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Imaginary Friends

How To Hallucinate Your Own Coach

Having a coach is a good idea for many reasons.

Sports, music, seduction, self-development, pretty much anything.

If anything to keep you honest. If you know you’re going to having somebody checking your work, on a regular basis, you’ll be much more likely to do it than if you’re on your own.

Even before traditional education was invented, you had to be an apprentice for a while before you were trusted.

Essentially, you had to work under a “coach” who would watch you, guide you, encourage you, and make sure you knew your stuff.

Your success was just as important to him or her, as is to you.

Even today doctors have to go through the same process.

But what happens if you don’t have the time or money for a coach?

You can make up your own.

It’s pretty cool trick that’s been used by a lot of people.

But since it’s pretty “weird” most people don’t really advertise it.

First thing is to figure out what you want to do.

Speak in public, be more outgoing, be more persuasive, play an instrument, anything.

Then choose a REAL PERSON who is a EXPERT in that field.

They can be living or dead, somebody you’ve met or somebody you’ve only read about.

Then you start to develop a “relationship” with this imaginary person.

Get to know their “personality.”

Then when you practice whatever it is you want to practice, imagine they are there helping you.

This will take a while before it feels real.

It’s a skill to imagine somebody’s there when they’re not, so give it some time.

But you’ll find it’s a lot easier than going alone.

If you REALLY want to kick your progress into high gear, you can “channel” them when you do daily journaling.

At the end of the day, just write down a few things you did to get closer to your goal or whatever skill you’re practicing.

Then give yourself an honest “evaluation” with good points and bad points. Only when you write the “evaluation” part, imagine that you’ve given THEM (your imaginary coach) control of your mind and hands as you journal.

Then allow “them” to give you homework assignments for the next day.

A short, easy to stick to, “to do” list.

This is DEFINITLY weird, so be careful who you share this with.

But is very useful. It’s really “you” talking to “you” anyway. Or your “higher self” talking to your “normal self.’

That way, you’ll never feel alone, and you’ll always feel encouraged.

A great way to learn some new skills.

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What Are You Afraid Of?

Break False Fears

Destroy False Enemies

​There’s a pretty cool movie called “Coach Carter.”

It’s based on a true story of a guy who took over a high school basketball program, and turned a bunch of failing hooligans into a group of self respecting young men.

When they would practice, usually doing drills, he would lean in close and ask, “What is your greatest fear?”

The idea being that if they could confront their greatest fear, they could do anything.

I watched a documentary on the life of Bruce Lee, and in it he kept having this dream of some dragon that he needed to fight.

He couldn’t accomplish his life’s purpose until he fought this metaphorical dragon.

All the classic stories and myths since the dawn of language involves some kind of conflict.

Man vs. Man.

Man vs. Nature.

Man vs. Himself.

All of these are stories to help US go inside and face OUR biggest fears.

Because until you DO face your biggest fear, it’s got a funny way of popping up everywhere.

Back when I was in sales and starting to learn all about NLP, I did an interesting exercise.

I practiced, alone, with some of my most feared sales objections, from the scariest people, according to my own imagination.

I would practice, out loud, overcoming my biggest, scariest objections.

Once I did that, they stopped coming in the real world.

Fear has a way of doing that.

Even if you don’t acknowledge you’ve got any fear, it’s still there.

And it will keep popping up, everywhere you look.

Only because you don’t look inside to confront it, it SEEMS like the “world” is against you.

But that’s really just a projection.

A quick subconscious Jedi mind trick you play on yourself to “protect” your ego.

It’s safe to blame the world.

It’s easy to pretend it’s not your fault.

It’s TERRIFYING to admit that you’ve some unresolved issues.

It’s even MORE TERRIFYING to confront them.

But as Yoda would say, “Confront them you must.”


There are many ways.

Actually going out and facing them, again and again.

Practice facing them in your imagination, until you’re ready for the real world. Kind of like shadow boxing.

Bottom line?

Face them ANY WAY YOU CAN, and defeat them.

Because on the other side of your greatest fears, are life’s greatest pleasures.

Just waiting.

Get Started:

Are You Boxed In By Fear?

The Cage Is Imaginary

The Cage Is Imaginary

​Things that we are most afraid of will never happen.

Sure, we all are going to die. We all know loved ones that have died or will die in the future.

This is part of life.

But when you walk up to that attractive person to start a conversation, there’s very little probability they’ll laugh at you or call the cops.

And if you go into your bosses office and ask for a raise, they won’t likely fire you on the spot.

Trouble is, that our brains are hard wired to be MUCH more sensitive to POTENTIAL danger than potential pleasure.

Meaning if there’s a forty percent chance we’ll get a raise, and a one percent chance we’ll get fired, our caveman brains will focus on that one percent like it’s 99 percent.

That kept us alive when there were critters hiding in the bushes waiting to eat us.

Even though they aren’t there any more, we’re still using an outdated version of brain software.

The good news is that you CAN upgrade your brain. But it’s not like Windows, when you shut off your PC And it goes through about 27 upgrades before finally shutting down.

If you want to upgrade your brain, you’ve got to do it consciously. This takes time. This takes effort.

How do you do it?

Meditation. Focused visualization. Forcing yourself in uncomfortable situations if only to PROVE your worst fears will never come true.

Journaling is also another great way. Just write down all the stuff that happened, at the end of the day. Write down what you did. Write down what happened. Write down what you may be able to do differently next time.

This is really the way the brain operates anyhow. Learning by trial and error. Only by doing daily journaling, you’re taking the trial and error (or trial and feedback) and elevating it to a conscious level.

Kind of like fighting someone using only instincts, vs. fighting someone after having trained in a Dojo for ten years.

Many people spend YEARS working on their bodies. Or their careers. Or their hobbies.

But few people even know how to work on their brains. Let alone make the effort.

But consider this. If you spent 30 minutes a day practicing the piano, you’d be pretty good in a few years.

So good you’d be able to sit down at any party and bang out some pretty good tunes.

What about working on your brain?

If you spent only five or ten minutes every night, doing some focused mental exercises or journaling, you’d be a super hero social ninja after a short while.

You’d make more money, have a much more rewarding romantic life, and be much more fulfilled.

Isn’t that worth a few minutes of your time every night?

Which exercises should you do?

There’s plenty in here to choose from:

Thoughts Into Things

Magic Imagination

Magic Imagination

​When I was a kid I got a Swiss Army Knife for a birthday.

At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing. Couple knives, magnifying glass, a saw, some tweezers, and a toothpick.

I was in boys scouts at the time, and most of that stuff came in pretty handy.

Later on, I bought a couple of these “fifty in one” electronic kits. It had this big circuit board, and you could wire all the components together in a bunch of different configurations to make a bunch of different stuff.

Lie detectors, pH meters, even a strobe light.

The core message of Think and Grow Rich are “thoughts are things.”

Everything that’s around you right now, was once a thought. Now it is a thing. Sounds pretty cool, but it’s also pretty normal.

I mean, if you were to imagine a peanut butter sandwich, and then get up and make a peanut butter sandwich, so what?

Sure, in the short term, it’s a pretty mundane facet of human nature.

But when you think of a BIG thing, that’s when it starts to get interesting.

Especially if you aren’t really sure WHAT that thing is, only an idea of the kind of outcome you want.

Sort of like shopping for a new shirt or a pair of shoes. You don’t have a specific idea in mind, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Only when you’re building stuff, you’ll know it when you create it. And most often, all along the way you’ll create all kinds of other things. You’ll also create a lot of new relationships.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “holographic theory” of the universe. Everything is a mirror of something bigger, and something smaller.

Now whether or not this is a metaphor isn’t really so important. Because creating your life is a lot like making a peanut butter sandwich. Or making something to eat when you aren’t sure.

You get started, see what kind of ingredients and tools you’ve got, and get to work. On a broader scale, getting something to eat is part of staying fed and healthy. And every time you make something to eat, you get more information in your brain on how to do that, and the results you’ll get.

No matter what you want, it’s out there. Maybe it exists, maybe it hasn’t been created yet. Maybe YOU are the only one thinking of that right now.

There are two crucial elements in between those thoughts in your head, and those things out in reality that they’ll become.

People, and tools.

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Choose, Start, Never Stop

Transform Your World

Transform Your World

​Long time ago I ran an R and D lab for a big medical company.

We designed surgical devices. 

Often times we’d have to come up with something out of thin air to run a particular experiment.

My buddy who worked in the machine shop was my go-to-guy for this.

I’d explain kind of what I needed, and he’d take a chunk of metal and use his mad skills and mad tools to turn that chunk of metal into a perfect piece of precision.

Sometimes I wouldn’t even be able to describe what I needed it to do. I’d just show him a rough sketch, he’d come to the lab and take a look, and understand.

An hour or two later, he’d have a precisely engineered device, made from a raw hunk of metal.

This is what makes us human. We look at something, and imagine something much better. Those with skills take things from their environment, and transform them.

Dirt into huge fields of food production that can feed millions.

Raw metal from the earth into complicated electronic circuitry that allows people around the globe to chat in real time.

Inside your brain are those same structures. Those same neural connections that allow for you to imagine a better future, and then create it.

Everything you have now is directly related to your thoughts you had before.

The quality of your thinking today will have a direct impact on your life tomorrow.

What do you think of?

What do you dream of?

More importantly, what are your strategies for making those dreams come true?  Because they aren’t going to happen on their own.

It takes work, effort, risk, failure, and your inherent resilience to never give up.

Because your choice to give up or keep pushing forward is the ONLY difference between achieving your life’s vision or watching others achieve theirs.

What’s it going to be?

If you haven’t chosen the life you want, choose.

If you’ve chosen and have started to make it happen, start.

These will help: