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Shift Your Filters

Shift Your Filters

Most sunglasses come with polarized lenses.

This means that they only let in the vertical component of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

This is to reduce the glare, which usually bounces off objects and comes horizontally.

If you take two lenses, one in front of the other, and turn them, they’ll suddenly turn black, not letting any light through.

One lens is cutting off everything but the horizontal component, and the other is cutting off everything but the vertical component. So zero light gets through.

The Hubble telescope was launched several years ago with great fanfare. Then they realized that the lenses were kind of messed up, so all the awesome pictures they were expecting came out blurry.

I saw this YouTube video the other day by a makeup artist. He was saying that a lot of girls come in to his shop and ask to be made up like models they see in magazines.

He explained that those are put through so many filters in Photoshop, it’s pretty impossible to get that effect naturally.

There are many things that can get between what’s out there, and what we see, or perceive.

Even now as your read this, you can shift your auditory filters, from low deep sounds, to high pitches hisses, and hear different things.

There’s a game where you stare at a picture with many objects for a few seconds, and then see how many you can remember.

Most can’t remember very many.

Think of all the things that you pass by, every single day. All the people that you could smile at, but don’t.

All the amazing things you could stop and appreciate, but don’t. All the opportunities that you could take advantage of, but don’t.

This is not wrong, or an example of any kind of limitation. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to not see more than a small slice of a tiny sliver of what’s out there.

But generally speaking, what you look for, you will find.

If you expect to see unhappy people, you’ll see unhappy people.

If you expect to see friendly people waiting to lend you a hand, you will.

Many people try and experiment to find money. They purposely decide to find coins on the ground.

And guess what? They do.

Most people don’t even realize these filters exist, let alone how to shift them.

But when you do shift them, you can fine tune them to find pretty much anything.

What do YOU want?