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The Sweet Spot Of Mind Magic

Conscious and Unconscious Interface

Align Conscious and Unconscious

Some people love to “wing it.”

Others, not so much. Some of us need to be consciously aware of every step, measure twice, cut once, and be sure have a good idea of what we’re going to get.

Naturally, there’s a place for both.

When I was a kid, I used to “try” to cook using the “wing it” method. I’d throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl, mix it up, and then fry it. It usually came out pretty terrible.

Imagine if you were having a dinner party and you’d never cooked anything in your life, and you’d figured you’d just grab stuff out of the fridge and throw it together based on your mood!

On the other hand, some things simply lend themselves to just letting go and “winging it.”

If you were on a first date, for example, imagine if you pulled out a check list of questions to ask, and wrote down the answers!

Generally speaking, any time there’s spontaneous human to human contact or interaction, there’s going to be a LARGE amount of winging it.

Knowing When To Need Blueprints Is Essential

Step by Step Strategies

And when there’s you operating on the physical world to build something, taking a bunch of stuff and putting it together to make something bigger, more complicated, and more valuable (like making dinner from scratch, for example) you need some kind of specific step by step strategy.

Of course, there’s a HUGE amount of overlap.

The true MAGIC in life comes when you’re “winging” something that USED TO BE step by step difficult.

Musicians, athletes, performers, all do this. Once upon a time, they had to learn every single note on the piano. It was frustrating, boring, and difficult. But they got to a level where they could translate vague emotional feelings DIRECTLY into beautiful music, ON THE SPOT, and generate those same vague emotional feelings in others.

The secret of life is to learn to wing it AND use step by step procedure to keep pushing forward. Keep increasing your skills. Keep creating better and more valuable things for you and others to enjoy.

When you’re in the ZONE of life, when you are operating at full capacity, buoyed by the ever present feedback loop.

THAT is when magic happens.

Make YOURS happen:

Mind Persuasion

The Myth of Self-Actualization

Is This Even Possible?

Beware Of False Gurus

What does it mean to “become” fully actualized?

Most of us imagine some guru who’s finally achieved enlightenment, and they are no longer concerned with worldly issues. They can sit on some mountain top and meditate, and not worry about anything.

But is that even possible?

Think about that in terms of Maslow’s famous “Hierarchy of Needs.”

At the “bottom” there are basic things like food, shelter, safety.

Then further up you’ve got community, sexual and emotional satisfaction.

Even higher you’ve got self expression and finally self actualization. 

Meaning you are operating at your highest capacity.

I think that metaphor a bit misleading. The trouble with metaphors is that they are only a representation of the deeper reality they represent. They are NOT the reality themselves.

Maslow’s description was his attempt to describe the human condition. The better we are at satisfying our “lower” needs, the more likely we’ll satisfy our “higher” needs.

Regardless of whether they are higher or lower, your “needs” won’t stay satisfied for long.

We eat, but then we’re hungry again several hours later.

We’re safe, until something happens that shakes up our safety.

You Know This Feeling Is Only Temporary, Right?

Post Coital Bliss Doesn’t Last Forever!

We’re emotionally and sexually satisfied, but unless we’re willing to work at keeping that particular relationship alive, it will vanish like a poof of smoke.

Keeping our needs satisfied takes effort. It takes work. It’s not like showing up a hotel, checking your bags and relaxing at the pool once you’ve finally “arrived.”

Most people don’t like to hear this. Most people don’t like the idea that “self-actualization” isn’t the automatic result of doing a couple of daily mantras and isn’t permanent.

Which is maybe why so many of us aren’t really “self-actualized.”

Not even close.

It’s not something that somebody can “give you.” It’s not something that comes in the night while you’re sleeping on top of your book of affirmations.

It’s a process. A process of getting out there, every single day, and chasing your dreams. 

Because it’s only in the chasing that we REALLY feel alive. It may feel pretty relaxing by the pool at that hotel, but it’s going to get pretty boring.

Truth is you can ONLY feel “self actualized” when you are OPERATING. The process of creating is when self-actualization happens. Not in some mythological mountain cave safely removed from reality.

What are you creating?

Are you sure it’s big enough?

Make it bigger, and get going:

Mind Persuasion

Are You Deceiving Yourself?

The Easiest Person To Lie to Is Yourself

Why Self Deception Is Hard To See

What’s the difference between real effort and pretend effort?

Most of us engage ourselves in pretend effort, not real effort.

I know, sounds harsh, but it’s very common, and very hard to see in yourself.

If you can, you’ll be miles ahead of everybody else.

One reason it’s hard is because it “feels” the same.

For example, let’s say you just joined some business group. And you’ve got to find ten live customers in order to meet your income objectives for the month. (Just an example, feel free to fill in your own information based on your own life).

Now, actually walking outside in the harsh unforgiving world, walking up and talking to strangers, giving a quick pitch about your business, and then handing them your business card and asking them for their contact information can be pretty darn terrifying.

So instead of doing that, you go to the bookstore. You buy a couple books on marketing and communication. You buy yourself a large cup of coffee and plant yourself in your favorite coffee shop.

Sure, it takes effort to read that material, take notes, and work through it.

But is it REAL effort? Not really.

How can you tell the difference?

Taking Risks Is The Only Way To Achieve Mad Success

No Risk Means Fake Action

Because REAL effort involves risk. Real effort will ALWAYS involve risk.


Because NOBODY can predict the future. NOBODY can predict how other people will behave.

So whenever you take ANY action (especially action that involves other people) there’s really no telling what’s going to happen. Something good may happen, something bad may happen.

Since most of us are terrified of something bad happening, we minimize risk.

Buying a bunch of books and studying them certainly reduces risks. But will it get you what you want?

Not likely. At least not on their own. 

The ONLY thing that will get you closer to what you want, is doing something when you DON’T KNOW what’s going to happen.

At least the first time. The beauty of this is when you get into the habit of taking risks, you WILL find some things that don’t work.

And believe me, nothing sucks more than thinking something is going to work fantastically, only to have it fizzle and burn.

But guess what?

Sure, some things will suck. But many things won’t. In fact, many things will work MUCH BETTER than you’d hoped.

But you’ll never know until you get into the habit of taking action. Risky action. Scary action.

When you accept both the good AND the bad, which means you FULLY EMBRACE all feedback, you simply cannot fail. The more action you take, the more successes you’ll create.

Like a law of nature.

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Mind Persuasion

Why You Should Be Restless And Not Ever Satisfied

You Are A Hunter - Start Hunting!

You Are Hunter

Among ancient humans, nomads were the most successful.

This was way back in the days when humans had to hunt, and hadn’t discovered agriculture.

As such, they were always on the move.

Meaning they were never satisfied with what they had. Sure, they got big kills once in a while. But they knew it wouldn’t last. They were always ready to pack up and move on.

It wasn’t long before that desire to explore the unknown grew greater than their complacency and their comfort.

Back in those days, being too comfortable or too safe could kill you. If you waited to long, all the food would have migrated away.

That deep desire is STILL within all of us.

Some people have an idea that we suffer from some kind of “consumerism” or “materialism” or something. That it’s some sort of “defect” to not be able to simply accept what we’ve got without ever wanting anything more, or anything better.


That restless nomad is still within you. No, you don’t have to cancel your rent, pack your bags and start wandering the Earth.

But you can look out over your life, metaphorically, and see the accomplishments of the past, and all the things you’ll accomplish in the future.

Instead of hunting game, you’ll be hunting bigger and better successes.

Humans weren’t meant to simply “take what we can get” and be happy.

Your Purpose Is To Keep Getting More

Always Seek More

Your very nature is to be ALWAYS seeking improvements. Even the position you’re sitting in now, as you read this. You won’t hold it for long before you automatically shift.


Your subconscious is ALWAYS looking out into the future, and looking for ways to improve your “state.”

Sometimes that means just a more comfortable position. Sometimes that means a better relationship, or a better job, or better health, or more money.

The sad truth is that most of us are too terrified to listen to our instincts. That’s our subconscious telling us to go over the next hill, just to see what’s there. Sure, sometimes there’s nothing.  But sometimes there’s treasure.

You’ll never know if you are too scared to check.

What about you? What would you like to achieve?

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Mind Persuasion

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl And Get Her Interested In You

How To Start Conversations With Girls

Starting Conversations With Girls is Easier Than You Think

So you want to talk to girls, do you? Well, it’s easy. Walk up and start talking! Just kidding. Some guys would LOVE to walk up to ten or twenty cuties every single day, but are petrified to even say hi. This post will not only help you blast away that anxiety for good, but be a smooth operator so she’s glad you came over.

Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts, there’s two types of conversations with girls. Those where you just show up, and those when you’re invited over. We’ll be focusing on the ones where you get invited over.


For one, you’re getting many, many more invitations than you realize (more on that later). Two is just that it’s so much easier, and less  nerve wracking, when you’ve got a warm lead, and a cold lead. Borrowing some sales language, warm leads are people who are already interested in your product or service. Cold leads are people who don’t even know your product or service exists.

For example, if you worked in a cell phone store, people that came walking in would be considered warm leads, and would be much more interested in buying a phone. Selling vacuum cleaners door to door, on the other hand, would be hard as hell, because most people don’t sit around at home wishing for a new vacuum cleaner.

Talking to girls is the same way. When you get an invite, it’s just so much easier. Once you get the hang of this, and see how easy it really is, you can start walking up to all those gorgeous girls you see on the street everyday and work your magic.

Wait For Eye Contact Before You Approach

Wait For IOI

An IO What? This is pickup lingo for “Indicators of Interest.” The name of the game is this. Girls send out indicators of interest. Guys pick up on them, and go over and talk to them. At least most of the time. There are some girls who are brave enough or self confident enough to start chatting up guys, but those girls are few and far between.

So to begin with, you’re going to have to learn to notice those indicators of interest. Luckily, though, they are EVERYWHERE!

Girls are Always Checking You Out

Clear and Obvious IOI’s

Any time she makes eye contact with you, that’s good. That means she knows you exist. If she makes eye contact with you and doesn’t break if off right way, or doesn’t puke on her shoes, that’s even better. Even better if she looks at you, and then actually holds eye contact for a bit.

To  make double sure she’s interested and she’d be open for a conversation, give her a brief smile, or slightly raise your eyebrows really quickly. Think of this as the initial “ping” that submarines do. If she pings you back, that’s fantastic. You’re ready to go.

A great way to practice this is to just make it a point to smile at every girl who makes eye contact with you. At first it will seem supers scary, but it gets pretty easy pretty quickly.

Think of it as working out at the gym. Eye contact, smile. Eye contact, smile. Go to the mall or anywhere that people are moving around, and just hit ten or twenty girls in about thirty minutes or so.

If she’s stationery, and kind of far away, you can tell if she’s game if she’s “pointing” her body at you, but facing somewhere else. Just make an excuse to move closer to her, and give her some eye contact, and a quick smile, and see what she does. If she smiles back, make a move son!

They're Waiting for You to Approach!

Start Off Easy

Most guys make this WAY too complicated. They try and think of the most witty, impressive one liners. The truth is that she’s just as nervous as you. If you make the opener too complicated, she’ll actually feel put “on the spot,” as if she’s supposed to respond in a certain way. 

Just be open, honest, and simple. Just basically start off by mentioning what just happened. Then mention what’s happening. Something like this is perfect:

“Hi, I’m George (except use your OWN name!), I noticed you from over there and you seemed interesting, so I thought I’d come and introduce myself. What’s up?”

Now, the cold harsh truth is that some girls will change their minds after they hear you talk.  Maybe you’re too nervous, and you’re making her nervous. Maybe she imagined you were a certain way, and you come across the total opposite. Don’t worry. 

How will you know? She’ll suddenly turn from friendly to cold. It doesn’t mean she’s mean, or a bitch, or trying to hurt your feelings. It just means her feelings changed for some reason.  Not your fault. Not her fault. Just accept it gracefully and move on. 

But most of the time, she’ll be open enough to get the ball rolling. She’ll respond with something about the same as you. She’ll tell you what’s up, and expect you to carry the conversation, since you were the one that made the first move. 

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Talk About Anything!

The Magic Of Pacing Statements

To begin with, you want to get the ball rolling with “pacing statements.” These are just statements that are objectively true. The music is loud. The lights are purple. It’s snowing outside. The Mets just won the World Series. Whatever. The purpose of these are NOT to impress her. They are ONLY give her easy things to deal with, and to get her thinking “yes…yes…yes…” in her mind.

While you are doing this, you want to match her body language, but not too much. If she’s sitting with her legs crossed, you cross your legs, but not exactly in the same way. If she’s leaning slightly to the side, you do the same.

This is called “rapport” what it does is create a deep feeling of similarity between you two. It just makes it easier. Don’t invade her space, and don’t overwhelm her with all kinds of magic tricks or super complicated openers. At this stage, your just showing her how easy and normal it is to talk to you. 

Once you’ve done this for a few minutes, it’s time to move on to the next level.

Let Her Know Who You Are

Always Reveal First

Whenever moving the conversation in new directions, avoid putting her on the spot. It’s a good idea to answer any questions ahead of time, before you ask her. 

Instead of firing off questions like you’re interrogating her, simply make a few statements about your own interests, and then ask her how she feels on the subject.

For example, if you happen to be in a club and there’s  band playing classic rock, and you like banjo music, tell her that you like banjo music, and tell her a few songs that you like. Then ask her what kind of music she likes. She’ll be much more willing to open up if you open up first.

Get Her Interested In You

Follow Up On Her Trance Words

Whenever she starts talking, pay close attention to how she says certain words. It’s pretty easy to get an idea of the things she’s really interested in. Once you find a few of these, ask some follow up questions that are open ended.

Just keep asking questions, based on her own ideas and stories, to help you dig further into her mind.

Whenever possible, get her talking about her ideal future. Now, don’t start out by asking her what her ideal future is, that sounds too corny.

But if she’s talking about school, and she mentions she wants to be a nurse, then say something like this:

“OK, imagine you go to nursing school, and everything works out perfectly. What kind of job do you have in five years from now?”

If you can get her talking about something she wants, that’s out in the future, she’ll unconsciously connect it to you on a deep level. This is pretty good!

She's Waiting For You To Make A Move!

Find Any Similarities

All during this whole process, you want to find as many similarities as you can. But be careful you don’t overly agree with everything she says. Just look for important things that she likes, and you also like. If you’re honest, this will go a long way.

Also, don’t be afraid to disagree. Many guys are terrified that they’ll turn her off if they disagree with anything she says. Just accept that she likes cats, and you like dogs, or whatever.


Summary and Conclusion

Relax, look around, and find signs of interest. Go and introduce yourself. Start talking about anything that’s true. Reveal your interests. Ask her interests. Go slow. Enjoy yourself. Keep this up, and you’ll soon have more girls than you know what to do with!

If you’re worried about approach anxiety, I’ve got just the thing. I’ve made a few special hypnosis sessions that are PERFECT for blowing any kind of approach anxiety out of the water, so you can easily and fearlessly talk to any girl, any where, any time.

Best of all, these are completely FREE. To download your free charisma tool set today, click on the link below:

What Stage Of Life Are You?

Lost In The Crowd?

Graduate To Level Three

There’s three stages of life.

But unfortunately, most of us get stuck in stage two.

Stage One is when we’re kids. Little kids. We don’t care about much except what we’ve got our eye on. We want something, we don’t stop until we get it.

The concept of “failure” doesn’t exist. We just keep doing stuff until we get what we want.

Stage Two is when we start to become aware that others will judge us based on our actions. Some of our actions get us good attention, which we like. Some of our actions get us negative attention, which we fear.

Suddenly we lose sight of what we want, and start focusing instead on the attention our actions will bring us, rather than the outcome.

This lasts through childhood, and for most people, their entire adult lives. School, work, social life, everything.

But there is a third state. Where we shrug off that worry about what others think. When we’ve got strong goals that are important to US, not important to THEM.

So we start to measure our results not based on what THEY think, but whether or not our actions get us closer to what WE want.

Making this transition isn’t easy. Most people don’t like it when you do. Most people are terrified of living in a world where their results are based ONLY on their actions.

Don't Be Afraid Of Success

People Are Envious Of You

Which is why when people see you behaving like this, they’ll try and pull you back. Not consciously of course, but because your actions make them uncomfortable. Maybe you want to try something new, just for the fun of it.

And they say something like, “Yea, but what if somebody sees us? What will people think?”

And since we’re only start to rediscover ourselves, it’s hard to argue with this logic.

But if you want to achieve a life of greatness, you’ve got to. You’ve got to break free from the safety and comfort of Stage Two, and move onto Stage Three.

Most people are too terrified to even think about this.

What about you?

In the Mental Alchemy course, you’ll find all kinds of mental exercises, inside information, and powerfully effective hypnosis sessions that will make it easy.

Because once you get to Stage Three, anything’s possible. You’ll be combining childlike curiosity with adult skills, power, and resources.

What will YOU accomplish?

How To Accelerate Your Success Tipping Point

Jump Over Obstacles To Success

Push Past The Point Of No Return

What’s the difference between people that succeed and people that don’t?

Chances are, you aren’t going to like this.

Sure, things like luck, connections, genetics, all have a part. Sometimes a big part.

There’s always a famous actor that was “discovered” while unloading furniture, or somebody who was born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

But that’s only the first step. The truth is that even people that have connections, great genes and are incredibly lucky will ONLY succeed if they know what to do, and aren’t afraid to do it when opportunity comes knocking.

And more often than not, they’ve figured out that the best way to find an opportunity is to CREATE IT.

The bottom line is you’ll never really be a hundred percent sure that what you’re doing is the right thing.

And unless you are fully ready to embrace “failure” you will never succeed.

Like I said, this is harsh. Most people hate to hear things like this.

A lot of people out there imagine they’ve “put in the work” and now they are ready to sit back and reap the benefits.

Unfortunately, it rarely works like this.

If you want to continue to get benefits, whatever they may be, you’re going to have to continue to get out there and get busy.

Now, I have no idea what that means to you, but I suspect that YOU do.

If you want an ideal relationships, you’re going to have to go out and introduce yourself to people in a friendly way, if only for practice.

If you want a huge income from part time work, you’re going to have to try a lot of different things before you hit that “sweet spot.”

But the flip side of this coin is that once you get a tiny bit of positive feedback, you’ll be hooked.

For life.

Risk Can Be Fun

Learn To Enjoy Risk

Pretty soon you’ll embrace uncertainty and “risk” because instead of seeing potential failure around every corner, you’ll start to see potential success.

And this is REALLY when things kick it into high gear.

Before long, what used to seem like “scary effort” now seems to be “enjoyable action.”

From a third party, it may look like you’re doing the same thing.

But to you, everything will seem different. Easier. More natural. You will have opened that all important “flow” where everything is possible.

One of the things you’ll learn from the Mental Alchemy course is how to set your mind right, so that wonderful tipping point will come a lot quicker.

A combination of mental exercises, guided meditations, and some powerful affirmations will set you on the right track.

How To Charge Forward Toward Your Dreams 

Goals Are Always Present

Are You Afraid Of Big Goals?

Most people shy away from things like “goal setting.”

There’s a lot of reasons for this. For the longest time I was TERRIFIED of setting goals.

I mean, what happens if you set a huge goal (like the gurus preach) and then it doesn’t come true?

The part of me who believes in conspiracies suspects “some” gurus preach setting big goals because they KNOW most people won’t achieve them. Which means they’ll keep buying the guru’s products.

On the other hand, if you DON’T set big goals, the only thing you’ll ever achieve worth anything is by accident.

I’m pretty sure that relying on dumb luck is not the best strategy! (At least it never worked for me in Vegas!)

So, what’s the secret? How do you avoid the guru trap while still creating a life worth living?

One way is to set a huge goal out there, and then set smaller goals that you’re pretty sure you’ll NEED to accomplish to get there. Certain milestones related to certain skills.

Things like giving ten speeches at Toastmasters, or being able to play a certain piece on a musical instrument from memory, in front of several friends and family members.

Things that will help you KNOW you’re on the right path.

Take Charge Of Your Goals Or He Will!

Conscious Or Subconscious – They’re There

The truth is that humans are goal setters whether we know it or not. Every action we take has some kind of intended outcome. However if you never take time to chose your outcomes wisely, your subconscious is going to be choosing short term outcomes based ONLY on your instincts.

Safety, comfort, social recognition, sexual expression, etc. (Maslow’s stuff).

The trick is to make sure your conscious goals are DRIVEN by your subconscious instincts.

That way your inner caveman (or cave woman) is going to be on your side, instead of fighting you.

So yes. Choose a big goal. Choose a huge goal. One WAY out in the future. Then figure out what smaller goals will get you there.

And start making them happen.

You’ll find what happens next is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Live In Congruence With Your Nature For Max Prosperity

You Can't Fight Who You Are

Don’t Fight The Tape

You know the story of the frog and the scorpion, right?

There’s this frog and a scorpion on one side of a river, which is rising rapidly.

They both have to get to the other side to safety, or else they’ll drown.

The frog jumps in the water and starts to swim, but the scorpion asks him to stop.

The scorpion asks for a ride, but the frog protests that he’ll sting him.

The scorpion promises that he won’t. The frog believes him, so the scorpion climbs on.

They get halfway across the river, the scorpion starts to sting him. The frog asks why. It’s my nature, says the scorpion, right before they both drown.

Now, the money question. What’s the moral of this story? There are many to choose from.

One is that evil people will do evil things even if they promise they won’t. People that hold to this say you can’t trust anybody.

Another is that you can’t act contrary to your nature. Even if you try.

If you’re a scorpion, you sting people. That’s what you do. Even if it will end up killing you.

If You're Happy, Let It Out!

How About Humans?

What about humans, what is our nature?

When talking about human nature, there’s two ways to look at it.

One is to listen to religious leaders, politicians, marketers, gurus, etc. They’ll all tell us what we SHOULD do. (Which, most of the time, we DON’T).

Another is to simply look back across human history to see what we HAVE been doing.

It seems that human nature is wide. There’s a lot of stuff that we do, do well, and have been doing since we started living in large societies.

War is certainly one of them. War, however, tends to destroy stuff. If war truly WAS our strongest nature, there wouldn’t be anything left.

But since there’s TONS of stuff, it seems there’s something we’re BETTER at than killing each other and blowing stuff up.

Building. Creating. Inventing.

Despite all the wars that have been raging since the dawn of time, there’s been an even BIGGER drive to create more stuff. Wealth. Ideas. Products. Services.

Look at how much stuff we’ve got now compared to only ten years ago.

Sure, there are good times and bad. But regardless of what horrible things we do to each other, the net wealth of society is ALWAYS going up.

So, what is the nature of humans? Many. But the strongest one is creation.
Humans are creators.

What would you like to create?

Are You Trying To Save The World?

Are You Trying This?

How To Save Your World

The world is a mysterious place.

The second you think you’ve got it figured out, suddenly you don’t.

I remember a long time ago, when I was a kid. I was interested in science, and I figured if I read a few science books, I’d have the world figured out.

I took this mindset all through college, where I got a degree in physics. But the more I knew, the less I knew.

All along I figured physicists would be able to definitively say what was what. But in reality, they really don’t know. Sure, sometimes they’ve got a theory that can be proven in a laboratory, or in the skies, but often times this isn’t the case.

Most people have an idea that they’d like to “change the world.” But if you can barely grasp how the world operates, how in the heck are you going to “save it?”

The answer is “one step at a time.”

OK, but which steps?

Who decides what they are?

The Invisible Hand Always Rules Supreme

The Invisible Hand

There’s this fantastic theory in economics called “Spontaneous Order.” It basically means that when you put a bunch of humans together, even if they don’t know each other, they’ll start or organize themselves, from the bottom up.

This happens without any goof in charge telling people what to do. This is just people, on their own, figuring out what they need, and what they can contribute. 

There’s plenty of examples of this in prisons, especially POW camps. This is a place where the guards definitely DON’T want people to organize themselves, but they do anyhow.

In WWII for example, where they had POW camps filled with soldiers for years at a time, entire economies sprung up out of nothing. Some guys became barbers, some guys grew vegetables, some guys became laundry cleaners.

Now, this can only happen if it’s programmed into us. Deep into our DNA. Part of the human mind is hard wired to get in the game, and interact with others.

Helping others get what they want, so you can get what you want. WHATEVER that is.

And since we’re living in a GLOBAL economy, with BILLIONS of people, there’s really no limit.


All you’ve got to do is get in the game.