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How To Maximize Your Travels

The Road and the Inn Are Both Essential

The Road Is Essential

When I was a kid I loved building things.

Well, not really. I love nailing boards together. I ended up with a bunch of weird looking shapes that didn’t do much.

Once I got the bright idea to make a HUGE kite, so I found the biggest boards in the garage.

I nailed them together in a big cross (bigger than me) and found an old bed sheet, and nailed it to the boards.

Then I got some string and tried to fly it. My brother looked at me on the way to the park, and did the classic facepalm.

Building it was fun, but flying it was another story.

Long time ago I had a situation where I had long spans of time with nothing to do. This was back in the day before MP3s became popular. I had a regular tape player in my car. I would go to this store that rented books on tape. 

Great for learning.

I’d rent these self-help tapes, and just listen to them as I drove around. Sometimes while walking around.

I’d tried a couple of times to listen while sitting and taking notes, but it just didn’t work. My mind would wander too much.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “The Road is better than the Inn,” right?

Well sometimes you don’t even need an Inn! Just a decent road and something to do along the way.

Only if you live your life like that, you might not end up anywhere good.

See, the problem with not having an end is you end up just running around in circles.

Which is fine, if you’re just killing time or having fun nailing stuff together.

But the real progress comes in the unexpected places when you HAVE a destination.

Especially if it’s a BIG goal, that’s a LONG way off.

If you’ve got kids, or if you remember being a kid, going on a road trip was half the fun. Staying at the cheap motels, eating in the crap diners. 

Sure, you had fun at the destination, but you were expecting that.

It’s those unexpected stops along the way that make those moments you’ll remember forever.

Where are you going in your life? Have you chosen your destination yet?

Is it BIG enough?

Does it make your eyes go wide with anticipation? Does it cause you to stop and daydream about it when you’re sitting in traffic?

It should.

Once you’ve chosen, then get moving.

These will help: