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Resistance Is Futile

Resistance is Futile


​I have a friend who is holds an advanced black belt in Aikido.

This is not really a “hard” martial art, but it’s not exactly soft either.

He described it to me as managing energy flow, rather than throwing or blocking punches.

Which means you need to understand energy flow in the first place.

He told me that people who study other traditional “fighting” martial arts like Karate, learn how to avoid a fight. 

By always being confident and assure of your ability to defend yourself, you’ll never really reach that “fight or flight” point, therefore, you’ll avoid fights.

But he said that Aikido will allow you to leave a location BEFORE even the idea of a fight pops up.

Like if you were in a bar and the “energy level” started to disintegrate, you’d sense it and leave.

Then maybe twenty or thirty minutes later a fight would break out.

It was also interesting how he described the first full YEAR of training.

Nothing esoteric like in the movies where they blind fold you and throw ping pong balls at you, or have you sit and try and hit you in the head with a broom stick and you grab it from behind. 

These are great party tricks, and if you’re attending some kind of seminar, their good ways to make you feel you’ve got your money’s worth.

But in real life, they’re not so useful.

Anyhow, my friend said the first year of training was spent rolling.

Rolling around on the mats.

Rolling away from punches, and then rolling on the mats.

Not plopping down and springing back up like Jason Bourne.

Accepting whatever energy comes at you, and simply rolling with it.

Not fighting it, or changing it.

Rolling with it.

Only AFTER mastering the art of rolling with the energy that reality is ALWAYS throwing your way, do you learn to work WITH it. Never against it.

What does this mean to you?

Well, within the Borg collective, there is wisdom:

Resistance is Futile.

Meaning if you resist what the world throws at you, you’ll get slammed.

If you ignore what the world throws at you, you’ll get slammed.

But when you first ACCEPT everything that happens, and learn to ROLL with what happens, then you can move on to the next step.

Using the energy of the world, channeling it. Bending it like a prism bends light rays.

Never stopping it, or ignoring it, or wishing somebody else would take it away.

Of course, the strongest energy is ALWAYS coming from within.

Most people don’t realize this, let alone accept it, or even begin to think about using it.

But when you do, magnificent things will occur.

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How To Remove Internal Blocks

Dissolve Internal Blocks

If you’re ever having a difficult discussion with a significant other, here’s a trick that will help.

When speaking, face each other sitting down, feet flat on the floor, legs uncrossed, and palms face down on your legs.

This keeps the subconscious lines of communication open.

If you want to see who’s “in sync” and who isn’t, take a look at couples next time you’re at a restaurant or coffee shop. People with open and matching body language are usually pretty into each other.

Regardless of what of hypnosis or meditation you practice, or would like to practice, being relaxed is a crucial component.

Simply slowing your breathing will lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Do this long enough and your brainwaves will slowly drift down from beta into alpha. If you are really advanced, you can get your brainwaves down into theta without the assistance of any binaural sounds.

One of the most overlooked aspect of manifesting is physical health. If you’ve got a lot of stress, you won’t manifest much.

Stress weakens your immune system, tenses your muscles, and closes off your vision. This is made more difficult by wanting something on one level, but being scared of getting it on another level. This inner conflict will create tension, which will actually push away that which you desire.

Doing some daily breathing exercises, yoga, stretching, or anything consciously aimed at reducing stress will make everything easier.

If you practice releasing stress with breathing, for example, you’ll be able to do it anywhere.

Instead of letting it bottle up all day, you can let it pass right through.

No matter what you’re building in your life, building your own body, through directed exercise, is a powerful motivator.

It sends a strong message to your subconscious that you’re serious. It lowers your stress, increasing your immune system and giving you all kinds of other health benefits.

It will leave your muscles more relaxed during the day, giving you more freedom to see all those opportunities around you.

Doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just do something. Even leaning over and grabbing your toes for a couple minutes right after your alarm clock goes off.

When you treat your body with respect, wonderful things start to happen.

How To Uncover Hidden Roadblocks

Release Internal Resistance

Release Internal Resistance

Most people have heard about that Harvard “Goal” study.

Or maybe it was Princeton? Who knows.

Anyhow, the story goes that they did some kind of study on one graduating class. They checked to see which of them had written goals, and which of the didn’t.

Then they checked later on, like twenty years later on, and were surprised.

They figured the people who had written down their goals would be more successful, but they were shocked to find out how much.

Turns out that small group of folks who had written goals upon graduation (about 5%) made more money than everybody else combined.

Now, at first it seems like all we’ve got to do is write down what we want, and like magic it shows up!

But it can be one of those chicken and egg questions.

Did those people make all that money because they wrote down their goals, or was there something else?

Maybe they had some quality that compelled them to not only write their goals, but achieve them.

Maybe writing down their goals was not a  cause, but merely one small piece of evidence of their internal drive to achieve.

Of course, because you’re reading this now, YOU also have that deep drive to achieve. Otherwise you’d be spending your time following the latest twitter trend, or wondering how long the sale is going on down at the mall.

One thing that’s not taught in almost every “goal setting” course or even workshop is how to maintain present positives.

This is the one hidden roadblock that keeps MANY of us from achieving our goals.

For example, many people would LOVE to lose weight, but somehow can’t. The reason is there are some benefits that we are usually not aware of that we simply aren’t ready to give up.

And this goes beyond the wonderful sensation of letting that chocolate ice cream melt in your  mouth!

Eating reduces stress, being heavier than you would like can give you a ready excuse to not get out there and mingle, or any other kinds of reasons.

These are just examples of course, but many things we THINK we’d like, there’s part of us that is not really willing to move forward.

Unless we address THAT part of us, we’ll stay stuck. We can either charge through with super human will power and determination (like those dudes from Harvard), or we can do it the easy way.

Just figure out we want to keep, and make sure we keep it AFTER we get what we want.

Once you figure this out, it’s pretty easy. Goal setting isn’t boring, isn’t scary, and once you realize that you really CAN get anything, it’s pretty exciting.

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