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Drill The Three Second Rule Into Your Monkey Brain

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Why is the three second rule the three second rule? Any time you’ve got some general rule like that, that makes sense, it’s going to be for a bunch of different reasons.

For one, if she sees you and you see her seeing you, the sooner you walk over there, the better. If you walk over there pretty quickly, she’ll think you’re pretty confident. If you wait a few hours, she’ll think you’re a nervous goof like most guys.

If you walk over right away, you won’t give your monkey brain any time to think of all the horrible things that might happen. As soon as you start moving adrenalin kicks in and shuts that monkey brain down. The more you stand there trying to think of that perfect pick up line you read on the Internet, you’re scared monkey brain will think of a million reasons why you SHOULDN’T walk over.

If you walk over right away, you’ll be doing so BEFORE any other goof has the opportunity. If you don’t walk over right away, some other guy might.

If you’ve noticed she’s flirting with you, that means in her mind she’s being VERY blatant, about as much as most girls can be. Which means if you DON’T walk over right away, she’ll think you’re either rude or not interested. If you wait an hour before you walk over, she’ll wonder what changed in your mind. Not a good starting point.

So you see, the longer you wait, the worse it gets. The sooner you take action, the better your chances are.

And just like any other inter-personal skill, this is something that you can PRACTICE, and get better at.

There’s not a magical switch in your mind that makes it easy. The ONLY way that makes it easy is to simply get in the habit of doing it. 

Kind of like waking up early in the morning. If you ALWAYS hit your snooze button sixteen times, you’ll never develop that bounce-out-of-bed habit. You’ll always be some lazy slouch who can’t get up.

So, how do you PRACTICE adhering to the three second rule?

The basic structure is observe then act. Practice this any way you can. Like quickly raise your eyebrows after any kind of eye contact.

Or quickly smile after eye contact. Any kind of observation MUST be followed quickly by some kind of action on  your part. This will build in that automatic response that girls find so attractive.

Remember, this is PRACTICE. Every time you practice you are NOT trying to number closer or name close or anything else. Only practice. Observe and action. It DOES NOT MATTER what she does. This is only to build in your automatic response to any observations. Keep this up, and the three second rule will be automatic in no time.

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