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Rear Window Theory

How To Obliterate Inhibitions

I used to watch a lot of “The Simpsons.”

There was one episode where Bart had a broken leg. He was stuck in his bedroom.

It was a riff on “Rear Window” by Hitchcock.

One scene, he had to race downstairs to save somebody from being murdered. But he had a cast.

So he had to limp. And every step he took, his cast got caught up on something.

Trash can. Electrical cord. Cat.

So each time he went slower and slower.

Most people are like that.

When you’re young, you’re a fearless genius with nothing but potential.

But as you move through life, you pick up all kinds of junk.

Most of them in them in the form of beliefs that just aren’t true.

Despite KNOWING they aren’t true, they still hold us back.

Sure, you KNOW there’s nothing rational to be worried about when you think about starting a conversation with strangers.

(Or asking somebody out or speaking more spontaneously or expressing your insight).

But it just “feels” like something is holding you back.

Or like there’s some kind of thick invisible sludge between where you are and where you want to be.

This is how beliefs work.

They make it HARD to take action, even though the action itself is simple.

Somewhere in your brain there’s an electrical signal KEEPING YOU from doing what you want.

Because a long time ago, you “learned” that it was dangerous.

However, in reality, it was only THAT SITUATION that was dangerous.

And it wasn’t dangerous, it was only perceived as dangerous.

By your young and inexperienced mind.

Because your brain is a super-genius generalizer, your young brain came to the decision that not only was that ORIGINAL situation dangerous, but ALL SIMILAR situations are dangerous as well.

Kind of like when you learn to drive one car, you can pretty much drive all cars.

But here’s the good news.

All you’ve got to do is go back in time, (mentally) and RE-WRITE that original event.

Just change how you perceived it.

That will have a cascading effect on ALL SIMILAR EVENTS.

So doing that “thing” will suddenly become easy and natural.

Whatever you want will become easy and natural.

Making money, talking to attractive people, expressing yourself with confidence and charisma.

Since all those beliefs exist only in your head, YOU are the one most capable of doing that.

There are many ways to do that.

Mental visualization drills, journaling exercises, hypnosis sessions.

All designed to go back into your past, and REMOVE your inhibitions at the root.

Giving YOU the freedom to live your life the way you want.

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Boolean Dream Generator

How To Overcome All Obstacles

Overcome All Obstacles

When I was in college, I had to take a course in electronics.

One of the thing we studied was Boolean Algebra. I was basically the logic of electronics.

If you had two wires going into a switch, the current in each of the wire would determine the output. Since these were digital circuits, the current was either “on” or “off.”

If they were both off, it meant one thing. If they were both on, it meant something else. If one was on and one was off, it meant something else.

All digital circuits are built like this. This is how you can take binary numbers (only 0’s and 1’s) and create a huge picture on your screen with all kinds of colors, or rich sounding symphonies, or beautiful motion pictures. 

They say our brains are like that. A whole collection of circuits, switches, and relays.

Maybe, maybe not, but it’s good way to think about things.

Napoleon Hill talks about a “Burning Desire.” Meaning if you have a desire big enough, you can get anything.

Why is this?

Consider all the obstacles you’ll come up against. The bigger your dream, the more obstacles you’ll likely face.

However, so long as your “burning desire” is STRONGER than any one of those obstacles, they will be easy.

If you only have a “so-so” desire, (or like most people have, a wish) then those obstacles will stop you dead in your tracks.

This is why people with only weak wishes seem to always wonder why life is so difficult or unfair.

And those with MASSIVE burning desires wonder why others haven’t discovered how easy it is.

How do you build a burning desire?

Visualizing is one way. But again, most people don’t do this nearly enough. They think about their desire maybe once or twice a day, and then think they’re done.

They speak of putting their intention “out there” somewhere, and expect the magic wish fairy to give them their dreams. All wrapped up in a nice box, with their name on it.

But if you spent some time, every single day, for twenty or thirty minutes, visualizing your desire with all your might, with the strongest emotions you can muster, something would happen.

No, your dream wouldn’t suddenly poof into existence right in front of you.

But your motivation would SOAR. Suddenly all those obstacles that were stopping you before would seem like NOTHING.

The path to your dreams would seem easy. Mechanical. You’d wonder why others don’t see how easy it is.

Sure, you’d still have to get out there and interact with the world, maybe for a while.

But it wouldn’t be hard. It wouldn’t be scary. It would be fun. Exciting.

Blast Open Your Light

Obstacles Are Necessary

Obstacles Are Necessary

Few things are ever a straight line.

I used to go backpacking with a buddy of mine.

When you’re backpacking, you are a few days away from any kind of civilization, on foot at least.

This makes for some REALLY nice undisturbed scenery. But sometimes you’ve got to hike over some HUGE mountains to get there.

For every three or four miles through a gorgeous meadow with all kinds of flowers, lazy rivers, etc, you’ve got hoof it up some pretty steep hills.

The worst are switchbacks. The hill is too steep to walk straight up, so you’ve got to go on these really LONG back and forth trails that slowly go up to the top.

Usually to a pass, which is in between two high mountain peaks.

Some of these look REALLY intimidating from a couple miles out.

I remember one in particular. We were walking on a relatively flat surface, but it was clear that we’d be going up soon.

Couple miles ahead of us was this HUGE mountain range. And I couldn’t see ANY way over it.

But the closer we’d got, the more I started to see a brief outline of a very thin trail criss-crossing up the face.

And sure enough, when we started going up, it wasn’t that bad.

Now, had I not had any experiencing hiking up switchbacks, I could have easily looked at that seemingly insurmountable mountain range and thought, “No. Way.”

And turned around.

Luckily, PLENTY of people had gone before. Not only was their a trail (obviously) but we had a guidebook that explained exactly what to expect.

If we were some kind of settlers or immigrants, we may have given up.

A lot of things can seem IMPOSSIBLE when we first look at them. Especially when we’ve never done anything like it before.

Most of the time there’s no trail, and we don’t any guidebook telling us what to expect.

Well, that’s not really true.

The secret of all human development, creativity and inventions is the same, from a structural standpoint.

Keep trying things until you find out what works. Then do more of that.

So long as you go slow, and measure ALL your feedback, you simply CAN NOT fail.

(Unlike when you’re hiking, and making a mistake can send you off a cliff!)

The truth is that ALL HUMANS come pre-programmed to move forward into uncertainty.

Even something as simple a reaching for a light switch in the dark. You have a clear goal, and you take action.

Sure, you don’t hit the switch the first time, but you keep fumbling around until you do.

Now, it may seem like a stretch, but if you can turn on a light in the dark, you can do anything.


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How To Uncover Hidden Roadblocks

Release Internal Resistance

Release Internal Resistance

Most people have heard about that Harvard “Goal” study.

Or maybe it was Princeton? Who knows.

Anyhow, the story goes that they did some kind of study on one graduating class. They checked to see which of them had written goals, and which of the didn’t.

Then they checked later on, like twenty years later on, and were surprised.

They figured the people who had written down their goals would be more successful, but they were shocked to find out how much.

Turns out that small group of folks who had written goals upon graduation (about 5%) made more money than everybody else combined.

Now, at first it seems like all we’ve got to do is write down what we want, and like magic it shows up!

But it can be one of those chicken and egg questions.

Did those people make all that money because they wrote down their goals, or was there something else?

Maybe they had some quality that compelled them to not only write their goals, but achieve them.

Maybe writing down their goals was not a  cause, but merely one small piece of evidence of their internal drive to achieve.

Of course, because you’re reading this now, YOU also have that deep drive to achieve. Otherwise you’d be spending your time following the latest twitter trend, or wondering how long the sale is going on down at the mall.

One thing that’s not taught in almost every “goal setting” course or even workshop is how to maintain present positives.

This is the one hidden roadblock that keeps MANY of us from achieving our goals.

For example, many people would LOVE to lose weight, but somehow can’t. The reason is there are some benefits that we are usually not aware of that we simply aren’t ready to give up.

And this goes beyond the wonderful sensation of letting that chocolate ice cream melt in your  mouth!

Eating reduces stress, being heavier than you would like can give you a ready excuse to not get out there and mingle, or any other kinds of reasons.

These are just examples of course, but many things we THINK we’d like, there’s part of us that is not really willing to move forward.

Unless we address THAT part of us, we’ll stay stuck. We can either charge through with super human will power and determination (like those dudes from Harvard), or we can do it the easy way.

Just figure out we want to keep, and make sure we keep it AFTER we get what we want.

Once you figure this out, it’s pretty easy. Goal setting isn’t boring, isn’t scary, and once you realize that you really CAN get anything, it’s pretty exciting.

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