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Leverage Their Common Fears and Desires

Find Their Treasure

Joseph Campbell studied mythology from different cultures.

He found they all had the same basic structure.

According to Campbell, there are only two possible reasons for this.

One is that there is one “source” from which all mythology draws from.

Another is that all humans share the same experiences, desires, fears, and so we come up with the same basic stories to describe them.

Take dragons, for example.

They exist in both Western and Eastern cultures.

Going far, far back before there was any interaction.

Why might this be?

Especially when they both breathed fire?

Maybe because both cultures had experience with poison snakes. Then around these small but deadly creatures arose a mythology to describe them.

The fundamental truth of us humans is that we ARE pretty similar.

We have the same fears, the same desires and the same old obstacles that keep us trapped.

This is pretty good news.

Because when you demonstrate an understanding of where somebody else is coming from, you can develop a much, much deeper connection.

Next time you are thinking of talking to somebody new, put your mind in curiosity mode. And wonder how many ways you are SIMILAR to that other person. Even make a game of trying to find out, conversationally.

This goes beyond simple things like “liking music” or “hating your boss.”

Look for structural things. Things like having a job to pay the bills, but is not nearly tapping your potential.

This is easy, since you share many things with many people.

And once you take the effort to dig beneath the superficial surface, you’ll find treasure within.

And when YOU can help somebody else find THEIR treasure, what do you think will happen?

They’ll start to associate THEIR treasure with YOU.

Which means every time they think about you they’ll think WONDERFUL thoughts.

How many ways can this come in handy?

Any time you want to talk to another human, pretty much!

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