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Embrace The Unknown

Powerful One Two Charismatic Punch

Often there is a HUGE chasm between the thoughts and ideas in our heads, and the words that come out of our mouths.

One of the mainstays of a comedy is some character that says something really goofy, gets embarrassed, and then says, “That didn’t come out right…”

Just that we understand that’s funny means it’s a common human experience.

Having clear ideas in mind, but they come out as jumbled up nonsense.

Most of the time, though, we tend to overlook the main issue.

We think if we ONLY had the words, it would be easy.

But when it comes to human communication, words are just the icing on the cake.

How we express those ideas inside our heads takes a LOT MORE than just words.

And most of the time, the words themselves are not the most important part.

Meaning if you have an “understandable enough” set of words, but the underlying energy is positive, attractive and charismatic, you’re good to go.

You might even consider that the feeling of “not having the right words” to be an EFFECT rather than a cause.

Consider that the cause might be the not having the right “frame” to speak from.

As humans tend to do, we often misunderstand the relationship between cause and effect.

It’s easy to get them backward.

But here’s the cool part.

If you take the time to build up the “frame” (which contains all the positive attractive energy) the words can take care of themselves.

Even better, when you combine the right “frame” WITH the right words, you can be unstoppable.

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Stop Manipulation

Defend Your Boundaries

How To Really Really Like Yourself

Energy is a strange concept.

Even when talking about energy from a pure physics standpoint, it’s hard to wrap our minds around.

We can’t really EVER experience PURE energy.

Even though energy and matter are the same.

That’s what Einstein’s famous equation (E=mc^2) says.

Energy EQUALS Matter (times a pure number, the speed of light squared).

But every single experience we have of “energy” is really “energy” AND matter.

Even electricity is the movement of electrons, which are particles.

And those particles have mass.

But when talking about us humans, with respect to energy, what do we really mean?

If you say somebody has “positive energy” what does that mean?

It generally means the sum total of all their subconscious body language movements.

How they walk, how they talk, the tone of their voice. How slowly or quickly they speak, etc.

You could also say the same about somebody who has “negative” energy.

Maybe they are angry, frustrated, fists clenched, teeth gritted, looking around for a fight.

Sociologists who study criminals tell us that when criminals are out looking for victims, they look for people who radiate “victim energy.”

People that look down when they walk, have their shoulders slumped over, rarely make eye contact with anybody.

They KNOW that if they rob these “victim energy” people, they will get away pretty easily.

Unfortunately, a LOT of people operate this way.

Not just pick-pockets and purse snatchers.

It’s believed that one out of every twenty five people is a clinical SOCIOPATH.

And these people have a sixth sense for those of us who are EASY to take advantage off.

It gets worse.

Even people that wouldn’t be considered sociopaths tend to know WHEN they can take advantage of others.

Even those close to us.

They get to know our buttons, and they learn how to push them.

It makes us emotionally weak, and allows them to get what THEY want a lot easier.

Even if you weren’t being taken advantage of, radiating this kind of energy (the easy to be manipulated kind) is NOT attractive in the least.

What IS the most attractive kind of “energy?”

Comfortable in your own skin.

Somebody that ENJOYS who they are.

If YOU like YOU the world will too.

But if you DON’T like YOU, the world can be a dangerous place.

Luckily it’s MUCH EASIER than most people realize to switch into the “I like me” energy, which radiates confidence and attractiveness.

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Stop Manipulation

Hot Buttered Popcorn

Hot Buttered Popcorn!

The first job I had selling anything was in elementary school.

Me and my buddy volunteered to sell popsicles at lunch.

It was a lot easier than I’d expected.

Selling stuff people want to buy is pretty fun.

Everybody’s generally in a good mood.

When I was in HS I worked at a movie theater.

That was also fun.

Especially when they tried and “experimental” sales method.

I was eager to try it out.

Instead of sitting there passively behind the snack counter waiting for customers, they wanted me to load up a cart of stuff and walk into the theaters.

The girl doing it hated it.

Nobody would buy anything.

But she was just standing there, waiting for people to come up.

I tried a different method.

I would push the cart up and down the aisles, yelling out whatever goofy sales pitches I could think of.

At first it was pretty embarrassing.

But pretty soon people started buying stuff.

Soon, I was sold out.

It happened over and over.

Even the people that didn’t buy stuff were entertained. Some high school kid making up lame sales pitches, yelling them out as he walked up and down the aisles.

Of course, there are many ways to sell things.

And few things are as enjoyable to purchase as popcorn on movie night.

At least, that’s now how they seem at first.

Some things we buy because we have to.

But even those purchases can be turned into something exciting.


All sales (and all decisions for that matter) happen when we WANT to do something more than we WANT to NOT do something.

It’s really a matter of “either-or” at the end.

But the cool thing is there are many ways to attach things they are already excited about to whatever you want them to do.

Buy something, or give you their phone number or go somewhere with you.

All you need to do is build their general desire, and then attach that general desire to whatever you’re suggesting.

A few simple language patterns, and some spatial anchoring, you can connect any feeling to any decision.

Not only will they love doing what you suggest, but it will be a lot of fun.

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Hypnotic Sales

Believe In Yourself

Who Leads Your Life?

Back in the 1800’s a couple of genius scientists made a prediction.

Their prediction was that “science” had already more or less discovered everything.

Lucky for us, they were wrong.

This is pretty common.

Before they invented railroads, most “experts” scoffed at the idea that people could travel long distances in a short time.

Even physical accomplishments, like the four minute mile were thought to be impossible.

Until Roger Bannister ran a mile in under four minutes.

Once he showed it was possible, suddenly everybody could do it.

Well, not “everybody” but you get the idea.

But the question is, why did those folks who ran a sub-four minute mile AFTER Bannister did it need to wait?

Why did they did to SEE it to BELIEVE it?

Bannister did the opposite.

He BELIEVED it first, then he achieved it.

One way is easy.

That’s the way most people live their lives.

They won’t believe ANYTHING unless they see proof.

But here’s the thing.

If you wait for PROOF that something is “possible” (or safe or whatever else you want proof of) then EVERYBODY will have that same proof.

And since MOST people will wait for PROOF, that means MOST people will only be able to do what all the other “most people” do.

And if you can ONLY do what “most people” can do, then you’ll GET the same thing that most people get.

Which, by definition, is average.


Bannister didn’t want average.

Neither did all of the scientists and entrepreneurs who kept inventing stuff even though the “experts” said everything had already been invented.

Doing that takes courage.

Doing that takes belief in YOURSELF.

Doing that requires you are capable of moving forward into uncertainty, without somebody holding your hand and showing the way.

It requires you LEAD. Not necessarily others, but your own life.

Funny thing is, even if you don’t WANT to lead others, if you lead yourself, plenty of people will follow.

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Entrepreneurial Mind


Is Your Compass Broken?

When I was in Boy Scouts, we had to do a lot of merit badges.

One of the cool ones was compass reading.

Me and a buddy did it when we were camping in the desert.

For part of the exercise, we had to follow a long set of instructions, each of which involved going a certain distance in a certain direction.

It had been set up before, and if we followed the instructions correctly, we would get to the right point eventually.

After five or six turns, and walking carefully, we eventually found the “prize” and got our badge.

Many things that seem mysterious can be explained by science.

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart may be one of these.

A seasoned flier, (first woman to fly across the pacific) one day she just vanished.

One theory is that if her directional compass was only off by a small percent, that would mean missing a crucial refueling point.

Maybe believe she ran out of gas and crashed into the ocean.

An unfortunate example of what happens if you go off course just a little bit.

Most people, though, don’t really have a course.

Imagine if you got on a plane, and all the pilot did was look out the window and hope he recognized certain mountains to find his way.

This may work if you were flying small planes of familiar territory, but if you were flying across the ocean, it would be very foolish.

Sadly, most people live their lives like this.

Not only do they NOT have direction, but they don’t really have a system in place to measure their progress.

It would be like me and my buddy trying to get our merit badge by walking in random directions for random lengths and hoping we’d get something at the end.

Even during the gold rush, people knew they had to keep going west, toward the rising sun.

What about you?

Do you know which direction your life is going?

Do you have a feedback system in place, to measure your progress, and to tell if you are off course or on course?

Even if you don’t, all you’ve got to do is get started.

As you make forward progress, you’ll learn valuable information that will let you know.

And you’ll also learn what skills you might need to keep going forward a lot faster.

The more skills you pick up along the way, the more directions you’ll find that will help you become successful.

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Develop Massive Female Confidence

All Girls Want You

Most guys think that walking up and number closing hundreds of girls will build up their confidence.

It can, but it requires CONSTANT motivation.

Meaning if you stop doing it for a week, it will seem incredibly hard to get started again.

But think of it from another perspective.

Our brains tend to generalize, delete, and distort.

Meaning our brains are incredibly fast, but not very accurate.

So whenever we see a new situation, our brains automatically reference our memories to get an idea of how to feel about it.

Let’s say you are trying the cold approach method of increasing confidence.

Every time you go to approach a new girl, you are going to automatically remember the last couple hundred girls you approached.

And you’ll do so within a few milliseconds. (Fast but inaccurate).

And then your brain will come back with a “feeling” indicating whether it (your brain) thinks it’s “safe” or not.

And what was the result of the last couple hundred cold approaches?

Even the best cold approachers have about an eighty percent FAILURE rate.

So the “feeling” you get back is going to say “DANGER!”

Every. Single. Time.

This is precisely you need so much motivation.

Luckily, this isn’t the ONLY way to build confidence.

Consider the “hit and run” approach.

This also requires that you interact with girls, either verbally or non verbally.

But you ONLY do so until you get a POSITIVE response from her.


It’s important you eject RIGHT WHEN you get any kind of positive signal from her.

This seems counterintuitive and a bit silly.

But consider how you’ll feel after doing this with a few dozen girls.

Your brain will still rapidly scan your past (fast and inaccurate).

But instead of coming back with a feeling that says, “girls mostly reject you, be careful,” it will come back with a MUCH BETTER FEELING.

One that is more like:

“All girls like you.”

Instead of needing momentum, to continually push past the fear of rejection, you’ll feel the positive force of “all girls like you” pulling you forward.

The crucial rule to follow is ALWAYS EJECT as soon as you get a positive “ping” from her.

Start with eye contact, move up to smiles, and then SHORT conversations.

As you as you get her laughing and smiling, BEFORE you number close, LEAVE.

This will create a fantastic feeling of “All girls want me!”

And when you get to THAT level, the world will be your playground.

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Radiate Powerful Energy

How To Radiate Attractive Energy

The human brain is pretty big.

Compared to other mammals, our brain is much bigger, as a percentage of body size.

And it’s much bigger as a percentage of energy used.

So to save energy, Mother Nature has invented a bunch of shortcuts.

If we had to figure stuff out from scratch every single time, we wouldn’t have survived.

In the old days, people that could think and react quickly tended to last much longer than those who sat around contemplating things.

One of these ways is how we judge other people.

Just think if it took you a week to get to know somebody, and THEN you got an “impression” of them.

That would be an extremely ineffective way to meet people.

Instead, we’ve developed a way to get a “first impression” in a matter of seconds.

Before we even talk to somebody.

You’re not going to like this idea, but here it is.

That girl you’re flirting with from across the bar may have a certain impression when you’re way over there, surrounded by your buddies.

You’re laughing and confident and laid back.

But when you approach, you suddenly become nervous and anxious.

The closer you get to her, the more she (subconsciously) CHANGES her “impression” of you.

And if you’re like most guys, by the time you get there, you (in her eyes) are much less attractive than you were a few minutes ago.

How to conquer this common problem?

By training your mind how to think about her, how to think about approaching and how to think about girls in general.

With the right mindset, you’ll ALWAYS be demonstrating behavior that is insanely attractive to most girls.
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Keep Your Edge For Eternal Attraction

How To Keep A Girl Interested

From a logical standpoint, modern relationships don’t make much sense.

Especially when you hear the same story over and over.

Guy attracts girl. Girl chases guy. Girl tries and succeeds at taming and domesticating guy.

Girl loses interest in guy and finds another guy.

None of these are conscious. A woman would have to be a horrible sociopath to set out to marry a guy just to divorce and ruin him.

In the beginning, she really DOES mean, “till death do us part.”

But in her mind, she subconsciously translates that to “as long as you stay the same, till death do us part.”

Unfortunately, a lot of guys have the habit of losing their edge once they get into a relationship.

Which makes them less attractive.

How can you avoid this?

Don’t lose your edge!

Create the mindset that says it’s the woman’s job to keep YOU in the relationship, not the other way around.

Just holding this mindset will keep you INSANELY attractive to all women.

It’s that ancient caveman desire all girls subconsciously crave.

The ancient hunter gather that is never tied down, because he CAN’T be tied down.

He’s always out looking for the big kill.

If you don’t have any huge goals, get some.

And build them big enough so you’ll not only be chasing them your whole life (as they keep getting bigger and bigger) but that they are ALWAYS bigger and more important than any relationship.

That way, all girls will chase you, and you can choose the best.

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Get Them Competing For You

Get Girls Competing For You

Why do girls flake?

The biggest reason is that they have low interest.

As much as guys like to think otherwise, the way a girl behaves around you is HIGHLY DEPENDENT on her interest level in you.

Compare how she behaves around a good looking, tall, athletic rich guy, compared to some homeless guy.

(Don’t worry, you don’t need to be tall, good looking, athletic or rich).

They say you can judge people by how they treat the “help.”

Meaning how well they treat people they DON’T need to be nice to.

But even then that’s not a great gauge.

There’s polite behavior, and there’s behavior that’s driven by attraction and desire.

And if a girl has attraction and desire for you, she’ll behave VERY WELL.

Meaning she won’t flake, she won’t be late, she won’t stare at her phone when she’s with you.

She (the very same girl) will do ALL these things with a guy she has little or no interest in.

The way most guys go about doing this is backwards.

They walk up to dozens of girls, get a bunch of numbers, and hope that eventually one of them will have “high interest.”

This strategy DOES work. Because there ARE plenty of girls out there that WILL have high interest in you naturally.

But finding them can be a real chore. Even if one out of ten girls will really like you the way you are, going through nine rejections is pretty tough.

A much better strategy is to slowly change how you naturally are. Change your outlook, change the way you view the world and your place in it.

If you do that, then you’ll slowly increase the percentage of girls who like the NATURAL YOU.

And once you cross a specific tipping point, THEY will compete for YOU.

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Massive Self Confidence

How To Get Six Pack Confidence

There’s always been a debate about what makes up our “humanness.”

We know we are “animals” like all of other “animals.”

We share internal organs, brain, blood, bones, skin, etc.

But why are humans SO much different?

One thing is that we are self-aware.

Another is that we can speak.

Another, more important thing, is we can learn.

Not just simple things, like fetching a ball or simple sign language.

But complex things like the mathematics to describe space travel.

Science to understand medicine, so one “brain” can operate on another “brain.”

We also have a lot of instincts.

We are naturally frightened of certain things, and we are naturally drawn to certain things.

When you smell a particular odor, you don’t need to “think” how to respond.

It happens automatically.

Athletes have known for centuries that you can “train” in new “instincts.”

This is the whole gimmick behind both “Karate Kid” movies.

Wax on, wax off, until it’s programmed into the muscle memory.

Some things, we learn once, and that’s it.

Once you learn how to ride a bike, or how to tie your shoes, you’ll never need to “re-learn.”

But other things, usually things that involve interacting with other people, aren’t like that.

These are kind of like endurance.

If you started jogging every day, it might take a while before you could run 10K in less than 45 minutes.

And you’d have to KEEP jogging every day to maintain that level of endurance.

Nobody thinks, before they start any physical training program, that they will get to a level where it will become “permanent” and they can STOP exercising.

If you want to get a six pack, it’s going to take effort to GET IT, and it’s going to take effort to MAINTAIN IT.

Social confidence is the same thing. It’s not “set and forget” like riding a bike.

It’s not a certain technique that you “learn how” to do.

There ARE techniques that ARE simple to learn, but they require a certain level of social confidence to do.

For example, it’s pretty simple to learn how to use your gestures effectively, to communicate on a subconscious level.

To get whoever is listening to you (individual or group) to take a certain action.

But in order to be able to DO that certain technique, you’ve got to have a base level of social confidence.

Luckily, there are plenty of exercises that will let you GET that much social confidence, and KEEP it when you get there.

Just like a six pack or a sub-45 minute 10K.
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