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Are You Anti-Resonating?

Change Your Frequency

What’s Your Frequency

​When I was a student, resonance was my favorite topic.

I had this ultra hard physics lab with this ultra strict teacher (who barely talked), and the experiment we did on resonance was by far my favorite.

The reason the sky is blue is because of resonance. The reason kids love swings so much is resonance.

Resonance occurs when you apply an external frequency in congruence with the natural frequency of any system.

When you rub your fingertip around the top of a wine goblet, for example, the small bumps in friction as your finger moves across the rim is the same as the resonance frequency of the glass. 

Some systems are very simple, like a kid on a swing, and have only one resonance frequency.

Others, like a wine glass, have different frequencies based on different configurations. Different amounts of wine in the glass will produce different pitches, or different resonating frequencies.

Other things are WAY more complicated.

Like when two people are talking. If you and somebody else just “click” then you are pretty much in resonance with each other.

If you’re lucky, you can find a partner with whom you can resonate with for most of your life.

On the other hand, it can feel that you are “out of sync” which is kind of the opposite of resonance. Your “frequency” and the “frequency” of the other person (or people) are as opposite as can be.

Needless to say, this is frustrating and lonely.

How can you bust out of this trap?

Take a step back, relax, release some stress and “feel out” the other person, as if you’re are just meeting them.

This is EXACTLY what kids do the first time they get on a swing. They have NO IDEA which frequency to pump their legs. They just keep trying until they get it right.

If you are OUT of resonance with anybody, or with life in general, just apply the same principle.

Imagine if a kid got on a swing and had a pre-set idea of how fast he should pump his legs. And no matter what, he ONLY pumped them at THAT precise frequency.

And when it didn’t work, he blamed the swing for not cooperating.

Sounds silly. But this is EXACTLY what most people do.

They don’t feel it’s up to THEM to resonate with the world, it’s the WORLD that is supposed to resonate with THEM.

This usually doesn’t work so well. (Unless you have super secret magic ninja powers or something.)

So, how do you bust out?

Relax, open your mind, feel the energy around you. Through you. Let IT move YOU.

Doing some daily mental practice will help.

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