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Recently they discovered that orangutans make certain noises when there are predators around.

They ONLY make those sounds (a series of clicks) when those predators around.

It’s an insight into the development of human language.

Nobody is really sure when language was invented.

They only know when written language was invented, which came perhaps tens of thousands of years after spoken language.

Whenever evolutionary scientists look at all of our human characteristics, some things make sense, while others don’t.

Clearly being able to talk has tons of benefits over not being able to talk.

Many people believer that the purpose of human language is to exchange information.

But there’s a deeper issue. Even when those orangutans make those clicks, the are hoping (instinctively) that whoever hears those clicks will DO something.

Something specific, like not get eaten.

Sometimes it seems that when humans talk, there isn’t really a reason.

It can be an interesting mental experiment to do next time you’re hanging with your friends.

Sit back and listen, and try and guess the “intention” beneath the words.

What behavior are they trying to elicit? Often it’s a simple as trying to elicit a smile or any kind of agreement.

But the intention is always there.

Many times people will say something, NOT get the intended result, and then kind of retreat.

They’ll say, “Just saying…”

Most of the time, even when we HAVE a clear intention (get somebody to laugh, give out their phone number or agree to an idea) we don’t have much of a plan.

We just kind of spit out a bunch of words and hope for the best.

Even the most skilled speakers and persuaders don’t really have a concrete plan on how to specifically get their intended outcome.

Most of the time, they’re just naturally “good at it” which means they really don’t know HOW they do what they do.

But there IS a set of strategies that work, and work very well.

They are contrary to how most “persuaders” operate. Kind of the opposite.

And for some, getting into the right frame of mind is difficult.

But when you do, it’s VERY EASY.

So easy, that if those highly skilled “persuaders” would see you do it, they would wonder why in the heck it’s working so well.

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Two Types of People In The World - Those With Loaded Guns, and Those Who Dig. You Dig.

Are You Digging Or Shooting?

One of my favorite movie quotes is from the Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

It’s where Eastwood’s character (the famous man with no name) and his buddy are about to dig for the gold they’ve been searching for.

It’s hidden in some graveyard.

Clint says, “There are two types of people in this world. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.”

Naturally, this is easy to apply to pretty much any society. Those who own all the means of production (and control all the cops and the military) and those who do all the work.

However, if ALL you have is some extremely simple “two types of people” argument, it’s pretty limiting.

Since humans are so complex, no matter WHAT kind of distinction you make, we all fall under both categories at one time or another, sometimes at the same time.

On the one hand, you could be the guy with the gun (or the guy in charge). But in another situation, you could be the guy digging (or the one doing the work).

Most of the time, these types of “distinctions” are two sides of the same coin.

Like in economics, they talk about “supply and demand” as if they are two separate things.

But if you are at your job, while consuming ANY kind of product (using your smartphone, drinking a pepsi, whatever) you are simultaneous both supply AND demand.

One of the biggest “arguments” on forums that talk about any type of persuasion (sales, relationships, etc.,) is the difference between “inner game” and “outer game.”

But you simply cannot have one without the other.

It’s long been known that “form follows function” as well as “function follows form.”

Meaning if you’re happy, you’ll smile.

But if you FORCE yourself to smile, you’ll start to feel happy.

Maybe holding that muscle pattern in your face REQUIRES certain memories in your brain to start being triggered.

Who knows.

Even if you FORCED yourself to believe that inner game and outer game are TOTALLY separate, it would be impossible to work on both.

For example, if you had a sales job, and you ignored all the “inner game” stuff like self confidence, assertiveness, etc., and ONLY focused on the words you were saying, something pretty cool would happen.

You’d start to change the words you said, and how you said, based on your feedback (sales, appointments, whatever).

Pretty soon you’d start getting more success. Which would automatically BOOST your confidence.

By practicing ONLY outer game, you naturally increase your inner game.

And by ONLY practicing inner game (doing mental drills, journaling, etc.) you’ll naturally increase your outer game.

Now matter HOW you intend to communicate with others, by focusing on inner OR outer game, you will DRAMATICALLY improve your results.

The good news is it’s easier than most people think.

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