Why The World Needs Your Success

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Everybody Wants You To Win

No matter what you do, you’ll find a common response from people.

A few will be excited and supportive, and want you to succeed.

A few will hate you and want you to fail.

Most people won’t really care one way or the other.

This is true, but only on the surface. And as I’m sure you know there’s much more BELOW the surface than what we see on top.

The people that want us to succeed are usually those close to us, our friends, family, supportive coworkers.

Those that want you to fail (usually secretly) usually have some kind of irrational grudge.

But what about the unseen?

Hidden Secrets Of Life

Hidden Secrets

There was a famous economist a couple hundred years ago who said, (I’m paraphrasing) “It’s not what we see that’s important, it’s what we don’t see.”

Every time you get out and participate in the world, you are subconsciously depending on the success of pretty much everybody else on Earth.

You want all those people working in factories and on farms and in hospitals to keep succeeding.

You want the guys who drive those big cargo ships across the ocean to NOT sink.

You hope that every single person on an airplane DOESN’T crash.

Otherwise, the whole thing would collapse, and we’d be pretty screwed.

The whole progress of humanity is based on an unconscious desire for mutual success. We all depend on it.

Which means when YOU go out there, and try something new, there’s literally millions of people that you don’t know about, and don’t know about you, who are HOPING that you are successful.

This is what they mean when they say, “The Universe Wants You To Succeed.”

They don’t mean those planets and asteroids a thousand light years away are hoping you make money, or find true love or get that six pack. 

They mean “all the other people on Earth” when they say “The Universe.”

In truth, the ENTIRE PLANET is highly dependent on YOU not only trying new things, but trying new things and doing well.

Just think what the world would be like if NOBODY ever did this? Everybody just sat at home waiting for somebody ELSE to do all the hard work?

We’d still be throwing rocks at zebras, that’s what!

So think of what you want. I mean really want. The biggest dream you can think of.

The rest of the world (the “universe”) ALSO wants you to get it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Your Life Is Waiting

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