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Choose, Start, Never Stop

Transform Your World

Transform Your World

​Long time ago I ran an R and D lab for a big medical company.

We designed surgical devices. 

Often times we’d have to come up with something out of thin air to run a particular experiment.

My buddy who worked in the machine shop was my go-to-guy for this.

I’d explain kind of what I needed, and he’d take a chunk of metal and use his mad skills and mad tools to turn that chunk of metal into a perfect piece of precision.

Sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to describe what I needed it to do. I’d just show him a rough sketch, he’d come to the lab and take a look, and understand.

An hour or two later, he’d have a precisely engineered device, made from a raw hunk of metal.

This is what makes us human. We look at something, and imagine something much better. Those with skills take things from their environment, and transform them.

Dirt into huge fields of food production that can feed millions.

Raw metal from the earth into complicated electronic circuitry that allows people around the globe to chat in real time.

Inside your brain are those same structures. Those same neural connections that allow for you to imagine a better future, and then create it.

Everything you have now is directly related to your thoughts you had before.

The quality of your thinking today will have a direct impact on your life tomorrow.

What do you think of?

What do you dream of?

More importantly, what are your strategies for making those dreams come true?  Because they aren’t going to happen on their own.

It takes work, effort, risk, failure, and your inherent resilience to never give up.

Because your choice to give up or keep pushing forward is the ONLY difference between achieving your life’s vision or watching others achieve theirs.

What’s it going to be?

If you haven’t chosen the life you want, choose.

If you’ve chosen and have started to make it happen, start.

These will help: