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How To Resonate

Lick Your Finger and Try Again

Lick Your Finger and Try Again

​When I was a kid we’d have a few formal dinners per year.

Nothing fancy, just Thanksgiving and X-mas. My mom would get out the fancy silverware and the plates, which I thought was a pain in the arse.

The fun part was rubbing our fingers across the rim of the wine goblets.

If you got it just right, you could make the glass sing.

From a physics standpoint, the frequency of the micro jumps of friction across the surface are the same as the resonance frequency of the glass.

It sucks when everybody else is making their glass hum, but you can’t.

It’s when you are out of sync with the natural resonance frequency of the system.

This plays out in many different areas of life, as you can imagine.

When you’re “resonating” you’re basically in sync without everybody around you.

Everybody laughs at your jokes, all the lights are green, right when you show up to the front of the supermarket with your basket full of a groceries a brand new line opens up.

Easy Peasy!

Other times, it sucks. It seems that nothing works. All the lights are red. All the lines are long. Everybody just rolls their eyes and shakes their heads when you try a joke.

What then?

Same thing with the wine glass. Stop, take a deep breath, lick your finger, and try again.

Or maybe try a different finger.

Or maybe try a different glass.

The bottom line is if nothing’s working, all that means is you’ve got to do something different.

After all, you are a human with a BILLION variables all going at once. Operating within a reality that’s got BILLIONS of BILLIONS of variables. You just have to keep tweaking things until they match up.

One thing that will ALWAYS help is to make sure you are not trying to fight your nature.

Meaning if you are doing something contrary to your purpose, you’ll know. Even when you’re successful, it feels like work. You keep checking the clock to see when it’s time to leave.

But when you’re ON purpose, when you KNOW you’re busily on the path to fulfilling your life’s mission, then it’s much easier to get everything to click.

You might even say that the whole point of the first half of your life is to FIND your purpose.

The point of the second half is to LIVE your purpose.

If you haven’t found it yet, don’t worry.

You will.

These will help: