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Break All The Rules

Have Fun Trying New Things

Have Fun Winging It

Most everything can be thought of as being along some kind of continuum.

Taking cooking for example. I’ve taken a total of two cooking classes in my life. Both were on opposite ends.

One was taught by a lady who was very STRICT. Exactly one cup of this. Precisely sixteen grams of that. Cook on medium heat for only 40 seconds. No more, no less.

The second class was the opposite. A handful of this, a dash of that, cook on regular heat for a bit, and Bob’s your uncle. 

Another example is how people travel. On the one side, there’s those that are super control freaks. Everything has to be planned down to the last minute. Every ticket must be purchased ahead of time. Every hotel room is booked, every restaurant is chosen.

On the other side, you’ve got goofs like me. I’ve traveled a lot, and I book my plane ticket, and the first night in a hotel. After that, I wing it.

Often times, I’ve been in some bar, struggling through my basic understanding of the local language, and asking people what’s good to see. 

Of course, this gets me in trouble sometimes. I’m a sore thumb for scammers. Once I thought I was on my way to see some ancient relic, and I ended up in some back ally with some lady showing me a flier for hookers!

Another time I actually saw some pretty cool stuff, but ended up at an underground jewelry shop filled with fake goods.

When you plan everything, you don’t get conned. But you often don’t have much fun either.

The trick is to find a balance. Plan a little bit, and leave plenty of room for spontaneity. And have enough faith in yourself to avoid trouble as it comes up. As it will ALWAYS come up. In fact, if you DON’T run into trouble from time to time, you’re probably not doing it right!

Many people describe life as a journey. A visit through this planet. Maybe we only get one pass through, maybe a million. Who knows.

Maybe each pass through is a chance to do better than we did last time.

Maybe this is our ONLY shot. Either way, don’t you owe it to yourself to make the most of it?

You were given GREAT gifts. Are you using them? Have you even discovered them?

It’s easy to be scared, and stay safe. Secure in your bubble of comfort. 

But there’s no fun in that.

Open your mind. Expand your skills. Get on those side streets and explore.

Awaken Your Natural Learner

Strengthen Your Roots

Your Inner Genius Is Waiting

Learning is something that humans are pretty much born to do.

According to evolutionary biologists, long, long ago, something interesting happened.

Our brains kept getting bigger and bigger. Pretty soon, they got so big (compared to our body) that it became impossible for humans to be born fully formed.

Otherwise, we would have lost our ability to walk, since female hips (which means men’s as well) would had to have been HUGE.

So Mother Nature decided to do something different, since walking was pretty important to us.

We were born WAY LESS than fully formed.

Compared to all other mammals, humans spend WAY MORE time as kids and adolescents.

All other mammals are born, and quickly become full adults.

All other mammals are born with all kinds of instincts. 

Humans, on the other hand are born with tons of instincts as well. But we also have INFINITE learning capacity.

Now, some people say learning shuts off when we get to a certain age, but that’s simply not true.

What DOES happen is we move outside of our family into a different environment. We go from a loving, supportive family where learning is our ONLY goal, to a group of people we’re not related to.

Then learning takes a back seat to discipline, obedience, not rocking the boat, etc.

But that natural learner is still within you. Your brain didn’t suddenly reorganize its structure when you turned seven.

You left a supportive, everything-taken-care-of environment, where learning was safe, natural and supported.

You entered an environment that was sometimes hostile to learning.

Problem is, that since that was officially labeled as a “learning” environment, that’s where we draw our experiences and feelings from whenever the topic of learning comes up.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can learn anything you want. All you need to do is re-create that supportive environment.

And as an adult, you can create it yourself.

How do you do that?

Relax, and release fear. Accept that you are OK. Accept that mistakes are natural and normal and NECESSARY for learning. Have fun. 

Get in touch with your higher self, the higher self that KNOWS everything is going to be OK.

You can do this when meditating on your Root Chakra.

When it’s closed off, the world can be a scary place. You feel fear, anxiety, worry. Money problems, shelter problems. The problems Napoleon Hill referred to in “Think and Grow Rich” as the big killers of wealth.

But when your Root Chakra is open, you’ll feel safe. Easy. Relaxed,

Back to your natural self. The part of you that wants to continue to explore the world, and learn.

This will help:

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