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Do You Feel Cheated?

Is Life Throwing You Curve Balls?

If you’ve ever played any kind of competitive sports, then you know what it’s like to “fake” somebody out.

You’ve got the ball, and you pretend to go one way.

If you’re congruent enough, they believe you, then you can quickly shift the other day.

This looks pretty good if you can pull it off.

Most people can’t.

It also feels pretty embarrassing to fall for this.

This is the strategy behind the curve ball.

Make it look like a ball, so they don’t swing. But it turns out to be a strike. (or the other way around).

If fact, most pitches are designed to be deceiving, unless you’re throwing pure heat.

The trickiest to throw (and to hit if it’s thrown correctly) is the knuckle ball.

It bounces all over the place, but it’s moving slowly.

Looks easy to hit, but it’s not. Quite the opposite.

Clearly, how well you deceive others in sports can help you win.

But in life, the opposite will happen. If you purposely try to deceive others, you’ll land in hot water.

You’ll develop a reputation, nobody will want to do business with you.

Or worse, you might get sued or end up in jail.

Scientists tell us we have a highly evolved “cheating” filter.

Meaning we are really good at sniffing out social cheats.

In hunter gatherer societies, we didn’t need it. Everybody knew everybody else.

But when societies started getting really big, it became easy to con people.

Which meant people had to develop a “sixth sense” for people who were con artists.

Unfortunately, sometimes this can be a hair trigger.

Meaning we feel like we’ve been conned, when we really haven’t.

This happens when we “expect” something, but don’t get it.

We “assume” that we “should” get something because of commonly understood social rules or something.

Like a guy will flirt with a girl. She gives him her number. Then they go on a date, but she’s not interested any more.

This certainly FEELS like she “tricked” him.

But in reality, she was attracted, then she wasn’t. Happens all the time. Nobody tricked anybody.

One thing that can make it worse is if you are PREDISPOSED to see “trickery” where none exists.

This comes from your childhood experience. If you EXPECT people to manipulate and take advantage of you, you’ll see it where it doesn’t really exist.

Likewise, if you EXPECT people to be friendly and kind, you’ll see THAT as well.

And since our BEHAVIOR creates our world much more than we realize, we can be trapped in a horrible world if we don’t address these underlying issues.

Meaning we need to understand that the world is only a reflection of our expectations. Since these are largely unconscious, it take can a while to uncover and change them.

But when you do, you’ll literally be living in a completely different world.

Much better. Much friendlier, and much more prosperous.

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Emotional Freedom

Where Money Beliefs Come From

Three Evil Beliefs about Money

Three Evil Twins

​I remember a long time ago shortly after I graduated from college.

It was before got a job, so I was still VERY wet behind the ears.

I was at some wedding of some distant relative, and I met this guy who was a preacher. I think he was dating another distant relative at the wedding. 

Anyhow, when he learned that I’d just graduated and hadn’t found a job, he asked me what I wanted to do.

Half jokingly, I said, “I want to make as much money as I can.”

This preacher was pretty shocked. He launched into some long lecture about how money is bad, chasing money is bad, it’s better to serve your fellow man, etc., etc.

He seemed to enjoy lecturing me so much I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was only kidding.

But this is not an uncommon response. If you told you’re friends and family your main goal in life was to make huge piles of cash, they would immediately think you were evil, or didn’t care about people, or were going to somehow “exploit the poor” in order to get rich.

And to be sure, lately it seems plenty of people ARE getting rich (and staying rich) that way.

But the idea that money, or making money is “evil” has been around a long time.

Why is that?

One of the reasons may be that people in power (those who have money) want to keep it that way.

After all, if everybody were rich, they wouldn’t feel so special.

Another reason is that most people simply aren’t very good at making money. So when you tell your buddies you want to learn HOW to make money, they suddenly feel as if they are going to be left behind. So they say money is bad.

Another reason is a lot of people associate the idea of making money with presenting themselves to the world.

After all, if you really DID give it your best shot, and failed, what does that say about you?

These three reasons, combined together, make it pretty fricking easy to convince ourselves that money is bad. It keeps us safe. It keeps our friends from thinking we’re going to leave them. And those that are in power don’t need to worry about us challenging them.

Luckily, all of these reasons are absolute NONSENSE. Lies we tell ourselves to protect our egos.

The bottom line is that money is FANTASTIC. Making money is FANTASTIC.

Because the ONLY WAY to honestly make money is to make (or help make) something (product or service) that other people WANT.

So in reality, when you say you want to MAKE A TON OF MONEY, what you’re really saying is that you want to figure out how to help as many people in the world get what they want.

And that is anything BUT evil.

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