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Lean Forward With Perfect Balance

Always Stay In Balance

Stable or Unstable?

When I was a kid me and my buddies went to a local amusement park.

We were on this one roller coaster, and just as we were about to be “launched,” the operator gave us some advice.

“If you lean forward, you’ll go faster!”

We all dutifully leaned forward.

Then we debated over the next several weeks if that really worked, or if he was just messing with us. In our third grade minds, we could easily see both sides of the argument.

Leaning forward is a pretty good metaphor.

Sometimes you’ll be jamming along, and everything is going perfectly. Green lights, parking spaces, everybody’s laughing at your jokes. Everybody you smile at smiles back like you’re a movie star or something.

But as soon as you realize what’s going on, you can mess things up. Kind of like leaning forward in your mind. Just enough to get you that momentum, but too much and you fall over.

In physics, there’s this thing called “unstable equilibrium.” Something is at rest, and all the opposing forces are in balance (the equilibrium part) but one small push can mess everything up,

Then there’s “stable equilibrium” where no matter how hard you push, the system will go back to the way it was.

Like a marble at the bottom of a big glass bowl with huge sides. No matter how much you push the marble up one of the sides, it will slide down to where it started.

On the other hand, if you flip the bowl over, and balance the marble on top, it can stay there. But even a small breeze will knock it off.

It seems there’s a perfect balance of “positive expectation” as it rests between our conscious and unconscious minds.

Too much in the conscious mind, and there’s not enough deep belief, or “knowing” that is required.

It’s like having a slight suspicion that everything’s going to work out when it does. Like you’re surprised, but not really.

Too much expectation and you fall on you face. Pride goes before a fall, as they say.

One thing that can throw a monkey wrench into the whole process is any kind of nervousness, anxiety or fear.

Being an overly cautious driver, for example, will almost ensure you get all the red lights.

You see a signal way up ahead, and you start slowing down because you’re afraid you’ll get caught in the intersection, so you almost hope the light turns red before you get there.

Sure, certain things SHOULD cause us fear, as they keep us physically safe. But most of the things we are afraid of, will never happen. 

Most of the things we are worried about exist only in our imagination, and are based on false memories and assumptions about ourselves.

Get rid of those, and it will be MUCH EASIER to lean forward through life.

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Emotional Freedom

How To Erase Emotional Sore Spots

Heal Your Past

Mental Time Travel

Some people have injuries that never really heal.

I had a bad case of achilles tendonitis a couple decades ago. So bad that I had to get a cortisone injection right into the tendon.

Really, really painful. But a couple hours later, the pain pretty much went away.

There I was, thinking I was cured, and a older friend of mine casually mentioned, “You know that’s not ever going to go away, right?”

I had no idea what he meant, but now I do. Every time you get tendonitis, and it heals, the tendons can sometimes calcify, meaning they turn from tendon to bone. This is to strengthen the tendon, but it also makes it a bit less flexible, which can lead to later injury.

Now, much later, I need to spend a lot more time stretching than I used to.

That’s the trouble with these types of injuries. They are kind of a one way street. Other injuries, broken bones, etc, can heal pretty well. So there’s almost no trace later on. (I’ve had that happen to me as well).

Of course, if I could go back in time, and stretch out a lot more before working out, I would. Back when I was a young dumb high school kid. I thought I was indestructible. I even ran a marathon in high school, and spent maybe ten minutes stretching out before.

Many of us also have emotional injuries. And like physical injures, we just assume that’s part of life. We’ve got these hidden “blind spots” that we don’t really understand.

Somebody hits one by accident (or on purpose of they’re really evil) and it hurts like hell.

Luckily, these CAN be fixed. 

In fact, there’s a way you can go back in time, and rewrite your history so the original cause is erased.

Kind of like if I went back in time and spent a LOT more time stretching. I wouldn’t need to worry about popping my achilles today!

The truth is the way we interpreted those events before. Luckily, our memories are squishy enough so that we can rewrite the way we perceived things.

And once you start doing that,  you’ll see they’re all based on the same “core” set of fears of blind spots.

Get rid of the initial cause, and everything becomes easier.

All the things you do that cause anxiety, sadness, depression, worry, etc., can be obliterated.

Blasted away for good.

Leaving you free to do and get whatever you want.

And NOBODY will be able to “push your buttons” again.

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