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She Wants To Push Pull You

Chased By Marines

Thomas Jefferson is a guy whose name can cause some reaction.

Some people love him, some people hate him.

Whatever you feel about him, try and put that aside.

One of my favorite quotes of his has absolutely nothing to do with politics or economics or anything normally associated with him.

The quote?

“The sun hasn’t caught me in bed for fifty years.”

Despite how you may feel about the dude, you gotta respect somebody who gets up BEFORE the crack of dawn as a matter of course.

This isn’t easy by any stretch.

One of the most difficult things to do for us modern humans is respond to our own incentives.

For example, suppose you joined the marines, and were shipped off to boot camp.

If you KNEW that waking up even one minute late would mean you and your friends running all day, waking up would be easy.

Anybody could wake up in those situations.

Or if you went away to some weight loss camp, where there was literally NO FOOD to snack on, anybody could lose weight in those situations.

These are situations that have EXTERNAL incentives.

Responding to those are AUTOMATIC.

One time I ran a 10K.

I was pretty out of shape. My goal was to run it in less than an hour, which is pretty slow.

But I was very lucky.

Because about a hundred meters behind me, for the entire race, was a group of marines.

And they were doing their marine “chant” the ENTIRE race.

It was very easy to imagine they were CHASING me, and I had to stay ahead of them.

This EXTERNAL incentive helped me achieve my goal.

The thing is though, that ANYBODY can pretty much do ANYTHING if the external incentives are strong enough.

What’s really powerful is if you can set and respond to your own internal incentives.

Getting up at the crack of dawn when nobody but you is going to know.

Sticking to your diet when nobody but you is going to know.

Hitting your financial goals when nobody but you is going to know.

Because if you CAN create and OBEY your own internal incentives, you can do ANYTHING.



Luckily, you DO have an internal guidance system.

One that you may have forgotten about.

Or worse, one that you may even think is your enemy.

In its current state, it can certainly seem like an enemy.

But if you can understand why, you can recalibrate it.

And turn it into your most loyal friend.

A friend whose support will help you create and obey any internal incentive you want.

To get anything you want.

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Ego Taming


How To Train Your Inner Self

Money and body fat are the same thing.

When bears gear up to hibernate, they store as much energy as they can.

Way back in the days when governments and bankers messed up our financial system, people kind of did the same thing.

The saying of “Go out and make your fortune” was create during that time.

Back then it was actually possible for a normal human to leave home at the age of 18 or so, work their ass for ten or twenty years, and have enough saved to live the rest of their lives in relative comfort.

Structurally speaking, a human saving up money is the same as a bear building up body fat.

Today, both are misunderstood.

Human body fat is a very necessary part of our biology.

Without the ability to turn consumed energy into stored energy, we never would have survived.

And without our ability to turn work into stored money-energy, our societies never would have gotten very large.

Today if we look in the mirror and see some body fat, we get angry at ourselves.

Sure, if you have a couple hundred extra pounds, you might want to live a little healthier.

But the process of turning consumed calories into fat is a life-enhancing process on a personal level.

This might sound a bit silly, but consider the message you are giving to your inner self when you get angry at your hips or your belly.

Even sillier, consider pinching a couple of inches of fat and thanking your body for always looking out for your interests.

Money is the same way.

We get angry at ourselves for NOT having enough money.

Or we get angry at the world, or at others.

Consider that your inner self is like a dumb caveman, only capable of following his or her instincts.

Getting angry at your fat or your lack of money could be similar to getting angry at a dog who hasn’t been trained.

How can you train your inner caveman?

If you know anything about training animals, positive reinforcement works MUCH BETTER than negative reinforcement.

If you thank and genuinely appreciate your body’s ability to turn consumed energy into fat (so you don’t die later on) it might be easier to go the other direction.

To convert some of that body fat back into energy (if you want).

Similarly, consider giving your inner caveman or woman some positive reinforcement when it comes to money.

Physically take out some money, hold it in your hand, and appreciate it.

What does the word “appreciate” mean?

To make larger.

When YOU appreciate money, you’ll be directing your inner self to “appreciate” money as well.

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Wealth Tuning

Genius Ideas Baby

The Birdhouse Strategy

Humans feel best when we are on purpose.

When we’ve got a reason to get up.

When we are in the process of building or creating or moving towards something.

Going on roadtrips is fun for this reason.

Part of the fun of going on a trip is the time it takes to get there.

If we could transport ourselves, like on Star Trek, from our living room to a faraway beach, it wouldn’t be nearly the same.

Maybe because the time it takes to get to our vacation spot (wherever it is) helps us to slowly shift from everyday mindset into vacation mindset.

Sitting in a car or a plane for a few hours literally feels like we are “leaving behind” our normal selves, and moving toward our vacation selves.

Which puts a HUGE barrier to insulate our vacation experience.

But you don’t have to go on vacation to feel on purpose.

Just doing a project which takes a lot of work gives you the same feeling.

Slow growth toward a better future.

Even building a birdhouse (if you’re into birdhouses) is a pleasant experience.

Taking something in your mind, doing the daily tasks to slowly turn your idea into a physical thing.

And once you put it in your backyard, (and see the birds using it) you can remember the process of turning thought into thing.

For a birdhouse or a road trip, it’s easy to measure your progress.

If you’re doing something and you don’t have a way to measure your progress, it’s easy to pretend you’re improving but you’re really not.

One of the “meta” ways to measure your progress is how much money you make.

On one level, this sounds very selfish and almost evil.

But on another level, it makes perfect sense.

So long as you aren’t a bank robber, the money you GET represents the value you’ve PROVIDED to others.

To be sure, there are a LOT of ways you can provide value to others without expecting to get paid.

But if you look at the money you make as directly related to how much you provide to others, it’s a fantastic way to keep score.

It’s very easy to focus on.

Do whatever it takes to EARN more money, and use that as your gauge.

For many people, however, this is VERY frustrating.

It shouldn’t be.

It should feel just like going on vacation or building a birdhouse.

Some people are lucky, and they are born with this mindset.

For them, making money is natural, fun and easy.

And it can be for you as well.

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Wealth Tuning

Secret Ninja Skills

How To Radiate Black Belt Linguistic Energy

Most people hit the snooze button at least once.

Sometimes a few times.

If you absolutely NEED to get out of bed at seven, for example, most people would set their alarms at six thirty.

It’s not a very pleasant thing to pop right awake and have to jump right out of bed.

Sleeping is nice. Dreaming is nice. Your bed is a safe place to be.

Getting and up and walking to the shower while imagining dealing with all the goofs at work, on the other hand, generally sucks.

So we like to ease into it.

Looking at the clock and seeing we’ve got twenty minutes before we need to get out of bed is a good feeling.

We love that extra feeling of “time insulation.”

We tend to do that whenever possible.

We like to have a few extra dollars saved in a secret stash.

We tell the boss we’ll have the report done by Friday, when we could probably finish by Thursday.

It doesn’t feel good to go down to the wire, and have NOTHING left.

Even on Star Trek, Scotty frequently said that it’s never a good idea to tell the Captain how fast the ship can REALLY go.

Building up a set of “defensive linguistic tools” can be thought of as the same way.

That extra bit of secret power.

Even if you never really need them, knowing they are there will make you feel much more confident.

If somebody says something hurtful to you, out of the blue, it can really sting.

Especially if they are somebody close.

But if you’ve got a secret stash of linguistic weapons, you can look at them and just IMAGINE saying them.

Just knowing you have them will take away that sting.

And paradoxically, just knowing you have them will keep those insults from ever happening in the first place.

It’s like you’re radiating a different kind of energy.

Kind of like a quiet guy with a black belt in martial arts.

Nobody knows exactly why, but they suspect it would be a very BAD idea to mess with him.

Luckily, learning these linguistic skills isn’t nearly as difficult as getting a black belt.

All you need is a few minutes a day, and before you know it, your energy will shift.

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Stop Manipulation

Yeah Baby, Yeah!

The Harpo Marx Pattern

Most people have heard of the “handshake interrupt.”

It’s one of the more famous “NLP party tricks.”

The idea is that we think of a handshake as one “thing.”

So when you “interrupt” that singular “thing,” our brains get confused.

Some people get a little confused, some a lot.

But there’s another version of the handshake interrupt that goes back WAAY before NLP.

The Harpo Marx handshake interrupt.

He was the one that played the harp, dressed like a hobo-clown, and didn’t talk.

He’d reach out to shake your hand, you’d stick your hand out.

Then he’d lift up his leg and place it in your hand.

Most people would instinctively take it, (like most people do) and Harpo would stand there with a goofy grin on his face.

Since humans are social creatures, we have a LOT of pre-programmed, automatic behaviors.

And handing something to somebody is one of those.

Any time we shift into “automatic behavior” mode, it’s a GREAT time to quickly sneak into their brain and cause some mischief.

Luckily, our language is FILLED with these automatic behavior structures.

In fact, Noam Chomsky, the original ho-daddy of linguistics, showed that we have neurological language switches in our brain.

And when you understand how these switches work, you can have a lot of fun.

When I was a kid, my mom HATED taking me to the department stores.

This was back when they first started making computers. Before windows, so it was just DOS.

I knew just enough programming (BASIC) to make infinite loops of curse words on the screen.

“Hey, mom! Look!”

Once you understand the deep structure of language, you can do this with people’s brains.

You can have fun, like Harpo, or you can give them silly ideas that get them giggling.

Whatever you do, you’ll be the life of every party.

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Street Hypnosis

Island Lovers

Seductive Mind Myths

I read an interesting book awhile back about memes.

Ideas that spread from person to person.

They are kind of like “genes” in that they replicate, and as they do so, they tend to morph and evolve, just like genes.

What was interesting was some of the reasons that memes spread.

Truth is NOT one of the main reasons.

We believe memes because they are easy to understand, they make us feel “in the know” and a few other reasons.

A famous example is a young female anthropologist from England a couple hundred years ago.

She wanted to make a name for herself, so she visited some islands in the South Seas by herself.

The natives figured she was pretty naive, so they “took the piss” as they say.

They told her a bunch of made up stuff, just to have fun.

She came back and had these tales of these mythical people in the South Seas where everybody had sex with everybody.

(Kind of like in high school, when dudes brag about how much action they get, compared to now much they REALLY get).

For a while, talk of this mysterious “open sex” society in the South Seas was all the rage in upper society.

Especially when talking about nubile young “island girls.”

(Thurston old chap, have you heard? That island in the South Seas where EVERYBODY has sex with EVERYBODY?)

A few older, more experienced anthropologists (who had studied plenty of societies and suspected something was wrong) decided to go and have a look for themselves.

And sure enough, when they just observed their behavior (instead of asking the guys, “how often do you get laid?”) they found it was all nonsense.

Funny thing was, that after they came back and published their official report, the myth continued.

For over a hundred years. Even today, people still think there are mythical “island sex parties” somewhere.

Not because they are true, but because we WANT to believe it.

Plenty of these myths still exist.

Not because they are true, but because we LIKE to believe them.

One myth that exists in the world of sales, persuasion and seduction is you have to have a super charismatic personality.

That you have an ultra strong frame.

That you have to know all kinds of advanced language patterns.

When in reality, the opposite is true.

The more you can FORGET about yourself, the more you can OPEN the other person.

And get them to do anything.

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How To Learn Anything

Stop Being A Ping Pong Ball

I saw this interesting “magic” trick online the other day.

It showed four cards, and you had to choose one.

And then think about it and click the button.

The trick was the card you were focused on would be gone on the next screen.

And it was!

But the trick was that ALL FOUR cards were different.

Because they were all face cards, and a mix of suits, the only way you would not be fooled would be if you memorized ALL the cards.

But since the instructions said to pick ONE, most people don’t even notice the other cards.

So when four new face cards are shown, all mixed, and all different, it looks magical, because the others “look” the same.

Scientists tell us our brains run off largely cache-like memory. Meaning in order to save brain processing time and energy, we only “guess” what’s “out there” and come up with a memory based on what we “think” is there.

Clearly, this can be a HUGE disadvantage.

Especially when talking about the many deep nuances of communication.

You think you are being clear, but the other person completely misunderstands you. Later on, you “assume” they “knew” what you meant, but they “assume” you meant something else.


On the other hand, magic tricks, movies, optical illusions, even silly jokes wouldn’t work if our brains were super accurate like a Vulcan.

But it’s also so easy why we tend to believe stuff that CAN’T be true.

So many “ideas” out there are contradictory, most of them HAVE to be wrong!

The good news is that because “meaning” itself is so slippery, you can CHOOSE what you want things to mean.

This is a lot easier if you have a solid PLAN for your life.

You already have tons of preprogrammed desires. Sex, money, safety, shelter, companionship, a certain amount of social status and recognition.

But unless you take the time to SPEFICIFY what these mean to you, and HOW you are going to achieve them, it’s easier to get knocked around like a ping-pong ball in a typhoon.

Just doing this (choosing specific goals and how you’re going to achieve them) is a feat unto itself. It’s not easy, and it requires a lot of introspection.

Which is why most people don’t really take the time to do this.

Sure, everybody has WISHES. These are usually dependent on the wish-fairy showing up and giving you a magic bag of stuff.

You’ll be surprised that once you get going on the process of creating and manifesting your goals.

Because the process itself is what LIFE is all about.

Not to be a ping pong ball, but to be a person of PURPOSE.

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Don't Tell Anybody

The Netflix Illuminati Secret

I read an interesting article that illustrated all the hidden categories on Netflix.

Meaning they have WAY more categories than they list.

Probably because there would just be too many to choose from, and too few people would use them.

One thing that’s been shown time and time again it that if we have too many choices, we get brain freeze.

In one marketing study a pasta sauce company sold MORE total jars of sauce when they only had three to choose from.

When they introduce two more, bringing the total up to five, people bought less.

They stood there, looking at five, and couldn’t choose, so they bought something else.

So it’s easy to understand why Netflix has those codes not out in the open.

Not that they’re trying to “hide” them, just that they figure they’d do more harm than good.

If you’re a fan of In-n-Out, you know they also have a “hidden” menu. Burgers you have to “know” about to be able to order them.

But when you do, it’s not like it’s a secret. The guy taking your order doesn’t wink at you like you’re some secret member of some secret club.

But for some reason, a lot of people LIKE the idea of these secret ideas, secret societies, secret string pullers that are PURPOSELY kept from us.

One reason is that if we KNOW about them, it makes us feel like insiders. Like we know stuff other people don’t.

And whether you admit it or not, it feels pretty good to have some “inside scoop” on how the world works.

This is one the POWERFUL reasons people gossip so much.

It feels GOOD, on a very deep level, to share “secret” information.

It’s like a demonstration of superior social insight or something.

But there’s another very INSIDIOUS reason we like believing in hidden societies and wizards behind curtains.

It gives us a ready EXCUSE for living up to our potential.

See, I WOULD be a kajillionare with a bunch of hot supermodel girlfriends, but the Illuminati is secretly keeping me down.

I’ll NEVER get rich because the system is RIGGED against me! So even if I tried, “they” would keep me down.

So why bother trying!

Well, maybe there ARE secret organizations, maybe there AREN’T. But it doesn’t really matter.

Because nobody cares about YOU more than YOU.

Nobody is more invested in your success than YOU.

Blaming secret societies is the flip side of “waiting” for some “authority” to “give you a chance.”

“THEY” (whoever they are lol) will ONLY “give” you a chance if it helps THEM.

If YOU want to succeed, (in anything), YOU need to figure out what to do.

Then get busy doing it.

These will help:

Subliminal Programming

Give Them A Verbal Bong Hit

Make People Feel Wonderful Around You

I remember the first time I was “exposed” to NLP.

Me and a bunch of other guys were sitting in this hotel lounge.

One guy mentioned that he had some kind of problem.

Another guy casually started asking him questions. Slowly and covertly leading him through some kind of NLP conversational “change work” procedure.

For about twenty minutes, all of us (except for the secret NLP master) all were sitting around looking like we’d just taken a MASSIVE bong hit.

This is one of the “effects” you can have when using covert language patterns.

And like any tool, you can use it for good or evil.

The thing was, that while the one “guy” was the “target” for the “procedure,” we all participated vicariously.

Because the “problem” was one that most guys have.

And after that “intervention,” few of us could even remember what the problem was.

Now, this guy (the NLP Wizard) didn’t start by saying, “Hey I’m going to try some language patterns, OK?” He just rolled right into it. Nobody even knew what was going on, before, during or after.

We just kind of all experienced the same “brain fade.”

Only later, after I’d started studying NLP, did I understand what he did.

This was the same guy that would ALWAYS get most of the waitresses in a restaurant hanging around his table whenever they had a chance.

He also found a way to make a TON of money in his part time, so he could spend most of his time “enjoying” other people.

All because of two things.

One is that he assumed that within other people is TREASURE.

Two is he used his language to FIND IT.

Most people don’t think they have treasure inside them. So when somebody comes along, and starts to use these slightly strange sounding language patterns to elicit that treasure, they feel pretty good.

Only like that first time, they have no idea what’s going on.

They just know that when THAT PERSON is around, they feel fantastic.

And of course, whenever they think of THAT PERSON, they feel fantastic.

How do you BECOME that person?

One is to start looking at people differently. Instead of looking at them as objects or obstacles, train your brain to wonder what their treasure is.

Not just the people you think are attractive or whom you think you can make money from.


The next step is to learn these patterns, and use them to dig for their treasure.

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Trash Can Man In Your Brain

The Uber Skill

I’ve done a lot of moving in my life.

Various places in college, various jobs, cities, countries, etc.

And there’s always one question that needs to be addressed every single time I move.

What to keep, and what to throw out.

Now, some moves are close enough so I just hire a couple guys to come by in a truck.

They take everything out of the old place, throw it in the back of the truck, and then unload it in the new place.

Not a lot of thinking required.

Other times, when I’ve got to do the moving myself, I have to think long and hard about some of my stuff.

Do I really need it, or is it junk?

One time I found myself living in an apartment that didn’t have a big dumpster outside.

So I had to carry my junk at night, down the street, and pitch it in the dumpster behind the supermarket.

If you do this enough, you find that you can really streamline your life.

There’re even experts that will help you do this, even if you’re not moving.

Ideas in your head can act the same way.

Some of it’s junk, and some of it’s gold.

Of course, you can’t tell if you don’t take a good look. Which most people are afraid to do.

Skills, however are always pure gold.

Sure, you may waste TIME learning a skill, but once you’ve got the skill, you never know when it will come in handy.

There’s a theory that since all of us are tied into to the super-conscious, (via the subconscious) no matter WHAT skill we are learning, there’s always a reason.

You might not understand why now, but in five years, you’ll be in a situation and you’ll suddenly remember you’ve got THAT skill (that you didn’t really know WHY you learned in the first place) and you’ll be golden.

So there’s really never a good argument to NOT learn new skills. Sure, some particular skills like juggling chainsaws might not be a good idea.

But other skills will DEFINITELY help you.

One of these is how well you communicate. Your ability to not only get those ideas out of your head clearly and succinctly, but to persuade others of their value, is absolutely crucial.

Well, not really CRUCIAL. But without them you’ll always be dependent on others.

But when you take the time to develop communication skills, you will have a lot more options, a lot more resources, and will be much less likely to ever get “stuck.”

Most people spend their time wondering “if.” Or they spend their time “hoping.”

I hope she likes me. I hope they hire me. I hope I don’t get fired.

But when you learn POWERFUL communication skills, you will not need to rely on OTHERS.

Instead of “hoping” for situations to go your way, you can carefully ENGINEER them to go your way.


Here’s How:

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