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Do You Appreciate Your Gifts?

Your Gifts are Versatile

Versatility of Emotions

​Once I got an unexpected present from a woman I barely knew.

A coffee cup.

One of those cheap, safe gifts that’s pretty easy.

However, it’s been a while since I drank coffee.

Now I use that same mug to scramble eggs. It’s the perfect size.

Now, when she bought it for me, she probably didn’t think I’d use it as my go-to egg scrambling tool.

But as an egg tool, it’s perfect.

Most gifts are pretty narrow in how you can use them.

Like if somebody gave you a watch, you wouldn’t use it as a door stop or a piece of decoration on your wall.

On the other hand, some gifts are pretty versatile. You can use them however you feel like it.

Sometimes you can go too far, though. Like that old joke about the person who thought the DVD drive in their computer was a coffee cup holder.

All of your emotions and drives are the same way.

Sure, your sexual drive makes you want to have sex. Which makes more people. Which is kind of the reason Mother Nature made it hard to ignore. Same with eating. Or running away from tigers and flying things that want to eat us.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to use them like that.

Napoleon Hill speaks about “Sex Transmutation,” where you take that ever present powerful drive and TRANSFORM it into something else.

Art. Music. An invention that will save the world.

This takes a little thinking, and some mental practice.

Another raw emotion that’s hard to ignore is fear. But since you know fear is usually false anyway, why not train yourself to be afraid of something useful?

Like being afraid of procrastination.

Or being afraid of not getting enough sleep, or not eating healthy.

After all, the whole purpose of fear is to keep you from doing things that are bad for you.

NOT things that are GOOD for you, like talking to strangers, or starting a business, or beginning an exercise program.

After all, your emotions, feelings, thoughts and instincts belong to you. Why not use them to help you get what you want, instead of allowing them to be obstacles?

Accept ALL your feelings. All your energy. All your gifts.

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