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Don't Tell Anybody

The Netflix Illuminati Secret

I read an interesting article that illustrated all the hidden categories on Netflix.

Meaning they have WAY more categories than they list.

Probably because there would just be too many to choose from, and too few people would use them.

One thing that’s been shown time and time again it that if we have too many choices, we get brain freeze.

In one marketing study a pasta sauce company sold MORE total jars of sauce when they only had three to choose from.

When they introduce two more, bringing the total up to five, people bought less.

They stood there, looking at five, and couldn’t choose, so they bought something else.

So it’s easy to understand why Netflix has those codes not out in the open.

Not that they’re trying to “hide” them, just that they figure they’d do more harm than good.

If you’re a fan of In-n-Out, you know they also have a “hidden” menu. Burgers you have to “know” about to be able to order them.

But when you do, it’s not like it’s a secret. The guy taking your order doesn’t wink at you like you’re some secret member of some secret club.

But for some reason, a lot of people LIKE the idea of these secret ideas, secret societies, secret string pullers that are PURPOSELY kept from us.

One reason is that if we KNOW about them, it makes us feel like insiders. Like we know stuff other people don’t.

And whether you admit it or not, it feels pretty good to have some “inside scoop” on how the world works.

This is one the POWERFUL reasons people gossip so much.

It feels GOOD, on a very deep level, to share “secret” information.

It’s like a demonstration of superior social insight or something.

But there’s another very INSIDIOUS reason we like believing in hidden societies and wizards behind curtains.

It gives us a ready EXCUSE for living up to our potential.

See, I WOULD be a kajillionare with a bunch of hot supermodel girlfriends, but the Illuminati is secretly keeping me down.

I’ll NEVER get rich because the system is RIGGED against me! So even if I tried, “they” would keep me down.

So why bother trying!

Well, maybe there ARE secret organizations, maybe there AREN’T. But it doesn’t really matter.

Because nobody cares about YOU more than YOU.

Nobody is more invested in your success than YOU.

Blaming secret societies is the flip side of “waiting” for some “authority” to “give you a chance.”

“THEY” (whoever they are lol) will ONLY “give” you a chance if it helps THEM.

If YOU want to succeed, (in anything), YOU need to figure out what to do.

Then get busy doing it.

These will help:

Subliminal Programming