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Salsa Means You’re Sexy

There’s all kinds of weird things that marketers know about human nature.

Especially the kind of marketers who do research on grocery store placement.

They have TONS of data, and they are constantly sorting through the data to find relationships.

For example, there’s a kind of salsa that is preferred by people who have cats, or are “cat people.”

There’s a competing brand of salsa preferred by “dog people.”

The job of the marketer is to find these relationships, and then somehow leverage them.

They show this to the various salsa companies, who know where to put the ads for the most effect.

Now, it’s easy to misunderstand these “relationships.”

It’s not like if you start eating one particular salsa, you’ll morph into a cat person.

Kind of like those goofy “relationships” they are finding in the news.

People who drink diet soda, for example, have a higher risk of certain obesity related diseases.

But the news media make it sound as if you will drop dead of you drink diet soda.

They KNOW that most people misunderstand, or don’t know, the difference between “linked” or “correlated” and “cause and effect.”

Correlation, as they say, does NOT mean causation.

In fact, it RARELY does.

But our monkey brains tend to have a hard time with this.

Evolutionary biologists suspect assuming causation where none exist was to cut down on thinking time.

Instead of our ancient ancestors having to do a regression analysis every time they saw a tiger, or an apple tree, they just used the cause effect generator in their brains to assume what they saw MEANT something.

And the more “good” or the more “bad” that something was, the stronger the cause-effect linkage was.

Of course, today, that gets in the way of a happy life.

You apply for the job, don’t get it, and assume it MEANS you’re going to end up homeless.

You talk to that cute guy or girl and they reject you, and you assume it MEANS you’re going to be lonely.

You try and fail at your business and it MEANS you are going to be working minimum wage your whole life.

The truth is that anything can MEAN anything.

Especially when you are talking about the massively shifting variables that are always present in human relationships.

Of course, if you rely on your brain’s “go-to” meanings, they’ll be pretty scary.

Because your brain’s “go-to” meanings are necessarily survival based.

But your daily interactions are not.

Luckily, you can RE-PROGRAM your automatic cause-effect generator.

So those events can MEAN whatever you want them to mean.

That means everywhere you go, you’ll find PROOF that you are getting more of what you want.

Learn How:

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