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Inside Out Confidence

Don't Miss Out

Get The Big Picture

It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.

Even that statement is used so often that it can be easy to misunderstand it.

People tend to focus on little details (the trees) so they don’t have to address the big picture (the forest).

Often times, when there’s some big task at hand, we easily get caught up in the little things to avoid facing it.

Like if you need to do your taxes, you might spend a couple hours clearing up your desk. That’s easier, emotionally, than doing all the uncomfortable financial calculations.

It’s been said that one of the reasons Victorian England was so “Victorian,” meaning so focused on sexual behavior and etiquette is because they didn’t want to address a larger issue of their crumbling empire.

We humans don’t like big confrontations, so we avoid them whenever possible. These can come across as lies we tell ourselves.

I won’t try to create a relationship until I lose ten pounds. I don’t want to look for a job until I finish this project. I don’t want to have that conversation with my partner until I’ve cleaned out the garage. And on and on.

One of the ways we do this is when we focus on our external behavior, when we should be focusing on our internal state.

For example, if you’ve ever given a speech, you may have been told to, “maintain eye contact,” or “don’t memorize,” or “don’t shift your body weight back and forth,” or “use gestures when you speak.”

These are all good advice, but guess what?

Somebody who had a strong internal state would do these things naturally, without even thinking about it.

To be sure, you can “fake it till you make it.” Meaning if you started to pretend to be confident and self assured, you’d eventually become confident and self assured.

But that’s kind of a roundabout, and emotionally unpleasant way of doing it.

Why not start from the inside?

After all, those reasons for discomfort are based on what you “perceive” to be “out there,” now what’s really out there.

One way is to simply FORCE your brain to recall feelings of confidence, before and WHILE you’re speaking (in this particular example) instead of letting it run all over the place, like most people do.

Another way is to practice meditation. Strengthen your ability to quiet your mind at will, so you can more easily turn off those doubts and worries, and be much more centered.

Then you’ll open whole new range of behavior and energy most people never experience.

How To Expand Your Comfort Zone

Break Out Of Your Rut

Become The Explorer

I love to go exploring. 

When I was a kid in boy scouts, we used to go hiking. Getting to the campsite was pretty hard. Walking up steep hills in the hot sun for hours and hours.  But for some reason, when we’d make camp, me and my buddies would get a sudden burst of energy.

Throw off our packs and go running around, checking the place out.

As an adult, I have done a bit of traveling. Once I get to a new city, get settled into a hotel, I like to go out and explore.

Once, after about a 16 hour flight, I arrived at my destination about 7 PM local time. I had the intention of heading out for something to eat, and then hit the sack early.

But once I lost myself in the wonder if a big and strange foreign city, once again I felt that surge of energy. I didn’t make it back to my hotel until dawn.

Humans are natural explorers. We aren’t content to live boring lives filled with easy and safe routines.

To be sure, sometimes having a safe routine for a spell can be JUST what the doctor ordered. Retreat and regroup, mentally, physically, spiritually.

And it can certainly be easy to fall into a rut. Same day different stuff. Work, home, TV, eat, sleep work, etc.

The good news is you don’t have to hike some huge mountain or travel to a foreign country to break up your routine (although it would certainly help!)

All you’ve really got to do is change things up a bit. Even going out to eat once in a while, when you’re used to be eating at home can be enough.

Once you start to shake things up a bit, you’ll start to reawaken your natural, creative, explorer self.

The one that sees life as an adventure, instead of a chore.

Of course, this requires that you’re willing to take some small risks. Go places you’ve never gone before. Meet people you’ve never met before. Talk to strangers, if only to experience the pleasure of meeting new people.

This can absolutely be scary and uncomfortable. But it can also be exhilarating, and lead to some pretty amazing discoveries.

Not only about the world, but about yourself.

No matter WHO you are, or WHAT you’ve already accomplished, making a decision to slowly but consistently expand your comfort zone can pay MASSIVE dividends.

But you’ll never know unless you try.

This will make it easier:

How To Be Comfortable Around Anybody

Lower Your Shields

Turn Off Your Shield

It’s a very common experience to think of something to say after the fact.

Like you’re in a conversation with your friends, and somebody says something, and you don’t know how to respond.

Then later on, maybe at home or in the car, you think of witty comeback.

Or maybe you’ve had this experience.  You’ve got to give a speech. You practice at home, in front of the mirror, over and over. Then you give the speech, only you don’t remember much of it.

OK, how about this one. You’ve got a great idea in your head. You rehearse what you’re going to say.  Maybe to your boss, your partner, or your kids.

But when you say it, it doesn’t sound nearly as good. Maybe even people look at you like you’re crazy.

That can really hurt. Especially if you were fully expecting them to embrace your idea.

What gives?

Why do we sometimes have so much trouble communicating? It’s not rocket science. We’re not trying to reverse engineer Euclidian Geometry.

The reason is all have a kind of imaginary “bubble” around us. One that pops up unexpectedly.

When we’re with our close friends, it’s rarely present. We can say whatever we want. We know from our experience that they’re our close friends, so we’re not worried about rejection.

But when it’s somebody we don’t really know, AND it’s somebody important, we suddenly are very careful how we speak.

Now, this rarely happens consciously. We don’t carefully choose our words like some high level negotiator or diplomat.

But we do severely limit ourselves. Our chests constrict. Our vocal chords get a bit tighter. We speak from a slightly higher point in our diaphragms.

It’s that ancient “fight or flight” response coming to save us. Only it doesn’t know we’re not going into battle or trying to scare a tiger away from our cave.

We’re just talking to some person, who’s just like us, and we may get something good, we may not.

Think of what you could accomplish, what you could get, if you could talk to ANYBODY as naturally and easily as your close friends.

Not necessarily say the same things, but if you were as relaxed and confident. If you were not worried in the least of rejection.

Talking to your boss, giving speeches, talking to attractive people. 

Just imagine if you were as comfortable talking your boss into giving you a raise as you were convincing your friend to meet you at the corner pub!

The good news is that you can. Because all those fears and anxieties that may be subconsciously holding you back can be ejected.

With the right mental exercises, and some daily journaling, you can get rid of the for good.

Learn How:

Emotional Freedom

How To Obliterate Inhibitions

Everything Is Perfect

All Is Perfect

Many things are very inefficient.

On the other hand, everything is always perfectly efficient.

From nature’s point of view, everything’s perfect. Always has been, always will be.

The laws of science always behave exactly the way they are supposed to.

It’s only when the human brain, intention, and limited understanding come into play do things seem to be out of whack.

Take riding a bicycle for example. You put in a certain amount of energy to get from point A to point B.

A lot of that energy is heat, both in your body and in the bike. 

Or consider driving a car. You put gas in, and drive somewhere. The gas produces exhaust, which means that there’s an inefficient use of fuel. A perfectly efficient use of fuel would leave zero exhaust.

Same goes with your body. Fuel in, and exhaust out. On a personal level, it seems to be a lot of wasted energy.

But then again, from a very broad perspective, it’s perfectly the way it should be.

Only when we want something we can’t get, or we don’t understand the system does something seem to be “not working.”

Take something simple like shooting baskets. You shoot and you miss. Even if you completely miss the rim, the laws of physics are still working beautifully.

But what happened? Your brain wanted it to go in, but your body didn’t cooperate. Or did it?

Maybe part of your brain was wanting it to go in, and part of your brain was worried what everybody would think if you missed.

Kind of like having one of those two-person bikes when both people aren’t pedaling in sync.

When you were born, you were perfectly in sync with your intention and your intuition. When you wanted something, you let everybody know. When you were curious about something, you went over and grabbed it. When you were sad, you didn’t pretend you weren’t.

Then you went through a process of becoming an adult. Sadly, many folks don’t make it through this “training period.”

Many people never regain their innocence, curiosity, tendency to express their emotions clearly and confidently.

Think about an adult you know, that can still do that. Open, fearless, not afraid of risks.

Most people would describe somebody like that as incredibly charismatic.

It’s really just a combination of an adult mind (and all the implied responsibilities), with a childlike attitude. When you combine those two, there’s NOTHING that can stop you.

All you’ve got to do is ditch all those “learned inhibitions” that come with a typical growing up process.

That outgoing, creative and curious charismatic YOU is still there.

Ready to let yourself out?

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Emotional Freedom

How To Obliterate All Rejection

Become The Sorter

Become The Sorter

I’ve had plenty of sales jobs in my time.

Always lured in by the promise of big money.

And then confronted with the cold hard reality of constant rejection.

Really successful outfits knew that because they had such high turnover, they ALWAYS had to be hiring.

Meaning that part of their daily operations were hiring and training new people. Baked into the cake was the idea that most of their sales would be made by new salespeople only a week or two out in the field.

Many didn’t last longer than that.

Like I said, just a few rejections can quickly kill any dreams of big money.

The guys that seemed to do the best had super human charisma and were always high energy.

Kind of inefficient if you ask me.

Then later I learned all about NLP, proper criteria elicitation, and how it’s MUCH better than simply spitting out the same “features and benefits” pitch over and over and over.

The people that are in sales the longest know that no matter WHAT kind of technique you use, it’s all a numbers game.

Call enough people, and you’ll get some sales. Get enough sales, and you’ll make some good money.

Now, for most people, this requires getting rejected so many times that it simply doesn’t matter any more.

While this does work, it’s not a fun strategy.

The very few people who tend to make serious bank from the beginning never see it as rejection in the first place.

If somebody says they don’t want to buy, they salesperson doesn’t take it personally.

Once I had a phone number with the last two digits missing. So I basically had to call up to 99 different phone numbers to find the person I was looking for (who happened to represent a HUGE commission).

I didn’t see each wrong number as a “rejection” since there was no way to magically make the wrong number a right number.

It was more a matter of pure sorting.

When you look at sales, or anything you want in life, with the mind of a sorter, there’s NO rejection.

Since you’re not trying to get “accepted” by anybody. You’re just looking for somebody who matches what you’re looking for.

When you get down to it, EVERYTHING in life can be put into this broad model.

Figure out what you want, and sort through everything out in the world until you get it.

You used to be able to do this without ANY problem.

Back when you were a little kid. Back before you learned what “failure” even meant.

The good news is you can get back that mindset of the sorter. The fearless explorer. That golden child within that loves the journey as much as the destination.

Learn How:

Emotional Freedom

Blast Away Emotional Storms

Rediscover Your Beliefs

Re-Discover Your Beliefs

The idea of a “perfect storm” is pretty common.

It was first made popular by a book and movie of the same name.

A group of fishermen went out in the Atlantic, and two storms coincided, becoming impossible to escape from.

A “once in a lifetime event.”

Since then, every time there’s a confluence of “bad” events, it’s called a perfect storm.

On an individual level, it can certainly feel like everybody’s conspiring against you sometimes.

Nothing goes your way. All the lights are red. Everybody you talk to says “no,” before you even finish.

Makes you wonder why you even got out of bed!

Other days, the opposite can happen. Everybody thinks you’re a genius. Everybody’s checking you out wherever you go. All the lights are green.

The thing that our human experience and weather have in common is something called “feedback loops.”

Windy weather changes the conditions, which feed back into the system, and affect the weather. Every once in a while this turns into a hurricane or a tornado.

In the human experience, it kind of works the same way, only about a kajillion times more complicated.

Somebody shuts you down, this puts you in a bad mood, which makes the next person less likely to listen to you, etc. etc.

Naturally, this works both ways.

You smile at somebody, they smile back. Suddenly you’re on top of the world. Your energy changes. The way you behave changes. This, of course, changes how people perceive you, which changes how THEY behave towards you, making you feel even BETTER.

When you’re smack dab in the middle of a “negative feedback loop” it can seem like you’re stuck in a tornado.

After all, tornadoes don’t suddenly morph into happy sunshine without ripping out a few trailer parks first.

However, there’s something that humans have that make it MUCH EASIER to turn on a dime. 

See, weather does what weather does. It HAS to follow the laws of physics. If a tornado doesn’t like being a tornado, he or she suddenly can’t change the laws of science to turn into a puffy white cloud of happiness.

On the other hand, humans DO have that power.

Since what happens to us is largely based on how we PERCEIVE events, rather than the events themselves.

Especially when it comes to trying to “guess” other people’s intentions based on some really vague behavior.

When somebody looks at us funny when we ask for something, it could be they hate our guts, or it could be they’ve got some really bad gas, or are madly in love with us.

Not only can we change the meaning of events as they happen, but we can the meaning of ALL the events in our lives.

Going way back to when we were kids, when all of our limiting beliefs and “limitations” were “discovered.”

This can make for some VERY INTERESTING opportunities!

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Emotional Freedom

The Mistake That Kills Any Chance Of Love

The Truth About Love

How To Create Magic

How do people fall in love?

This may sound incredibly cynical, but it’s really not. Understanding how the world really works can only help you to operate within it to get what you want.

Love is based on self-hypnosis. You meet somebody. You go on a few dates. Then you start thinking about them. You start to look forward to seeing them. You plan what to do with them. You remember them after the date is over.

Most of the thinking about the other person is when they are not around. Based on your own ideas. This is why “one-itis” is such a hard thing to kick. It’s not based on an honest and realistic interpretation of what the other person is really like, but your own imagination of what they are really like.

You’ve got this idea of her, that’s based ONLY on your imagination. Finally when you talk to her, or if you’re like some guys, you express your deep and undying love for her, it’s going to sound creepy as hell.


Because you’re talking to her like you know her. Like you’ve been with her. And she maybe only knows you from one or two conversations.

However, when two people start feeling this way about each other, at the same rate, it’s pretty cool. So cool that there’s nothing else that even comes close, pleasure wise.

But remember those feelings are generated when you are apart. When you are thinking about each other.

Which means if you DON’T give her time to think about you, and crucially to WONDER about you, it’s simply NOT going to happen.

If she knows you’ll always be there for her, (at least in the early stages) she won’t dream about you.

Humans don’t dream or fantasize about things we KNOW we are going to get.

There HAS to be a bit of uncertainty.

So if you are trying to create those deep feelings, you HAVE to give her room.

DO NOT text her fifteen times a day. DO NOT chase her like desperate puppy.

Now, this is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT if you are head over heels in love with her (or at least think you are) and are unsure of how she feels about you.

Which is why you should ALWAYS be in the habit of talking to cute girls wherever you go. Not to pick them up, or number close, or even flirt.

Just to be friendly. Just to keep yourself from going insane.

The BEST TIME to start doing this is BEFORE you meet “her” and start to feel those longings.

That way, it will already be part of who you are.

AND it will make it much more likely to find “her.”

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Girlfriend Generator

How To Maximize Psychic Profits

Pay Attention To The Bottom Line

Keep An Eye On Your Bottom Line

Many people tend to think of “profits” as a bad word.

The other day I was reading some blog post about some new show on Netflix. A commenter didn’t quite like Netflix’s strategy, so they complained about “profit chasing.”

What are “profits” anyhow?
In a very basic sense, it’s any time you get more out of a system than you put in.

If you grow corn, for example, and it costs you $1000 to grow the corn, and you can sell them for $1200, that means you’ve made a profit of $200.

If this particular corn farmer wanted more profits, he’d figure out a way to grow more corn. And so long as people weren’t FORCED to buy his corn, the more he sold, the happier people would be, since they were buying them based on their own choice.

In this simple case, more profits is good for everybody. More people that want corn get it, the farmer has a job he knows is benefiting people, AND the farmer’s making some decent money.

Of course, whenever there are all kinds of complicated laws and hidden agreements it can spoil the system.

But on a basic, fundamental level, profits are a good thing.

Even on a personal level, we seek profits.

For example, any time you think about doing something, you imagine yourself in the future, with your new “state” better than your current “state.”

Then you imagine the action and the risks involved in going from your current “state” to your imagined better “state.”

If you are successful, you could say that the difference between the two states (the better future state minus or current state) is your own personal “profit.”

In fact, many economists have called this “psychic revenue.” Meaning you get a benefit, but since it’s not money, it’s based on your own feelings, emotions, and subjective values.

And unless we think we’ll be better off, we won’t take action.

Now, this pretty easy when we don’t perceive any risks.  Then it’s simple, and often times pretty boring. Like some routine process.

Baking a cake. Buying something from a vending machine. Driving across town to buy something you want.

But when perceived “risk” comes into play, that’s when things get tricky.

If we perceive a huge risk, then we won’t take action. We imagine the outcome as better, but we don’t want the costs associated with it (going through those scary risks).

This is why it’s so crucial to get a handle on your fears.

Since most fears are imaginary and NEVER happen, there’s plenty of things that are easily within our reach, but we simply talk ourselves out of it.

Get rid of those imaginary fears, and life becomes a LOT more fun, and a LOT easier.

Ready to blast YOUR fears away?

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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light

Be An Example To Others

I saw this interesting question on some financial web site the other day.

It was one of those questions designed to seem simple, but with an unexpected answer. The idea being you’d click through to read more about their financial services.

The question was about interest rates, something people generally don’t know much about.

Some say this is on purpose, so bankers can take advantage of more people.

For example, one way to describe a loan is “renting money.” Meaning they give you money, then you give them the money back, plus interest. Since you’ve got to pay them every month, like you’d pay your rent, it’s basically the same concept.

Yet they don’t use this. I mean, if you borrow a pencil from your friend at school, you just give it back when you’re done. If you borrow a library book from the library, you give it back, there’s no cost.

Yet when we “borrow” money, we have to pay extra. Maybe those bankers from centuries ago did this on purpose!

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression that we aren’t physical beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We are eternal, but we are in our bodies for only a blip of a split second.


Maybe we’re “borrowing” our bodies, or the matter that makes them up, from the rest of the universe.

Are we here just to have fun? Or do we have a larger purpose?

Is it a free ride, or do we need to “pay rent?”

If so, to who?

Many different religions teach us that our higher purpose is to serve others.

Reminds me of the story of the talents, from the New Testament.

To those who are given much, much is expected.

But what does this mean? What is expected of us? How can we serve others the best?

Maybe by figuring out how to maximize our skills, so we can participate in society by helping to create something that will best serve the most people.

After all, you’ve got a great light within you. Are you going to keep it hidden, or shine it so all can see?

Not only shine it, but make it as bright as you can.

How will you do that?

Maybe that’s the purpose of life itself. To not only shine your light for all to see, but spend your precious little time here maximizing it’s brightness.

Of course, this can be frightening. Not everybody is interested in our light. The world’s got plenty of problems.

But then again, maybe it wouldn’t if everybody would simply shine their lights.

Why not set an example?

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How To Take A Daily Vacation

Daily Retreats Inside Your Mind

Sink Into Your Inner Self

What is meant by our “higher self?”

It can obviously mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

Whenever people say, “take the high road,” they mean to not give in to emotional reactions, and live or act according to higher principles.

It’s also been said that the true nature of an “enlightened” person is one who can disregard the instinctive programming we all share, and live according to our consciously chosen goals.

We choose to stop eating not because we’re full, but because we’re consciously choosing the shape of our body.

We choose to stop spending money not because our wallet’s are empty and our credit cards are maxed out, but because we are choosing to create a better financial future for ourselves.

We don’t punch that guy in the face that just blatantly insulted us in front of our peers, because we know that acting from pure rage is never a good idea.

Clearly, acting this way all the time isn’t easy. It sure isn’t automatic, otherwise we’d all be skinny, rich, and spouting peace and love wherever we go.

As a human here on Earth, surrounded by other humans who seem to be competing on an instinctive level, it is certainly hard not to join in the fray.

But as somebody who’s intending to create a much more enlightened life for yourself, your family, and those close to you, it’s something that’s likely on your mind a lot.

One way that can help is to set aside some quite, inner reflective time. A time to just sit, breathe slowly and feel your feelings, and let your deepest thoughts roll through you uninhibited.

This can be kind of hard to get into, (and pretty boring!) but once you see the peace it brings you, it will give you something to look forward to when peace and serenity are the furthest things from your mind.

A kind meditative vacation you can escape to on a daily basis. To regroup and strengthen your higher self, and better calm your instinctive, or irrational self.

Having some help can make it a lot easier. A special collection of sounds and frequencies backed by deep subliminals validating and strengthening your higher self.

You may find an hour a day, right before sleep, is the best way to create that daily, inner restorative vacation. That quiet inner solitude that can give life, and your place in it, whole new meaning.

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