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The Island Of Uncertainty

Conquer The Vast Unknown

When I was a kid I loved science.

Still do.

However, once I started to study science for real, it quickly became clear that the more we humans know, the more we realize we don’t know.

Human understanding has been described as a shoreline around an island. The more we expand the shoreline, the more of a huge ocean we see that we can’t fathom.

As big as our island of knowledge gets, it’s still an island that will always be surrounded by uncharted waters.

Now, there are a lot of ways to respond to this.

One is to shrug your shoulders and figure “well, since we’ll never know, I’ll just leave it up to the gods.”

Another way is to make up scientific “laws” that can’t be disproved, and make us feel really good.

If we’re not careful, this can lead to a trap. Where we don’t really DO anything except try and find some “secret” law of manifesting or creation. Some epic “short cut” that will get us the goods without needing to take a risk.

However, if you’re honest, the ONLY way to measure your progress is through your results.

And this is only possible if you have a well-defined outcome that you’re going after.

That way, you’ll have something to measure your progress against.

Because us humans are SO GOOD at deceiving ourselves, it’s pretty easy to convince ourselves we’re doing better when we’re really just spinning our wheels.

So, ask yourself. What do you want?

How will you know when you get it?

Once you get this out of the way, you can start trying things.

If it gets you closer, do more.

If if doesn’t get you closer, do something different.

There IS one thing that can get in your way.

And that is when you KNOW what you need to do, but you simply can’t bring yourself to do it.

Like presenting your idea in a meeting at work, or taking what feels like a HUGE risk and starting your own business, or anything else that’s REQUIRED but certainly not EASY.

That’s ok.

So long as you break it down into small chunks, you’ll do fine.

These books are filled with tools and mental exercises that will help.

Making whatever you want easier than ever.

Mind Persuasion Ebooks

Trial and Error Is Necessary

The Positive Feedback Life Loop

When I was a kid I loved science.

I even had a subscription to Science Digest when I was in junior high school.

I read all kinds of books on Quantum Physics.

Of course, they had all the math stripped out, and only had the easy to understand concepts.

When I got to college, and had to start studying REAL science, it was pretty difficult.

Once you put the math in, it gets less “entertaining” and more work.

But without the “work” it really IS only entertainment.

But once you “do” the “work,” and you start to understand how things REALLY work, then you can USE science, rather than merely appreciate it.

If nobody ever took the time, the MASSIVE amount of trial and error that goes into scientific research and discovery, we wouldn’t have much stuff. No medicine, worldwide instant communication, air travel, microwaveable cheeseburgers.

This happens on a global scale, and this happens on a personal scale.

The more you understand, the easier it is to interact with the world and get what you want.

Most people are too scared, too worried, and want to be told what to do.

Since there are a LOT of people waiting around to be told what to do, and few people who not only KNOW what to do, and are willing to tell others, most people end up not getting much.

However, the good news is that it’s really easy to get out there and start figuring it out.

In fact, built into your brain is a super learner. Now, most people misunderstand this to be a “super undertander. Meaning if you say the magic words or listen to the right mix of sounds you’ll suddenly be blessed with universal understanding.

Doesn’t really work that way.

If it did, we really wouldn’t need our bodies. We’d just be this big brained creatures that sit around all day and understand stuff.

Because you have BOTH a brain AND a body, you need to use them both.

Use your body to get out and interact with others. Enjoy the world through your senses.

Use your brain to keep getting better each and every time.

That’s what learning is. Action, review, understanding, more action.

But if you don’t take action, and you aren’t OPEN to the feedback, you won’t learn.

Once you kick off this feedback loop, and see how easy it is to get better and better, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get started much earlier.

If you want to learn TONS of easy exercises to accelerate the process, check this out:

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Life Is Resonance

Swing Your Way Through Life

​Resonance was always one of my favorite subjects.

Every physical entity has a certain “frequency.” Meaning if you hit it, it will shake at its own frequency.

Now, most objects like chairs or tables or watermelons don’t shake or resonate very long. That’s what’s called “over-damped resonance.” Meaning the way the system is set, it physically can’t shake for very long.

Then you have “under-damped” resonance. These are things that shake, or swing back and forth a long, long time. Like a pendulum, or a swing.

And if you apply the external force at the SAME frequency as that objects resonance frequency, you can get some pretty BIG oscillations.

Kids on a swing for example. When they pump their legs back and forth, they are pumping them back and forth at the precise frequency of the swing-kid combination.

They THINK they’re just playing on the swing, but what they’re REALLY doing is “applying a specific resonance frequency to an under-damped harmonic oscillator.”

Funny thing is that when they want to get off, they can do so pretty quickly. They just pump their legs at the OPPOSITE resonant frequency, and they slow down in a hurry. 

Now, some systems are super easy to understand. Swings, pendulums, yo-yo’s, etc. You can get them swinging pretty quickly, and stop them pretty quickly.

Other things are more complicated. But the same structure nonetheless.

Every time you are “in the zone” while having a conversation, for example, you and your conversation partner are resonating off each other’s personal resonance frequency.

When you meet that special somebody, and you really “click” you’re continuously and unconsciously pushing each others buttons in the right frequency. 

Any time people get into a fight or disagreement, it even shows up in our language. 

“Not on the same page.” 

“Not speaking the same language.”

“Not talking about the same thing.”

Keeping this idea of “resonance” in mind can be helpful. You can think of two people be in or out of resonance.

You can think of you and the world being in or out of resonance. Or you and a project you are working on, or you and whatever it is you are creating.

Whenever you push, the world will push back. Just like the kid on the swing. If you try and FORCE the world into YOUR frequency, it usually doesn’t work.

But when you step back, clear your mind, and pay attention, then you can operate within the world, at the WORLD’S frequency.

Making everything smoother and more natural. Gliding through life, getting whatever you want.

Getting your mind right is the first step.

Learn More:

Nonsensical Physics 

Leverage The Unseen

Mysteries Of Science

When I was a kid used to LOVE quantum physics.

Well, at least the concepts. I’d read a bunch of books where they’d taken out the math, so to make it more accessible to everyday guys like me.

Now, from an ultra “meta” standpoint, everything makes sense. Everything is governed by laws and principles.

But from a human standpoint, only a small sliver of a sliver makes any rational sense.

There’s plenty of psychological tests to prove this.

They take a logical puzzle, put it in non-familiar terms (like cards and shapes and colors) and most people fail miserably.

They take the same logical puzzle, put it in a familiar social setting, and everybody gets it. Easy peasy.

Same goes with simple math. Two plus two is four. Two times four is eight.

But start talking about economics, especially when you get into what some economists called the “unseen,” then things get crazy.

One of the most mind numbing aspect of quantum physics was Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty.

He mathematically showed that ultra tiny systems behave in different ways when they are being observed, and when they aren’t being observed.

This is assuming there’s no interaction between the observer and that which is observed.

Why this happens, nobody really knows.

Another thing that blows people’s minds is the derivation of the Ideal Gas Law.

(The what of what??)

You know how when you pop a balloon, it makes a big sound, right? Or if you poked a hole in an inflated tire, all the air would quickly rush out, right?

Why does that happen?

Most of us assume it’s because all those air molecules are in there, crammed so tightly together they can’t stand each other, and can’t wait to get away from each other, right?

Makes perfect sense, but it’s wrong.

There’s a certain equation that describes EXACTLY how much pressure is inside, based on the temperature, etc. And exactly how fast the gas escapes when there’s a hole, etc. And precisely how quickly a balloon will deflate when popped, etc.

So it’s clear this equation is pretty on the money, right?

But here’s the thing. That equation is based on this assumption that DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

What’s that?

That every single particle of air in there (the balloon, the tire, etc) THINKS that it is all alone.

That equation is based on the assumption that there is ZERO interaction between particles in there.

Which means there must be some OTHER explanation why they all rush out so fast.

Maybe the universe has some deeper laws, that NOBODY understands.

And all we can ever see is what’s on the surface.

Kind of like you.

Most people you interact with only see the OUTSIDE. The very outer layer of what you present.

Inside, you know there is much, much more.

Are you ready to discover it?