Are You Deceiving Yourself?

The Easiest Person To Lie to Is Yourself

Why Self Deception Is Hard To See

What’s the difference between real effort and pretend effort?

Most of us engage ourselves in pretend effort, not real effort.

I know, sounds harsh, but it’s very common, and very hard to see in yourself.

If you can, you’ll be miles ahead of everybody else.

One reason it’s hard is because it “feels” the same.

For example, let’s say you just joined some business group. And you’ve got to find ten live customers in order to meet your income objectives for the month. (Just an example, feel free to fill in your own information based on your own life).

Now, actually walking outside in the harsh unforgiving world, walking up and talking to strangers, giving a quick pitch about your business, and then handing them your business card and asking them for their contact information can be pretty darn terrifying.

So instead of doing that, you go to the bookstore. You buy a couple books on marketing and communication. You buy yourself a large cup of coffee and plant yourself in your favorite coffee shop.

Sure, it takes effort to read that material, take notes, and work through it.

But is it REAL effort? Not really.

How can you tell the difference?

Taking Risks Is The Only Way To Achieve Mad Success

No Risk Means Fake Action

Because REAL effort involves risk. Real effort will ALWAYS involve risk.


Because NOBODY can predict the future. NOBODY can predict how other people will behave.

So whenever you take ANY action (especially action that involves other people) there’s really no telling what’s going to happen. Something good may happen, something bad may happen.

Since most of us are terrified of something bad happening, we minimize risk.

Buying a bunch of books and studying them certainly reduces risks. But will it get you what you want?

Not likely. At least not on their own. 

The ONLY thing that will get you closer to what you want, is doing something when you DON’T KNOW what’s going to happen.

At least the first time. The beauty of this is when you get into the habit of taking risks, you WILL find some things that don’t work.

And believe me, nothing sucks more than thinking something is going to work fantastically, only to have it fizzle and burn.

But guess what?

Sure, some things will suck. But many things won’t. In fact, many things will work MUCH BETTER than you’d hoped.

But you’ll never know until you get into the habit of taking action. Risky action. Scary action.

When you accept both the good AND the bad, which means you FULLY EMBRACE all feedback, you simply cannot fail. The more action you take, the more successes you’ll create.

Like a law of nature.

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