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Hallucinate Your Way Rich

Think Your Way Out Of Trouble

A long time ago, they used to think that negative numbers were evil.

This was back when math was still in its infancy.

Since the idea of a “negative thing” (how can you have negative six apples?) didn’t seem to exist, the idea was considered heretical.

Slowly but surely (and luckily) people started to accept the idea of negative numbers.

Same kind of thing happened when they invented “imaginary” numbers.

But ask any mathematician, and they’ll tell you that “imaginary” is not really accurate.

But the name stuck, and here we are.

These “imaginary” numbers are necessary to calculate anything that has to do with sinusoidal fluctuations (like electronic circuits).

One of the famous scenes from the Bible is when Jesus threw out the “money changers.”

Why were they called money “changers”?

Isn’t that like going down to the bank and exchanging dollars for Euros?

Why would those people be bad?

The reason is that way back in the day, lending money at interest was considered a sin.

So the clever money lenders changed their names to money changers.

They would lend money in one currency, and collect in another.

And they collected their “interest” in the form of a “currency exchange fee.”

This is how they got around the ban against charging interest.

This isn’t to say money lenders today (or back then) are good or bad.

But if you are clever enough, and you can think abstractly enough, you can work your way around any limitation.

If you can’t think very cleverly, abstractly, or laterally, when you come up against an obstacle, you’re stuck.

You look around for somebody to tell you what to do.

This is the way most people run their lives.

But if you can think differently, think abstractly, think creatively, any problem is really just another opportunity in disguise.

To all the other simple thinking folks, it’s just a problem.

But to you, it’s an opportunity.

Seeing the world this way requires practice.

Consistent mental practice.

It’s not based on any magic switch in your brain.

If you are, however, willing to put in the few minutes per day of mental practice, you’ll soon see a world FILLED with opportunities that others only recognize as obstacles.

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Easy Peasy

Become The Naturally Attractive Man

What turns a woman on more than anything?

It’s not something she knows, or can anticipate.

Think of a woman’s desire as you would your own hunger.

Sure, you can sit there and list all the foods you want.

But since hunger is an instinct that responds to our environment, and not our conscious brains, it gets turned on whether we like it or not.

Food could be the last thing on our mind, but if we smell or see something good, our hunger takes over.

Whatever we were thinking of is GONE, and all we want to do is eat.

This is the way a female responds to a naturally attractive man.

Sure, she and her friends can sit around and play pretend.

They can list out the qualities they THINK they want.

But when a naturally attractive man shows up, she’ll want him just as much as YOU want that food that suddenly came out of nowhere.

The million dollar question:

How do you become the naturally attractive man?

Is it money? Clothing? The right cologne? The right combination of pick up lines?

Luckily, it is none of these.

Now, this is going to sound like the oldest advice in the book, but stick with me.

That naturally attractive male quality that makes women UNABLE to get their minds off him is CONFIDENCE.

Now, what is confidence?

It’s not what most people think.

Confidence is the absolutely ABSENCE of any anxiety or worry.

Imagine a guy sees a girl.

She’s physically attractive, but to a naturally attractive, and FEARLESS man, that’s not enough.

Since pretty girls are a dime a dozen.

So he talks to her.

And his attitude is “I like you so far, but my attraction to you is always conditional on your behavior, intelligence, and anything else I come up with.”

This cannot be faked.

But if you HAVE this attitude, NOTHIGN else will matter.

Wanna know why women are so angry today?

They are hard wired to FOLLOW a man, but not just any man.

They want a guy who is naturally confident in his own skin.

Not a guy that is worried about what to do, or say, or trying hard to please her.

They guy that can at the same time, express an interest in her AND radiate the “take it or leave it” attitude.

How do you BECOME that guy?

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Zero Fear Game

Metaphors Are Cool

Middle Mind Bombs

Metaphors are pretty cool.

They are amazing devices that writers, poets, and other literary geniuses use.

For example, there’s that poem, “The Road Not Taken.”

Is it about an actual road? Is it about our life’s path? Something even deeper?

That’s the cool thing about metaphorical descriptions. You can take a relatively simple one and it will flip people’s minds around for a long time.

If you are a genius, (Like Robert Frost, the author of the aforementioned poem), you can come up with a very simple set of words, and they’ll be discussed for generations.

“The Road Not Taken” is four verses, maybe elementary school level vocabulary, but about as deep as anything we’ll ever read.

Do you need to be a literary genius to tell mind bending stories?

Not in the least.

In fact, it may actually be a hindrance.


It all depends on the outcome you want.

Sure, if you want people to think of you as an esoteric poet who is always describing deep truths of human nature, that’s one thing.

But if you have a specific outcome in mind, like getting people to feel more outgoing, to increase their buying desire, or even to get them to fall in love, you might want to leave the deep metaphors at home.

Because if you HAVE a specific outcome in mind, what you DON’T want is for people to be standing around thinking, “Wow, that was cool, I wonder what it really means?”

In fact, you want to have the OPPOSITE effect.

The whole idea of telling hypnotic stories is to get their attention OFF the actual stories, and on their own emotions.

How do you do that?

But telling super simple stories, split up in a way so they’ll be burning nearly all of their brain power just to pay attention.

Then in the middle, when they are most transfixed (and wondering what the heck is going on) that’s when you deliver the power.

You don’t need clever metaphors, you don’t need ultra colorful language.

Because in the those middle stories, you can look directly at them, and say EXACTLY what you’d like them to do or feel.

Just have those words coming from ONE of your characters to ANOTHER character.

Once you deliver the “goods” then you can go back and finish all the loops.

They won’t really remember much of what you said, but they WILL feel like doing what you described.

And THAT will make all the difference.

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Hypnotic Storytelling

Truths Are Deeper Than We Realize

Secret Girl-Getting Quality

One thing many people confuse is cause and effect.

If we humans see two things happening, one after another, we’ll assume the first thing has something to do with the second thing.

They’ve even done studies where they look at babies, (less than a year old) and watch how they watch blips move around on a computer screen.

The two blips are made by two separate programs.

But the kids think they’re connected. They turn one of them off, and the kid gets all freaked out, as if something’s wrong.

They believe we have “cause-effect” generators in our brains.

It somehow made us think more quickly back in our evolutionary days.

But in modern society, we often get cause and effect confused.

One way the media likes to play us is to say things are “linked.”

Like they’ll say “diet soda is linked to obesity” knowing it will make for an interesting headline.

They know that most people will understand it to mean diet soda CAUSES obesity.

But linking doesn’t really mean anything.

Sure, people that are obese tend to drink diet soda.

But that doesn’t mean diet soda CAUSES obesity.

Another common way this confuses us is when many hot girls tend to end up with rich guys.

So we assume girls only go for guys that have money.

This is absolutely NOT TRUE.

All you need to do to disprove this common belief is find a hot girl with a rich guy that she absolutely CANNOT STAND.

If having money “caused” attraction, then she’s always be attracted.

There must be something else going on.

There is.

Girls are attracted to guys with a certain quality.

A certain quality that SOMETIMES translates into money, sometimes not.

But because our economy is so messed up, a lot of guys WITHOUT that quality can GET a lot of money. Think of goofs like Zuckerberg.

Not you’re typical “alpha male.”

The good news is that quality is EASY to develop, whether you have money or not, want money or not.

And when you HAVE that quality, you’ll have something ALL women are looking for.

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Always Be Chasing Your Dreams

Make Women Hungry For You

There are a lot of ways you can increase your luck with the ladies.

Fortunately, creating attraction in females is a skill.

Or at the very least, it can be.

Most people don’t know how it works so they just keep trying with different ladies until they find somebody they naturally “click” with.

This does work, but it’s pretty haphazard.

A much better method is to understand what she wants, or more accurately, what kind of things she’ll respond to.

It’s helpful to think of female attraction like an instinct.

Much like hunger.

You can’t really talk somebody into being hungry.

But if you describe a meal you had, or get them near a restaurant where they can smell the food cooking, they’ll get hungry.

Similarly, you can create attraction the same way. Simply provide the right stimuli that naturally creates attraction in women.

Luckily, this has very little to do with how you look, and much more to do with how you behave.

And what behavior drives her crazy?

A guy that makes her feel certain emotions, AND that she can’t control.

And when you add social proof on top of this, she’ll go crazy.

The only drawback is if you’re trying to create this in a specific girl, it’s pretty difficult.

It’s much easier to start to create these feelings in women in general.

Then simply choose from all the girls that are naturally attracted to your behaviors.

What kind of behaviors?

Somebody who is comfortable around people. Somebody that is NOT needy. Somebody that doesn’t hang around “hoping” for something good to happen.

The best way to practice this is to simply try to get a positive response from ANY GIRL, and keep moving.

This will subtly change your behavior in a very powerful way.

You’ll be building in a strong belief, based on real evidence, that girls simply cannot get enough of you.

This will change your “energy” which is the sum total of all your non-verbal signals that you’re always sending out.

This is the confident “energy” that women go crazy for.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but if you start practicing, pretty soon you’ll be seeing girls in a much different light.

Because they’ll be looking at YOU a lot differently.

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Keep Your Edge For Eternal Attraction

How To Keep A Girl Interested

From a logical standpoint, modern relationships don’t make much sense.

Especially when you hear the same story over and over.

Guy attracts girl. Girl chases guy. Girl tries and succeeds at taming and domesticating guy.

Girl loses interest in guy and finds another guy.

None of these are conscious. A woman would have to be a horrible sociopath to set out to marry a guy just to divorce and ruin him.

In the beginning, she really DOES mean, “till death do us part.”

But in her mind, she subconsciously translates that to “as long as you stay the same, till death do us part.”

Unfortunately, a lot of guys have the habit of losing their edge once they get into a relationship.

Which makes them less attractive.

How can you avoid this?

Don’t lose your edge!

Create the mindset that says it’s the woman’s job to keep YOU in the relationship, not the other way around.

Just holding this mindset will keep you INSANELY attractive to all women.

It’s that ancient caveman desire all girls subconsciously crave.

The ancient hunter gather that is never tied down, because he CAN’T be tied down.

He’s always out looking for the big kill.

If you don’t have any huge goals, get some.

And build them big enough so you’ll not only be chasing them your whole life (as they keep getting bigger and bigger) but that they are ALWAYS bigger and more important than any relationship.

That way, all girls will chase you, and you can choose the best.

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Secret Social Proof

Generate Social Proof

Social proof is crucial in creating attraction.

You walk into a bar by yourself, most girl’s won’t even notice you.

You walk in with a crew of dudes, and you’ll maybe get a bit more of a look.

But you walk in with a slew of babes, and every girl will want you.

But what do you do if you don’t have a slew of babes?

Rent some!

Just kidding.

Here’s a “trick” that will help. It requires that you practice talking to as many women as you can.

Not just women you’re interested in, but ALL women.

All you need is their name, and ANYTHING about them.

Let’s say you’re in the supermarket.

And you see a ninety year old woman looking at pasta sauce.

You ask her what she’s planning on cooking.

She tells you lasagna. You ask her if it’s good. She says yes.

You ask her name, she tells you it’s “Betty.”

So far so good.

Now, here you are a couple weeks later. You’re in a conversation with a girl you’d LIKE to create attraction in.

She mentions she likes pasta.

You say, “Yeah, my friend Betty likes to cook Lasagna. It’s pretty good,” and leave it at that.

The girl you’re talking to won’t know who Betty is. But she’ll assume she’s decent looking. And since you mentioned that she cooks lasagna, the girl you’re currently talking to will assume all kinds of things about you and Betty.

If you linger too long on Betty, it will lose it’s effect.

Just drop Betty and her cooking into the conversation, and then start talking about something else.

If you drop two or three female names in the conversation, and they are related to the conversation, the girl you’re talking to will only assume ONE THING.

That you are a mad player and have all kinds of women on your back burner.

Which will make her want you more than ever.

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Maximum Social Skills

Rewire Your Lower Brain

I’ve got a lot of software on my computer.

Software is one of the things I like to buy, even when I don’t really need it.

(Another one of my weaknesses is kitchen utensils).

One common thing about software these days is it’s self-updating.

Or at the very least, when there’s a new version out, you get a button at the beginning that you need to click.

Easy peasy.

Usually it removes the old software, and installs the new one.

Our brains are kind of similar.

Similar in that it’s the software that drives our bodies.

And it’s been continuously updated the past few million years.

Only it doesn’t quite update the same way.

Because of the logistics and mechanics humans, we can’t really “uninstall” the old version and install the new version.

We just get new software built on top of our old software.

You can see this if you take apart your head and look at your brain.

(Just kidding! Don’t do that, you might not be able to put it back together…)

But we do have remnants of our old brain.

The reptilian brain at the base, the mammalian brain on top of that and then the neo-cortex, on top of that.

Problem is each one thinks it’s in charge.

So we have all these conflicting ideas about what to do sometimes.

For example, until very recently, we RARELY saw somebody we didn’t know.

That possibility has only been around for a few thousand years.

So our brains are pretty conflicted on what to do when we’re in a situation where there are a lot of people that we don’t know.

Part of us wants to check it out and see what’s what. Especially if there are attractive people around.

But another part knows that other people can be dangerous.

Luckily, one of the unadvertised benefits (and it’s not even in the owner’s manual) of our new-cortex is we can reprogram our lower brain.

It’s pretty easy, when done consistently, and can lead to some pretty awesome results.

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Always Be Testing

Do You Need Approval?

When I was a kid I love doing experiments.

I always wanted to see what would happen if I did something.

Especially things I didn’t know about.

I’d mix this and that, or hook up this to something else.

Once I even stuck my finger in a light socket just to see what would happen.

When I was in High School, I got kicked out of chemistry lab because I mixed two chemicals just to “see” what would happen.

Most of the time scientific studies aren’t really scientific studies.

Because scientific studies cost a lot of money. Which means somebody has to pay for them.

And the studies have a funny way of turning out in favor of those who are paying for the studies.

But sometimes, you find somebody who does research just to “see” what will happen.

There was this guy in the seventies who did something like that. He would send his team out into the world, and have them behave in different ways, just to see how people would respond.

Like people with business suits were much more likely to get a pass in a restaurant when they’d forgotten their wallets, than people who were dressed casually.

People who wore beige raincoats seemed to be more “upper class” than people who wore black raincoats.

People that walked upright and with confident body language were perceived much more attractive than when they had their shoulders slumped and looked at the ground when they walked.

One thing that turned out to be a very strong undercurrent to everything was somebody’s “congruence.”

The more “congruent” people were, the more attractive and likeable they were.

The less “congruent” they were, the harder they were to get along with. The less people liked talking to them. The less influential they were.

What exactly is “congruence”?

Everything is consistent. Your words match your body language. Your body language matches your facial expressions. You don’t say “yes” while breaking eye contact and crossing your arms.

More importantly, you stick to your intentions. Meaning you don’t keep changing your mind every twenty seconds. You don’t keep asking everybody their opinions to make sure it’s “safe.”

You don’t get halfway through a project and give up because the steady stream of positive feedback from your friends and family suddenly dried up.

You set an intention in your mind, and keep to that intention.

If you think of two different people on opposite sides of this extreme, you’ll get an idea.

People that are ultra wishy washy and are always asking for feedback and approval aren’t very attractive or persuasive.

On the other hand, people that have a very clear idea of what they want, and where they are going, are much more magnetic and charismatic.

How do you become one and not the other?

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Frame Control

How To Find Your Ideal Girlfriend

Always Be Prospecting

Always Be Prospecting

There are two phases of life. Being a kid, and being an adult.

Little kids only get stuff when the grown ups give it to them. Adults only get stuff when they get out there and interact with other adults, and create some kind of mutually beneficial exchange.

Of course, there are some adults who get things by stealing, or manipulating others. Hopefully you’re not one of those.

Not only because it’s immoral, but it’s a horrible strategy that only works in the short term.

So, how do you get whatever you want as a rational thinking adult?

First, you’ve got to figure out what you want. Then you’ve got to find somebody that has it. Then you’ve got to figure out what they want. If you’ve each got what each other wants, then you can make a trade.

Luckily, in advanced economies, we’ve created money that can get around this “coincidence of wants.”

But this only works if you can pay somebody money for what you want, and then they can go and pay somebody that same money for what they want.

But what if what you want is not based on money? What if you’re after a relationship with an attractive woman?

You’ve still got to play the same game. Figure out what she wants, figure out what you want, and see if there’s a basis for exchange.

Granted, in relationships most of this happens unconsciously. Which means you’ve got to just get in there and see what happens. If you both have what each other want, you’ll feel it. If you don’t, you won’t.

But you’ve still got to get out there and interact with plenty of girls. Interact with them enough to find out if there’s a mutual benefit.

Generally speaking, this can happen after the first couple of face to face conversations. Get togethers, dates, whatever you want to call them.

Of course, this requires that you know what you want. And you have a pretty good idea of what you’ve got to offer. And the conversational and social skills to not only elicit these from her, and demonstrate what you’ve got.

Again, it’s crucial to understand that most of this is NOT based on any kind of overtly measurable quantities. If you show her your resume or portfolio, it probably won’t go over well.

However, you must have something in your brain besides merely a hope that she’ll accept you.

You’ve got to have an idea of what you’re looking for, and an established line of communication between you and your intuition.

Naturally, this is like any other skill. To get really good at it, you’ve got to practice. How do you practice? Start talking to and dating plenty of cute girls, that’s how!

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