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The Instant Killer Of Attraction

Blast Through Obstacles To Dating Success

Get In The Game

There’s a lot that can get in the way of getting what you want when it comes to girls. For most guys, that means a decent relationship with a decent girl that shares your values, goals and beliefs.

In order to get that, you’ve got to meet a lot of people. If you’re a normal guy, meeting a lot of people with this end in mind is pretty fun.

That’s if you can get past this common roadblock.

This one insidious obstacle that’s been going around A LOT these days. This is not something you can see, and it exists only inside your brain. 

But once you get stuck in this trap, it’s VERY hard to get out. The best way to avoid this brick wall is to run in the other direction when you start to suspect it’s presence.

What mysterious entity to I refer to?


How’s that?

It usually goes like this. A guy sees a girl. He wants to go over, talk to her, get to know her, maybe exchange numbers so they can get together later. But it doesn’t happen that way.

He either doesn’t go over, but he goes over which such a lame attempt he falls on his face.

And instead of chalking it up to his lack of skills, he does one thing that humans have been doing since the dawn of time.

He avoids responsibility. 

This usually ends up with a bunch of dudes talking about the deep philosophical meaning behind the current state of the dating game.


Otherwise they’d have to admit they suck. Because it really sucks to openly admit that you suck. Not in a kidding, self-deprecating way, but in an honest, “Wow, I’m not nearly as great as I thought I was” way.

This is a HARD pill to swallow for ANY human.

It’s MUCH EASIER on the ego to blame the world. Now, if you’re throwing a rock at a moving target, like a zebra, for example, it actually does make sense to blame the zebra. This makes you angry, which gives you more energy to keep throwing rocks until you’ve got something to eat.

But since we live in a modern world, things are MUCH more complicated.

Which means any excuse we come up with (especially if all we’re doing is sitting there complaining) is going to be pretty vague.

And when you’ve got a bunch of whiny guys coming up with vague excuses for why they can’t get laid, what does it sound like?

Yep, philosophy. 

Philosophy makes people sound smart. Philosophy makes it sound like people have some deep insight into the world. Philosophy gives people the illusion they are superior to other knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers.

But two things philosophy WON’T get you is laid or paid.

Unless, of course, you’re selling circularly logical tomes on the deep philosophies of the world.

So whenever you hear yourself start talking about the “sexual market,” or “social pressure,” or any other ego protecting nonsense. Stop. Get up, and go talk to some girl. See what happens. If it doesn’t work out, go talk to somebody else.

And keep doing that until you’ve got somebody you like, that also likes you.

Should You Go Your Own Way?

Do You Really Want To Give Up A Chance of Intimacy?

Be Careful Of Rash Decisions

Many men these days have voluntarily taken themselves out of the game.

And that’s a shame. Because getting together with a girl who’s into you as much as you are into her is a feeling matched by no other.

Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to create that “special relationship.”

Or is it?

The human mind is incredibly complex and has all kinds of programmed thinking routines, most of them subconscious, to protect the ego.

One of those is the “sour grapes” mindset. You see something you want, but you can’t get it, so you convince yourself that you don’t want it.

This is easy to do, and it’s essential.  Since by very nature, (and economic law) humans are hard wired to have unlimited wants, yet we live in a world where things are scarce.

Which means we’ll necessarily want things that we can’t get. That is simply baked into the cake of life on Earth.

Now, throughout the long course of evolution, Mother Nature has made it easy on us.

Think of it this way. If we had to spend our lives chasing things that we wanted, but mostly couldn’t get, that would suck. Really suck.

In fact, there was probably a race of cavemen way back in the day that went after animals, couldn’t get them, and then moped around for days, or even weeks.

Since those guys never got laid, and didn’t get a chance to pass on those “we suck” genes, those dudes were eliminated from the gene pool.

So here we are, a couple hundred thousand years later, easily able to con ourselves.

“Did you get that girls number?”

“No, but she smokes, and she seems like a bitch.”

“Wow man, you really dodged a bullet!”

That way, we can make an easy recovery, and quickly set our sites on the next target.

Unless we give up completely.

It’s one thing to convince ourselves that any particular woman is undesirable (in order to protect our ego from the pain of rejection) but it’s something else completely to convince ourselves that ALL WOMEN are undesirable.

Now, aside from any economic arguments (divorce, child support, etc), you still can find some women that fit your criteria, so long you don’t give up.

To be sure, meeting girls shouldn’t be the number one priority in your life. But the idea of meeting women shouldn’t be off the table completely.

So long as you’ve got some solid criteria, as well as some decent sorting and qualifying skills, you won’t run into too much trouble.

After all, having options is much better than not having options.

And if you remove yourself from the dating pool completely, you are pretty much cutting off the option of meeting a nice lady to keep you happy for any span of time.

Just something to consider.