract, they were defensive. Closed off. Crossed arms. Unhappy faces.

But after they signed the contract, they looked like little kids on their birthdays.

Before the contract, they acted like I was their arch-nemesis.

After the contract, I was their best friend, and they couldn’t thank me enough.

Most people see sales, seduction, or any kind of persuasion through the lens of trickery.

Like you’ve got to come in “under the radar.” Many people believe the only way they can convince somebody to do what they want is to use some kind of Jedi ninja patterns.

But in reality, but BEST salespeople, and the most NATURAL seducers don’t see it that way.

They see persuasion as HELPING people get what they want.

Nobody is unhappy when they go home with a new purchase. Quite the opposite.

Nobody is unhappy at the beginnings of a new relationship. In fact, that is one of the best feelings we humans can feel.

So why do so many people approach sales and dating as if they were a confrontation?

One reason is people fear rejection. We’re so nervous we’ll get rejected we start to treat the other person as the enemy.

But one thing that will most certainly AVOID rejection is simply taking the time to find out what they want.

That’s why it’s best to start with small talk. Create rapport. Give each other time to get comfortable.

Then slowly peel back the onion layers.

Find out what they want.

THEN you’ll realize how easy it is.

Why is it so easy?

Because on a deep level, all of our wants and needs are very similar.

Sure, if you’re buying a car, you’ve got certain criteria. Make, model, color.

But you also want good value, safety, comfort, security, and validation.

When you’re talking to people socially, or even in a business situation, those vague desires are incredibly easy to leverage.

What does this mean?

It means that you simply talk to them about the things they want, then talk to them about what you’ve got.

If you do this in the right way, meaning relaxed and conversationally, you’ll almost never get rejected.

And when you use these language patterns, it’s pretty simple.

These are the “interpersonal glue” that connects what THEY want, with what YOU’VE got.

Which makes doing what you suggest the most natural thing in the world.

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