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Get In Touch With Your Best Side

When I was in Junior High school, we had these dances.

Us kids talked all kinds of smack before, (at least the guys), but at the actual dance, it was a different story.

All the guys on one side of the gym, all the girls on the other.

Making that LONG walk across to find a girl and ask her to dance was TERRIFYING.

Funny thing was that once you got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. Since few girls said, “no,” we dudes all realized that all we had to do was ask.

Of course, that first long walk is the hardest. This is one of the main reasons so many people stay stuck.

For some reason, we all imagine we can get the goods without making the effort. Money, relationships, love, careers, anything you can think of.

But unless you’re willing to get out in the mix, it ain’t gonna happen.

Not what a lot of people like to hear, but there it is.

Look at ANY successful person, and they spent a LOT of time in the trenches.

But they know a secret most don’t.

And that is the road to success is most always MUCH BETTER than the success itself.

That ever present feeling of growth, of expanding comfort zones, of going to sleep proud of what you DID that day (compared to what you “received”).

Trouble is, most people are waiting for somebody to show them the way.

That’s kind of like junior high school boys waiting for the girls to come over and tell them that it’s ok to ask them to dance.

Sure, it happens, but not very often.

The bottom line HARSH truth of any goal is that if you want to get the goods, you’ve got to PUT YOURSELF in the game.

You won’t be ASKED to join the game. You won’t be PUSHED to join the game. You’ve got to stand up on your own, and get in the mix. Join the fun. Take a risk, and see what happens.

One way is to imagine your higher self, (or your guardian angel) who lives outside time and already KNOWS of your impending success. Imagine him or her standing behind you, giving you gentle encouragement.

Imagine them whispering in your ear, “Get out there and have some fun! It’s safe! You’ll be OK!”

You can conjure up your angel any time you like. See something you want, but are afraid to try.

Imagine them saying that, just the way you’d like.

And then get out there!