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Create Planned Creativity

Easily Get In The Zone Every Time

How To Create Zone Thinking

I’ve had the best things “happen” to me when I wasn’t really expecting them.

That’s kind of the definition of “luck,” when preparation meets opportunity.

If you’re sitting around on your couch waiting for the Goddess of Opportunity to come knocking, you maybe waiting a while.

There’s a unique balance of movement, thought, openness where suddenly opportunities suddenly manifest.

You can do certain things to make these happen a lot more frequently.

Mind Mapping, for example, is a pretty good process for digging through your creative brain to come up with ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

Mozart often said that most of his inspirations came when he was out walking. Nowhere in particular, just walking and the ideas just “came to him.”

Any kind of repetitive movement is kind of hypnotic. Even driving, so long as you don’t have the radio on, is a good way to let your mind wander to creative places.

If you’ve ever been reading a novel, and had to reread the same page a bunch of times, that’s exactly what happened.

Part of your brain kept reading, but the deeper part was reminded of something, and that something reminded you of something else….

Paradoxically, you can create creative space where creative ideas are much more likely to pop up.

Jogging, walking, riding the stationary bike, doing yoga. All of these are PERFECT for letting your creative juices flow.

Only most people are so terrified to be alone with their own thoughts they HAVE to fill their ears with the latest pop music.

But when you consider the multitude of benefits you’ll get from regular exercise, in addition to the inspiration, it’s a wonder more people don’t do it.

Some of the greatest examples of visualization success comes from sports.

If you spent a ten or twenty minutes a day, doing something physical and at the same time using that precious to let your mind wander, the benefits would FAR outweigh the costs.

If you’re ready to get started, this will help: