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Why The World Needs Your Success

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Everybody Wants You To Win

No matter what you do, you’ll find a common response from people.

A few will be excited and supportive, and want you to succeed.

A few will hate you and want you to fail.

Most people won’t really care one way or the other.

This is true, but only on the surface. And as I’m sure you know there’s much more BELOW the surface than what we see on top.

The people that want us to succeed are usually those close to us, our friends, family, supportive coworkers.

Those that want you to fail (usually secretly) usually have some kind of irrational grudge.

But what about the unseen?

Hidden Secrets Of Life

Hidden Secrets

There was a famous economist a couple hundred years ago who said, (I’m paraphrasing) “It’s not what we see that’s important, it’s what we don’t see.”

Every time you get out and participate in the world, you are subconsciously depending on the success of pretty much everybody else on Earth.

You want all those people working in factories and on farms and in hospitals to keep succeeding.

You want the guys who drive those big cargo ships across the ocean to NOT sink.

You hope that every single person on an airplane DOESN’T crash.

Otherwise, the whole thing would collapse, and we’d be pretty screwed.

The whole progress of humanity is based on an unconscious desire for mutual success. We all depend on it.

Which means when YOU go out there, and try something new, there’s literally millions of people that you don’t know about, and don’t know about you, who are HOPING that you are successful.

This is what they mean when they say, “The Universe Wants You To Succeed.”

They don’t mean those planets and asteroids a thousand light years away are hoping you make money, or find true love or get that six pack. 

They mean “all the other people on Earth” when they say “The Universe.”

In truth, the ENTIRE PLANET is highly dependent on YOU not only trying new things, but trying new things and doing well.

Just think what the world would be like if NOBODY ever did this? Everybody just sat at home waiting for somebody ELSE to do all the hard work?

We’d still be throwing rocks at zebras, that’s what!

So think of what you want. I mean really want. The biggest dream you can think of.

The rest of the world (the “universe”) ALSO wants you to get it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Are You Climbing The Banana Tree All Alone?

Banana Hunting Monkey

Leverage The Two Worlds

Any time you talk about getting any “result” there are two aspects to consider.

How you interact with your “inner” world, and how you interact with your “outer” world.

To start off, notice that interacting with BOTH worlds is necessary for success.

Luckily, so long as your heart’s pumping blood and your lungs are breathing, it’s impossible to NOT act, both upon your inner world, and your outer world.

Of course, if you NEVER consider anything other than your preprogrammed instincts (meaning you are somehow born as an only-child orphan on some island with enough water and food) most everything will be unconscious. 

Sure, you might consciously think of a better way to climb up that banana tree, but it will ONLY be an extension of your raw instincts.

The great thing about living in a world filled with other people is that we can cooperate with them. We can watch them doing things and imagine how we’d do the same thing. We can try new things, get feedback, and then imagine how we could do better.

Pretty soon, our conscious thoughts and creations take on a life of their own.

As more and more thoughts become things, the world we live in is FAR removed from a world based ONLY on our base instincts.

Eggs Are Good To Eat And Juggle and Stuff

Still Gotta Eat

But we shouldn’t forget about our base instincts. The need for survival, companionship, sex, and self actualization are POWERFUL motivators. Just be careful they don’t become ends in and of themselves.

When you learn to use your mind-body system efficiently, there’s no telling what you can create.

Spurred on by your instincts, and riding that ever present feedback loop, every time you get in the game you can improve upon not only your results, but the results of others.

But sometimes it can be pretty scary to “get in the game.” We often times feel the need for “proof” or some kind of “step by step” procedure. In truth, we’re ALL deeply terrified of public failure, as if it’s some “proof” or our inner “unworthiness.”

Luckily, that’s all nonsense.

One of the great paradoxes of life is many things turn out the OPPOSITE of what we think.

If you “think” you’re playing it safe, by not taking action, you’re actually doing the worst possible thing.

And when you take action without really knowing what’s going to happen, it’s not scary at all. It’s enlightening, exciting, and often times profitable.


Remember that lone guy climbing the banana tree? If he lived in a larger society, and they were watching him (even for the first time) they would ALL be hoping and praying that he succeeds.

So they can copy him, and succeed themselves.

Which is why when YOU take action, most everybody will WANT you to be successful. Because in large societies, especially GLOBAL societies, success NEVER happens in a vacuum.

Ready to take some action?

Check it out:

Mental Alchemy

The LOA Scam

The Law of Attraction Scam

Con Artists Are Everywhere

I saw this interesting sales video the other day for another “Law of Attraction” course.

As someone who loves NLP, persuasion, instinctive triggers, I LOVE reverse engineering those things, just to see what they’re structure is.

This particular sales vid followed the same pattern:

Promise (Good feeling)
Take Away (Bad feeling if you don’t buy the product)
Benefits of the product

This is a classic strategy as old as the hills. Hit the customer with negatives and positives, and associate the positives with the product, and the negatives with NOT buying the product.

As most of us have TONS of negatives and positives inside our heads, this is pretty easy.

But what I found interesting was how little information there was about the product, other that it sounded WAY too good to be true.

Things like “quit your job within a month, and buy houses and cars with cash,” etc.

Pure snake oil nonsense.

Interestingly enough, if you push the benefits of your product to EXTREME LEVELS (lose weight while you eat ice cream, make money while watching soap operas, get girls to beg you for sex by wearing a certain cologne) people will buy it.


Don't Miss Out!

What If I Miss Out?

Because most of us are TERRIFIED of missing out on something. It’s a very deep trigger that we’ve had for millions of years.

So when people decide to buy the “instant cash while drinking whiskey on the beach” training courses, they do so not because they actually think it will work.

They do so because the sales message has triggered the “What if this DOES work and I miss out on it?”

In reality, so long as the sales message BOOSTS this fear (of missing out) GREATER than the cost of the product, people will buy it.

Trust me, I know. I’ve bought many idiotic products for that very same reason!

And then I told myself the same lie that we always tell ourselves:

“Well, at least I tried.”

Now, it took me a LONG TIME to realize that this was a LIE. Spending money on something you KNOW probably won’t work isn’t really trying. In fact, it’s to cover up what REAL TRYING is.

Real Trying (as opposed to buying snake oil) involves getting out there, and doing things just to see what happens.

Nobody’s going to hold your hand and show you the step by step path to riches, or weight loss, or finding the partner of your dreams.

That takes effort. That takes time. And yes, that takes risk.

But risk doesn’t have to be bad. In fact, it can be pretty fun. Especially when you train your mind into LOVING doing things, just to see what will happen.

How To Manipulate People

How To Manipulate People

The Tool Of Manipulation

What, you think this is something evil? All of us do it, all the time. Ever since you realized that by crying you could get somebody to change your diapers, you’ve been manipulating people.

And if you have kids, you know how well easily you can be manipulated. Manipulation is hardwired into our nature.


Because Mother Nature knows we are a bunch of lazy clods who can’t think for ourselves. If we had to remember to go to the toilet, or eat, or get excited when some sexy cave lady or guy came walking our way, we’d have died out long, long time ago.

Instead, she (Mother Nature) gave us these instincts. Subconscious drivers. Hot buttons. Whatever you call them. When they are pushed, we act without thinking.

Now, some of these triggers are obvious. Like eating and running away from dinosaurs.

Fight Or Flight?

But some of these triggers are very subtle, and deal with interpersonal relationships. They were put there to help us survive. Like a mom picking up her kid when it cries.

Just like when the doctor hits your knee with that rubber mallet, the response is unconscious. Driven by your subconscious mind.

You have no choice but to kick your leg. Mothers have no choice but to feel that deep desperate pang of worry when junior cries out in the night.


Most of us have no idea these triggers exist. So we stumble through life and get our buttons pushed and our chains pulled in all kinds of different directions.

Who Does This?

A lot of times, it’s nobody. Just a randomness that coalesces to make you go one way or the other.

You weren’t planning on eating, but you see some guy macking on some delicious roast beef sandwich. Now you want one. Then you buy one.

Did that guy plan on manipulating you? Nope. But it still happened.

Sometimes, though, entities to conspire to manipulate us.

So in learning how to manipulate people, you can see it like Karate. You’re not learning it to kill unsuspecting people while they sleep and take their money.

Fight Or Flight

You are, however, learning it so you don’t get your ass handed to while walking down that dark alley. (BTW, why the f*** are you walking down dark alleys?)

Now you don’t feel do bad about learning how to manipulate people, are you?

How do you do it? Learn these principles, and apply them however you like.

Social Proof

This is the granddaddy of all hot buttons. When you convince somebody that everybody else is doing something, they’ll go along with it without much thought.

To make it even stronger, make the “group” as much like your target as you can. If your target is a male in his twenties that likes grunge rock, then convince him that the group is comprised mostly of mid twenties males who love grunge rock.


Whose Your Monkey?

If some homeless guy comes up and starts talking about some police conspiracy, you’ll laugh at him.

But if some respected news reporter starts talking about the very same thing, you’ll sit up and take notice.

Why? Humans are hard wired to turn off our brains, and listen to an authority figure. It helped us back in the caveman days.

You can leverage this to a great extent. Just make phrase your message so it sounds like it’s coming from an authority, as respected by your target.

Combination I – Authority And Social Proof

Unlock Your Powers Of Manipulation

If you can get both of these on board, you’ll be doing fine. Often times this is all you need. Advertisers, politicians and cult leaders have been using this con for years.

First, choose any kind of authority your target will respect. Then find a group of people as similar to your target as you can. Then combine the message as coming from the authority, and from the reference group.

If they believe you, there’s really not much they won’t do.


Entire nations have gone absolutely bat shit crazy because of this simple one two punch.

The What If – Missing Out Con

Sometimes people will take action simply to find out what will happen. Other times people will take action because they are afraid they will lose out if they don’t.

This is where scarcity comes in. Scarcity makes everything seem more valuable. So present your idea, and make sure it’s going to be leaving soon. If you combine this with an over the top promise, that sounds too good to be true it will work.

Most people won’t believe it, but they’ll take action anyway.


Part of them will think that it may work, and if it doesn’t, they’ll feel bad for not trying.

This is where the next con comes in.

Self Deception

People hate to feel like idiots. So we are hard wired to lie to ourselves. Scientists tell us this evolved after we grew larger and larger as societies.

In hunter gather groups, there’s only about 200 folks you’ve got to keep track of.

But in large agricultural based communities, there’s tons more. So you have to trust your gut when it comes to trusting people.

This left the door wide open for con artists. So people evolved a sixth sense to tell when people were lying.

Are You Conning Yourself?

Then the con artists evolved one step further. They first learned how to lie to themselves, so they could lie to others. That worked out so well, everybody jumped on the bandwagon.

Now we’ve got societies filled with goofs who can lie to themselves like a champ.

You can use this to your advantage. Promise the moon, and convince them they’ll miss out if they don’t take action. Then throw in some kind of booby prize if it doesn’t work out.

This way, when they do take action, and it doesn’t work out, they won’t kill you for conning them.

They’ll tell themselves the oldest con in the book, “Well, I knew it wasn’t going to work, and at least I…” and then whatever you told them the booby prize was.

Social Status

I Want To Be Popular!

Here’s the best way and easiest way to manipulate people. Since the stone age, all of us have been hard wired to get as much social status as we could, any way we could.


More social status meant more sex and food.

Less social status meant no sex and no food.

Now, nobody will outright say, “I want more social status!”

Because in modern society, an open desire for social status is the biggest way to lose social status.

Combine this with our propensity to lie to ourselves, and what do we get?

A bunch of goofs who convince ourselves we DON’T want social status, but do everything in the book to GET social status, all the while PRETENDING that it wasn’t what we wanted.

(Damn we are fucked up!)

WTF is this doing here?

So, if you allude that somebody will gain social status, in a very covert way, but at the same time give them a completely different conscious reason for taking action, they’ll move heaven and Earth to get there.

People give to charity, go to church, wear ugly ass clothes, all because it gets them imagined social status. But at the same time, they NEVER say they are doing that because of social status.

Summary and Conclusion

The bottom line is that we humans are vain, scared, and lazy creatures that are incredibly easy to manipulate.

That means you’d better learn how to manipulate people, so you don’t get manipulated yourself.

AND if you find yourself running for political office, or deciding to start your own cult, you’ll be WAY ahead of everybody!

I’ve put together an entire course on influence, covert persuasion, and a lot more of these powerful triggers that can get you more money, love, and attention that you’d ever thought possible.

A combination of conscious training and hours of unconscious hypnotic programming that will make you a Jedi Ninja of mind manipulation and influence!