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How To Release The Brakes

Release The Brakes

Trust Yourself

​Once I had to move from one apartment to another, a few hours apart.

I rented a big U-Haul truck. I drove between these two cities a lot.

But when I was driving the moving truck, it took a lot longer.

I guess for insurance purposes, they had a “governor” on the accelerator.

You couldn’t go more than the speed limit.

They have these mountain bike tours in Hawaii, and other places.

You ride to the top of these LONG hills (in a van) with gorgeous views. Then you coast down, on your bikes.

Only for safety, the bikes have breaks that are set permanently. Meaning you CAN’T go very fast.

Otherwise somebody would go too fast, crash, and that would be that for the tour company.

Once I was riding a skateboard from a friends dorm, back to mine, in college.

In between was this HUGE hill. One I was too scared to ride down during the day.

Only that night, after having a couple, I had an INCREASE in confidence.

Unfortunately, it was only imaginary confidence. Not confidence based on experience.

Needless to say, I crashed. 

I used to live near these hills. I had a pretty decent mountain bike. I’d ride up and down those hills after work, and on the weekends.

There was one hill that was fantastic. Amazing views from the top. A long, steep decline, which curved slightly to the right.

The no lights or intersections on the way down. And at the bottom, it was flat for about half a mile before the first light.

PERFECT for seeing how fast you could go.

The fastest I ever went was 53 mph, just coasting.

And that was only having released the brakes just for about twenty seconds.

No speed wobbles. I had all the safety gear, but it was still plenty scary.

AND plenty exhilarating.

Brakes are like your inhibitions. Sometimes they are there for a reason. Sometimes you can release them for the wrong reasons.

But when you release them for the RIGHT reasons, it’s REALLY exciting.

What’s even better, any fear you feel during that excitement is all in your mind.

It’s not like riding down a steep hill where one wrong move could transform you into hamburger meat!

But when you release your interpersonal inhibitions completely, the excitement is JUST as real. 

How do you do that?

First you’ll need to do some exercises specially designed to retrain the way you think about these things.

Then you’ll learn how to communicate with others, in a way that will make THEM feel that excitement just because you are around.

Which means YOU will be able to not only FEEL that exhilaration, but create it at will, within anybody you meet.

Learn How: