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How To Manifest Faster

Double Your Failure Rate

Double Your Failure Rate

A common question people have is how to manifest things faster.

They’ve got a goal, they’ve created a visualization, and they’ve been doing all the meditations and the affirmations, yet nothing seems to be working.

I’m sure you’ve heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, right?

I had a boss once that use to get under our skin. He would ask us to call a vendor, and try to get some information about certain supplies we needed. We’d call, they’d give us the information, but the boss didn’t like it.

So he’d tell us to call again, and ask again. Same question. I guess he figured maybe the first time the guy who answered the phone didn’t feel like telling us the whole story.

Once I was driving somewhere with my girlfriend, and we’d taken a wrong turn. This was back before GPS, so all we had were the AAA maps. Clearly marked, with big yellow lines. There was no question where we were, she was just upset that we were behind schedule.

She wanted to pull over and ask for directions, even though the map showed where we were. “Do you want me to ask them if the map is correct?” She laughed and we kept driving, finally getting to where we were going.

The CEO of Sony once said that if you want to double your success rate, all you’ve got to do is double your failure rate.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle when creating any kind of success.

Failure, or getting what you didn’t expect, is JUST as important as success.

Think of a guided missile. It rarely goes straight to its target. It’s got built in sensors and auto correct functions because the engineers EXPECT it to always be going off course.

If they just aimed it and shot it like a big bullet, it would always miss.

Any outcome is the same. Before you get there, you have to EXPECT to go off course.

Then you’ve got to pay attention to feedback, both good and bad, to keep refining the right path.

How can you manifest faster?

Try more things. Get more feedback. Every piece of feedback you get will make it happen faster.

If you don’t like the feedback you ARE getting, doing something different will get you different feedback.

The more feedback you get, the quicker you’ll get there.