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Hot Sauce

Salsa Means You’re Sexy

There’s all kinds of weird things that marketers know about human nature.

Especially the kind of marketers who do research on grocery store placement.

They have TONS of data, and they are constantly sorting through the data to find relationships.

For example, there’s a kind of salsa that is preferred by people who have cats, or are “cat people.”

There’s a competing brand of salsa preferred by “dog people.”

The job of the marketer is to find these relationships, and then somehow leverage them.

They show this to the various salsa companies, who know where to put the ads for the most effect.

Now, it’s easy to misunderstand these “relationships.”

It’s not like if you start eating one particular salsa, you’ll morph into a cat person.

Kind of like those goofy “relationships” they are finding in the news.

People who drink diet soda, for example, have a higher risk of certain obesity related diseases.

But the news media make it sound as if you will drop dead of you drink diet soda.

They KNOW that most people misunderstand, or don’t know, the difference between “linked” or “correlated” and “cause and effect.”

Correlation, as they say, does NOT mean causation.

In fact, it RARELY does.

But our monkey brains tend to have a hard time with this.

Evolutionary biologists suspect assuming causation where none exist was to cut down on thinking time.

Instead of our ancient ancestors having to do a regression analysis every time they saw a tiger, or an apple tree, they just used the cause effect generator in their brains to assume what they saw MEANT something.

And the more “good” or the more “bad” that something was, the stronger the cause-effect linkage was.

Of course, today, that gets in the way of a happy life.

You apply for the job, don’t get it, and assume it MEANS you’re going to end up homeless.

You talk to that cute guy or girl and they reject you, and you assume it MEANS you’re going to be lonely.

You try and fail at your business and it MEANS you are going to be working minimum wage your whole life.

The truth is that anything can MEAN anything.

Especially when you are talking about the massively shifting variables that are always present in human relationships.

Of course, if you rely on your brain’s “go-to” meanings, they’ll be pretty scary.

Because your brain’s “go-to” meanings are necessarily survival based.

But your daily interactions are not.

Luckily, you can RE-PROGRAM your automatic cause-effect generator.

So those events can MEAN whatever you want them to mean.

That means everywhere you go, you’ll find PROOF that you are getting more of what you want.

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Emotional Freedom

Do You Keep Falling Down?

Do You Keep Falling Over?

I was watching a friend of mine with her kid the other day.

They were having a conversation. Sort of.

My friend was talking, but the kid was only sort of talking.

Half sounds, half words. It was clear the mom didn’t really understand the words themselves, but she just kind of rolled with it.

Now, I don’t remember being that young, but I doubt the kid was too worried about making any mistakes.

If you’ve ever seen kids running on the grass, and they trip over their feet, most of the time they think it’s pretty funny.

Once I had this mountain bike. I rode it quite often, on the street, and decided to get those special pedals with special shoes so they can clip in.

First ride was going fine until I forgot I’d switched my pedals. It seems that getting out of them requires some practice.

I rode up to the top of this hill, during heavy traffic, to a big intersection. The light was red, and I coasted to a stop.

Only as I started to fall over did I realize my feet were stuck in the pedals.

And right next to me, was a car filled with cute girls.

Boy oh boy was that embarrassing!

On the other hand, it was valuable feedback. I spent the next ten minutes or so practicing how to get in and out of those pedals, in a parking lot without many cars.

I could have just as easily gone home and never ridden again.

This is the difference between how we “label” events that happen to us.

They can be valuable feedback, which can help us. (I ended up riding about 200 miles a week for a year or so after that.)

Or we can give up, thinking that “event” MEANS “failure.”

But nothing really means anything.

Sure, we have some instinctive, “go-to” meanings.

But if we depended on our instincts ALL THE TIME, we’d weigh a million pounds and we’d start bashing people in the head with rocks whenever we got into an argument.

How we label events plays a large part in how “scary” the events are, either as they happen, or as we imagine them BEFORE they happen.

If we imagine them the wrong way, we’ll IMAGINE something we call “fear” and that will keep us stuck.

But with some practice, you can learn how to imagine future events differently. So they’ll seem less scary.

You’ll be more likely to take action, which means you’ll get more good stuff.

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Love The Path Get The Result

Rewire Your Brain

Rewire Your Brain

Getting in shape is a great metaphor for getting rich.

Most people want more money, and most people would like to be in better shape.

However, getting there, as most people imagine, is not so easy.

I saw a movie recently about these kids who were in a reform school. The older kids were in charge of the younger kids.

One of the younger kids (the hero of the movie) had angered one of the older kids. So the older kid had the younger kid move a pile of rocks.

One at a time. He was barely able to lift them. Once he’d move the pile, the older kid told him to move it back.

I know a guy who used to drive a forklift, and sometimes, to pretend they were busier than they really were, they would move stuff to one side of the warehouse, and then move it back.

They’d do this for weeks at a time, and anybody who walked in would see all this activity and then lay off giving them any new work.

If you were paid ten bucks an hour to be that kid moving the rocks, that would suck.

Really, really suck.

But what if the rocks were made of gold? What if every one you moved you got to keep?

Same labor, same physical activity, but a COMPLETELY different mental attitude.

This is the REAL secret between making tons of cash, getting your ideal soul mate to fall in love with you, or getting a super sexy sick pack.

It’s not CHANGING what you need to do to get there.

It’s simply LOVING the steps.

Take guys that are super naturals with girls. They don’t worry about rejection, or what to say. They just LOVE the entire process. They do the same thing anybody else would need to do in order to get the same results.

They just love doing it.

People that make tons of cash are the same way. They go through the same process. Trial and error, learning and improving, getting rejected over and over. Until finally they hit paydirt.

Only the they are LOVING every single minute of it. To them, it’s not work. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s anything but the normal, boring as crap, nine to five.

Getting in shape is the same way.  Love the process, and the outcome is easy.

All you’ve go to is rewire your brain.


Choose The Right Tools For The Job

See More Than Nails

Hammers and Nails

One of the usual elements of the “Hero’s Journey” is some kind of tool.

If you aren’t familiar with the Hero’s Journey, it’s what Joseph Campbell discovered several years ago. Most myths have the same basic structure, and contain the same basic elements.

Some normal guy gets pulled (usually against his will) into some kind of adventure, in which he has to conquer some kind of evil force or person.

And he usually gets certain tools along the way, and usually creates a close group of helpful friends.

It’s amazing how many stories have this blueprint in popular movies and TV. Even goofy (but popular) TV shows like “Chuck” have this same model.

Crucial to most fictional (and real) Hero Journeys is some kind of tool. Chuck (if you’re familiar) had the “Intersect.” Harry Potter had his wand. Luke had his light saber. Dorothy, from the wizard of Oz, had her ruby slippers. Spartacus (in the recent TV series) had his sword and shield. Even Walter White had his meth lab.

Tools are essential to human life. It’s what makes us unique. We use tools to make more tools, to make even more tools.

Toasters, cars, shoes, all can be considered “tools” that we use to make life easier.

On a deep psychological level, we see tools in the same mental category as we see other people.

For example, linguists have discovered that the prepositions we use with words determine what kind of category that word belongs to.

Fall “in” love. Love is a some kind of container. (in).

“Defend” an argument. Arguments are war. (defend).

We went “over” that problem. Problems are obstacles. (over).

I went the store “with” my friend. Friends are companions. (with).

I cut the bread “with” the knife. Tools are also companions. (with).

Without tools, it’s just us, our hands, and the cold hard world. Even our hands are considered tools, or companions. (I built my business with my bare hands).

But with tools we can do quite a bit. Build cities. Cure diseases. Create beautiful works of art that will be enjoyed for generations. Walk on the moon.

What tools do you use?

Of course, it can be tough to choose the right tool before you know what the job is. So a better question might be, what kind of life are you building? (Life is a “creation.” You build it).

Choose your tools, and get started:

Mind Tools

Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Your Path is Waiting

Discover And Define Your Purpose

They say the biggest migration in human history was the California gold rush.

Countless people from the East Coast of the United States moved to the West Coast, when gold was discovered in 1849.

Now, that is a long journey. One a lot of people didn’t make. And the ones who were successful didn’t all find huge golden nuggets.

But there’s something with humans that gets us going on long journeys. So long as we believe there’s something at the end, we’ll get moving.

Some believe this exists on a very deep and subconscious level. Previous human migrations were based on massive climate change. Those that had the desire to uproot and move survived. Those who were content to sit around and wait to see how things played out didn’t.

Today, we still have the deep urge. Only it’s not always an urge to move physically. But it’s there.

Learning, creating, finding new ways to express ourselves.

If we don’t have SOME form of forward momentum, it’s easy to feel lost, stuck and even like there’s “no point.”

Especially today, when good jobs are vanishing faster than ice cubes on a summer sidewalk, it’s hard to find your place.

The good news is that any kind of forward momentum will help. Any kind of small project, exercise program, personal financial goal is better than just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

You were put here to do something great. The purpose of your life is to find out what that is.

Nobody is going to tell you. Nobody is going to hold your hand. Nobody is going to show you the way.

It’s scary, it’s risky, and it’s anything but guaranteed.

But taking bold action in the face of uncertainty is the very juice of life. The reward wouldn’t be so sweet if it was easy.

Since you’re reading this now, you must have SOME idea of your life’s dreams. Your purpose.

Have you started?

Far into the future, when you’ve long passed, what will you be remembered for? What will your contribution be?

What will be your life’s masterpiece?

You are the Hero of your life.

Choose your Journey, and get started:

Your Pre-Built Dream Machine

Dream Machine

Unleash Your Genius Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Many people imagine some kind of well funded inventor launching the next billion dollar start up.

Others may imagine some guy in his garage searching for that one invention that will save the world.

In reality, EVERYBODY (including YOU) is an entrepreneur.

What’s the structure of an entrepreneur? They think of something that may make them some money. They take action based on this idea. They get feedback from the marketplace. They adjust their ideas based on this feedback and try again.

This is the same process behind all human action.

You take a quick inventory of your state, right now.

Then you imagine a future that is better than now. Then you take action to attempt to create that future. We get a result, which gives us feedback. If we’ve improved our state, great. If not, we take action again.

The human mind-body-system is hard wired to operate on this behavioral structure. From the most basic movements, like shifting in your seat, to creating your biggest dreams, it’s the same.

Sometimes it’s unconscious, sometimes it’s conscious.

Sometimes is very small, and the outcome is almost guaranteed. Sometimes the actions are HUGE, and the absolute best we can do is move step by step toward our goals. Getting valuable feedback along the way.

Sometimes it CAN feel very magical. These are times when we’ve taken HUGE leaps, but they were unconscious, so we really didn’t know we were taking leaps.

There are ultra lucky people who live their whole lives like this. They never really try, they just do what comes natural, and get paid, get famous, and take their places in the history books.

The biggest mistake you can make is in thinking that if it’s NOT going to happen naturally, (or magically) that it’s not going to happen.

Since this strategy is build into every single human, all you’ve got to do is bring it up to the conscious level.

Choose your dreams, and then do something. Anything. Did you get closer? Great! Do more!

Did you move further away? No problem! Do something different!

However, this ONLY works if you CHOOSE your goals. Own your decisions. If you wait for it to happen magically, it most likely won’t. The dream fairy’s not going to show up to hand you the goods.

But if you own your life, own your behaviors, and own all the feedback, you can create anything you want.


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Prosperity Generator

How To Generate Momentum

Start Slow And Keep Pushing

Start Slow And Keep Moving

A lot of people feel lost these days.

Meaning they’re working some of job they don’t really like, earning income that’s just barely enough, and not sure of the future.

No question, this is a crappy situation.

A few decades ago, all you had to do was show up, do a good job, and you’d get paid.

Not so much any more.

More than ever, it’s up to you to make your own way. This ain’t fair, but it’s the way it is.

Luckily, there’s plenty of opportunities. All kinds of ways to freelance, start your own business from scratch, and get something going on the side.

The secret of creating your own thing is that the process is the exciting part.

Once you make that first dollar, you’re hooked. That feeling of creating something with only your thoughts and the physical tools you have right now is a pretty fantastic one.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they’ve got to hit it big right out of the gate, but few people EVER find success this way.

Even the greats from history took time.

But once you get started, something else will happen.

That job that sucks so much won’t suck so bad any more. Because it won’t be the ONLY thing you’ve got going. 

Instead of thinking about it as your ONLY hope for survival, you’ll suddenly see it as a temporary “crutch” to help pay the bills until you get your own thing going.

Even if you just spend a few minutes a day on your “project,” your mind will shift.

Your spare time will be spent not with worry, but with hope and expectation for a better future.

You’ll actually wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. Ideas you can put into action.

All it takes is that first step. Then another. Then another.

Then you’ll have something few people ever experience.

Self generated momentum. Created by you and sustained by you. To create your future.

Once you get a taste of your independence, you’ll never look back.

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Generate Prosperity Momentum


Positive Feedback Loops

One of the coolest things to experience is a positive, self-sustaining loop.

These happen a lot, and unfortunately for some, we tend to remember and focus more on the “negative” self sustaining loops than the positive.

Since most people have some kind of experience with dieting and losing weight, that’s a good example of both.

A positive self sustaining loop would be when you start small, build up some momentum, and then find yourself six or so months later actually looking forward to exercising. You start needing less and less willpower to avoid those foods you know you should.

On the other hand, eating the wrong foods tends to make you feel lousy. And when we feel lousy, we tend to turn to quick “pick me ups” which tend to more of the wrong foods. And the cycle continues.

I’m sure you can identify cycles like this in all areas of life. They’re part of nature, and even inorganic systems like whirlpools and sinkholes.

In our own lives, one common difference is our time frame. When we’re in a “negative” self fulfilling loop, our minds tend to focus only a day or two ahead of time. When we feel like eating that “bad” food for example, we are intently focused on the present, without really focusing on the outcome a couple days later.

On the other hand, when we find ourselves in those wonderful “positive” self fulfilling loops, we tend to look at the long term. Because the long term looks GOOD. 

That affects our “now” decision making process, which helps us to make decisions in the “now” that are much better for our future.

It’s no secret that people that do well in business are VERY good at this. The ability to think about what they are doing NOW, and see how it will affect their lives years in the future.

Now, I know how incredibly hard it is when you’re smack dab in the middle of one of those “negative” self reinforcing loops. It can seem impossible to get out.

The trick is to start small. Very small. So small you won’t even notice. The secret of building a HUGE life of massive prosperity is not on gigantic thing you do.

It’s a gigantic COLLECTION of very small things you do. Things that will snowball into HUGE things out into your future.

All rich people have this in common. They all started small. (A surprisingly small number of rich people inherited their wealth). Then by slowly building that ever important momentum, they turned those small daily things into a life of HUGE success.

YOU can do the same. All humans can. We all have the capacity. And it only takes a small shift in thinking to kick it off.

If you start today, you’re future “you” will thank you.

Here’s How:

Prosperity Generator

How To Benefit From Einstein’s Error

Einstein Was Wrong Quite A Lot

Copy The Smartest Guys On Earth

If it rains, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

If you’re intending to play baseball, maybe not so good.

If you’re growing crops, then it’s probably a good thing.

If you apply for a job and don’t get it, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

Bad thing if the company takes off and everybody gets rich off the stock options.

Good thing if the company sucks and they end up laying everybody off.

The bottom line about pretty much anything is that the meaning is not only open to interpretation, but many people will have different interpretations.

And they’ll all be right.

Even though the world exists with or without us, how we perceive it, and how we perceive ourselves is always open to interpretation.

This is pretty good because all you’ve got to do is try on different interpretations, and see which one works best.

One of the most mind boggling advances if physics happened just like this.

In the early 1900’s a bunch of the smartest guys on Earth (Einstein and friends) were sitting around trying to figure out this phenomenon called “Black Body Radiation.”

They kept watching what was happening, and then describe it mathematically and they kept getting it wrong.

Even Einstein.

Then this guy Max Plank (in his twenties) had an “out of the box” idea, and quantum physics was born.

Luckily, we can apply that very same model. Just keep trying different “stories” of what’s going on, until you find one that fits.

The good news is that you can do this on stuff that’s happening right now, around you, and you can also do this with stuff that’s already happened.

All you’ve got to do is choose something you’d like to be true (like “making money is easy,” or “talking to super sexy people is easy,” or “giving persuasive speeches in front of hundreds of people is easy”) and find evidence of this in your history to support it.

And it will be true.

Truth is there’s billions of stuff going on around you AND there’s billions of stuff that happened to you already.

All you’ve got to do is choose something you’d like to be true, and then find evidence to support it.

No physics required.

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What Do You See When You Look “Out There”?

Master Your Own Brain

Master Your Brain

Your brain is an amazing tool, much more than most people realize.

It’s lighting quick, and can hold limitless amounts of information.

As much as people are hyping up science and computers and artificial intelligence, nothing comes close to the computational power between your ears.

One thing that makes it so incredible is its amazing efficiency.

It knows when to conserve resources, and when to go “all in.”

For example, scientists tell us that much of what we “see” out there is really generated “in here.”

Meaning our brain does a quick check of our environment, notices it’s pretty similar to things its seen before, and then calls up it’s “brain cache” or its pre-recorded information.

For example, once I was driving down the freeway, and saw a pickup truck a hundred meters or so ahead. There was a dog in the back.

Then, when I got right up next to it, I looked over, expecting to see a dog, but instead saw a pig. (He was looking right at me with a “what are you looking at” expression).

I almost drove off the road!

What happened was my brain saw a pickup truck with a four legged animal in the back. It decided the accuracy of the situation wasn’t crucial, so it looked in the back of my brain for all my memories of four legged animals in the back of pickup trucks, and came back with a bunch of dogs.

So I saw a dog.

Only it wasn’t a dog, it was a pig.

Now, had the situation been important, and I was actively looking for something (like I needed to find a pig to keep a bomb from destroying the Earth or something) I would have seen the pig straight away.

On the other hand, had I been nearly eaten to death by a gang of hungry pigs as a child, I DEFINITELY would have seen the pig. Not only that, but I would have gotten a HUGE negative emotion because of it that told me to stay the heck away from pigs!

So what we “see” out in the world is HUGELY dependent on what we’ve ALREADY got stored in our brains.

We can see things, events, situations, people, you name it. And depending on how we interacted with those same things before, we can get positive, neutral or negative feelings.

Most people think that once those memories are there, you can’t change them.

Like if you get nervous when talking to attractive people, you may think you’ll simply ALWAYS be nervous talking to attractive people.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

All you’ve got to do is change how you access your memories.

Notice what filters your brain is putting up between you, and the world.

And change them.

Learn how:

Belief Change