The Mistake That Kills Any Chance Of Love

The Truth About Love

How To Create Magic

How do people fall in love?

This may sound incredibly cynical, but it’s really not. Understanding how the world really works can only help you to operate within it to get what you want.

Love is based on self-hypnosis. You meet somebody. You go on a few dates. Then you start thinking about them. You start to look forward to seeing them. You plan what to do with them. You remember them after the date is over.

Most of the thinking about the other person is when they are not around. Based on your own ideas. This is why “one-itis” is such a hard thing to kick. It’s not based on an honest and realistic interpretation of what the other person is really like, but your own imagination of what they are really like.

You’ve got this idea of her, that’s based ONLY on your imagination. Finally when you talk to her, or if you’re like some guys, you express your deep and undying love for her, it’s going to sound creepy as hell.


Because you’re talking to her like you know her. Like you’ve been with her. And she maybe only knows you from one or two conversations.

However, when two people start feeling this way about each other, at the same rate, it’s pretty cool. So cool that there’s nothing else that even comes close, pleasure wise.

But remember those feelings are generated when you are apart. When you are thinking about each other.

Which means if you DON’T give her time to think about you, and crucially to WONDER about you, it’s simply NOT going to happen.

If she knows you’ll always be there for her, (at least in the early stages) she won’t dream about you.

Humans don’t dream or fantasize about things we KNOW we are going to get.

There HAS to be a bit of uncertainty.

So if you are trying to create those deep feelings, you HAVE to give her room.

DO NOT text her fifteen times a day. DO NOT chase her like desperate puppy.

Now, this is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT if you are head over heels in love with her (or at least think you are) and are unsure of how she feels about you.

Which is why you should ALWAYS be in the habit of talking to cute girls wherever you go. Not to pick them up, or number close, or even flirt.

Just to be friendly. Just to keep yourself from going insane.

The BEST TIME to start doing this is BEFORE you meet “her” and start to feel those longings.

That way, it will already be part of who you are.

AND it will make it much more likely to find “her.”

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