Are You Climbing The Banana Tree All Alone?

Banana Hunting Monkey

Leverage The Two Worlds

Any time you talk about getting any “result” there are two aspects to consider.

How you interact with your “inner” world, and how you interact with your “outer” world.

To start off, notice that interacting with BOTH worlds is necessary for success.

Luckily, so long as your heart’s pumping blood and your lungs are breathing, it’s impossible to NOT act, both upon your inner world, and your outer world.

Of course, if you NEVER consider anything other than your preprogrammed instincts (meaning you are somehow born as an only-child orphan on some island with enough water and food) most everything will be unconscious. 

Sure, you might consciously think of a better way to climb up that banana tree, but it will ONLY be an extension of your raw instincts.

The great thing about living in a world filled with other people is that we can cooperate with them. We can watch them doing things and imagine how we’d do the same thing. We can try new things, get feedback, and then imagine how we could do better.

Pretty soon, our conscious thoughts and creations take on a life of their own.

As more and more thoughts become things, the world we live in is FAR removed from a world based ONLY on our base instincts.

Eggs Are Good To Eat And Juggle and Stuff

Still Gotta Eat

But we shouldn’t forget about our base instincts. The need for survival, companionship, sex, and self actualization are POWERFUL motivators. Just be careful they don’t become ends in and of themselves.

When you learn to use your mind-body system efficiently, there’s no telling what you can create.

Spurred on by your instincts, and riding that ever present feedback loop, every time you get in the game you can improve upon not only your results, but the results of others.

But sometimes it can be pretty scary to “get in the game.” We often times feel the need for “proof” or some kind of “step by step” procedure. In truth, we’re ALL deeply terrified of public failure, as if it’s some “proof” or our inner “unworthiness.”

Luckily, that’s all nonsense.

One of the great paradoxes of life is many things turn out the OPPOSITE of what we think.

If you “think” you’re playing it safe, by not taking action, you’re actually doing the worst possible thing.

And when you take action without really knowing what’s going to happen, it’s not scary at all. It’s enlightening, exciting, and often times profitable.


Remember that lone guy climbing the banana tree? If he lived in a larger society, and they were watching him (even for the first time) they would ALL be hoping and praying that he succeeds.

So they can copy him, and succeed themselves.

Which is why when YOU take action, most everybody will WANT you to be successful. Because in large societies, especially GLOBAL societies, success NEVER happens in a vacuum.

Ready to take some action?

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