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Do You Deserve What You Want?

Let Loose Your Power Of Creation

Creation Is Easier Than Receiving

One of our worst fears is rejection.

This is at the root of many of our other fears. We want something, but we feel if we express our desires, we’ll get shot down. From the tiniest things like asking for the salt to asking a cute person for their phone number, it feels as though we’re on center stage when we’re warming up to pop the question.

However, like many other elements of our personality and communication, there’s a lot of stuff going on.

One thing that people will respond to is our interpretation of ourselves. Little kids have no fear, no shame, no worries. They just blurt out whatever they want. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t.

But you’d have to be an ogre living under a bridge to NOT think this is the prime reason kids are so cute.

Now, if this happens to be your kid announcing to the world what they want at any given time, it can be pretty embarrassing. But to everybody else, it’s pretty cute.

One important distinction to be aware of when discussing adult communication is the difference between structure and content.

The content is that specific thing we are asking for. The salt, the phone number, the raise, etc.

The structure is HOW we are asking for it. And a primary driver of the structure we wrap around our content is our interpretation of the content, and our “deservingness” to receive it.

If we are asking for something we don’t think we deserve (for logical or completely illogical reasons) that will come across in how we ask. So when we DO get shut down, it’s not because there’s anything wrong with the content (that which we are asking for) but our own interpretation.

If we don’t think we deserve it, why should anybody else? Especially if they’re being asked to put time and even money into us getting it?

Now we can also fool ourselves just as easily. We can overcompensate, and “pretend” that we REALLY deserve, and ask for it with all kinds of fake enthusiasm. But then we sound like some sleazy salesperson trying to be our friend.

How can we believe we deserve it (whatever IT is) without sounding like we just came from a super charged guru seminar?

Remember who you are.

Remember why you are here, and what you are creating. You weren’t put here to be “given” stuff, like a kid who cleaned his room on time.

You were put here to create things. And on the other side of everything you’d like, you have something equally as valuable to give.

That part of yourself that is pure energy. Pure spirit. Pure wisdom.

Get in touch with THAT part of you, and you’ll never feel fear again.

Why You’ll NEVER Reach Your Potential

Your Potential Is Infinite

Keep Getting Better

Once upon a time the Earth was a barren wasteland.

Then somehow, life began.

The first life forms were simple. But they grew.

They learned to interact from their environment. To take raw material and transform it into both energy and themselves.

As they grew and evolved, they started cooperating with each others. Bees and flowers, animals and seeds, plankton and whales.

Then humans showed up. Same story.

Take the very basic raw material from their environment, (lower order wealth) and transform it into more useful things (higher order wealth). Trees into houses. Skins into clothing. Stones into jewelry.

Then humans began interacting with each other. Trading things. Exchanging things. The amount of “stuff” or “higher order wealth” took off.

So much they had to come up with a different way than just trading.

Money was invented. 

Then the party really got started!

Societies, buildings, churches, hospitals, theaters, museums, factories, stadiums, burrito machines, etc.

All based on the same process.

Take lower order wealth, transform it into higher order wealth.

And take the created higher order wealth, and exchange it for potential wealth, or money.

Create the wealth that other people want, and trade for the wealth that you want.

But storing up the energy of potential wealth.


The very process of that began when life was first created is still happening.

Mixing thought, action, and wealth to create more and more wealth.

Are you participating fully?

The truth is that you’ll NEVER fully reach your potential.


As more and more people participate, there will ALWAYS be more and more stuff created. Which means more opportunities to make more stuff, and get more wealth energy (money).

Which will call for more skills, and more applications of those skills. 

You will never reach your potential because what you are capable of can ONLY continue to increase.

How far will you take your skills?

How much will you express your ideas?

How wide will you share your talents?

Unlocking The Mystery Of Money

Wanna Trade?

My Apple For Your Potato Chips

Next time you buy something you want, pay attention to the energy of the transaction.

This is good to do with food, especially when you’re hungry.

Think of the food, and think of the money you’re about to spend.

Instead of thinking of it as a “purchase,” or a “transaction,” think of it as exchange.

A straight up trade. Like back in elementary school.

Take a moment, and imagine whatever you did to get that money. 

If it’s five bucks for a Happy Meal (or whatever) just imagine what it took for you to get that five bucks.

Then imagine trading your efforts for your food, rather than the money.

This can be a helpful exercise for a lot of reasons.

Sure, we all love money, but only because we can trade money for the things that we want.

I used to find it helpful to think of what I could buy with the money I was about to earn when I had a particularly unpleasant job ahead of me.

When the Beatles (John and Paul) would sit down to write a song, they would literally say, “Let’s write ourselves a couple of new cars.”

The truth about money is that it’s only an intermediary step between two actions.

Your action which you trade for money, and the action of somebody else, who is producing what you want to buy with that money.

This seems pretty basic, but it can be easy to drift up into the upper metaphysical atmosphere when talking about “money energy.”

Boiled down into it’s most essential components, money is the potential or stored energy that exists between two people that are making things that each other wants.

So when people talk about “money energy” they’re really talking about human effort.

When people say “resonate with money energy” what they really mean is to resonate with other people.

Both what they’re doing to produce the stuff you want, and what you’re doing to produce the stuff they want.

When everybody is “resonating with money energy” meaning everybody is doing their part producing and trading, based on what everybody else wants needs and appreciates, that’s when society really starts to take off.

This is natural because humans are social creatures. It is deep in our nature to participate in a diverse society with many different people from many different backgrounds.

With everybody making or helping make what everybody else wants, everybody’s happen.

The good news is that with the whole world kind of linked together, economy wise, it’s easier than ever to get in and get some.

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Your Auto Pilot Brain

Your Set And Forget Brain

Can You Really Set And Forget?

There’s a huge desire in us humans for “auto pilot.”

Meaning we don’t like to think, so we’re always pretty easy to sell if whatever is we’re buying is “automatic” or “hands-free” or the ever popular “set-and-forget.”

After all, who wants to sit there and watch something if we can be doing other things, while that “thing” is busy taking care of business on its own?

Often times this is presented in business terms as “turnkey,” meaning all you really need to do is press a button and watch the business run on its own.

To be sure, this is a highly desirable trait, and very marketable if it actually works. Nobody wants to buy ANYTHING (business or not) that’s going to come with a complicated set of steps and instructions.

But since it’s such a huge marketing trigger, it’s often times abused.

Check any “work from home” forum in the “business opportunity” section and you’ll find endless “systems” being sold that are heavy with these terms.

Automatic. Autopilot. Turnkey system. Hands free. Set and forget. Push button simple. Etc.

Unfortunately, anything regarding business involves one very important, and often left out, aspect.

Other People.

No matter what kind of business you are in, you need customers. (Unless you’re the government lol).

And these customers all have limited funds. Which means they need to CHOOSE to buy your product, service, or whatever it is you are offering.

They don’t HAVE to.

And any kind of system that GUARANTEES profits, is also, by definition, GUARANTEEING that somewhere out there there’ll be people to buy.

And as I’m sure you can guess, this is highly unlikely. Unless maybe you’re selling water in the desert, or something similar, and you’re the ONLY game in town.

Does that mean that the ideas of “auto pilot” and “prosperity” are mutually exclusive?

Absolutely not.

Because the auto pilot is NOT in the business model itself. It’s in your BRAIN.

Humans are hard wired to learn.

In fact, we’re hard wired to learn, and then take whatever we’ve learned, and drop it down into our subconscious. 

Which means we’ll be just as effective, but on auto pilot.

Like riding a bike, playing an instrument (if you can) typing, driving, etc.

The best part is that ANYTHING related to prosperity is related to other people.

And humans come pre-programmed with a HUGE set of tools that allows us to talk to others, find out what they want, and then use our creativity of figure out how to help them get it.

And get paid.

Of course, this requires a bit of conscious action, a little bit of uncertainty, and the belief that you WILL succeed.

But once you get started, you’ll see how quickly it can become automatic.

How To Rediscover Your Inner Genius

It's Still Inside You

Re-Discover Your Abilities

When you were very young, you knew the secret of success.

You knew how to put your mind on a target and then do whatever it took to get there.

For most of us, that built in strategy is “programmed out” of us as we grow older.

Nothing sinister, nothing intentional. It’s just the way things kind of happen.

Generally speaking, people that become super rich have less of that genius strategy programmed out. They retain enough to keep setting their sites on bigger and better goals as they go through life.

There comes a point in most people’s lives where our biggest dreams turn into things that we wish would happen on the one hand, but are too scared to try to get on the other hand.

We kid ourselves with all kinds of self delusions about why we can’t. We come up with all kinds of creative excuses that keep us “stuck.”

But the truth is that genius strategy still exists within you. Which means that if you start to consciously ask “as if” it will come out, it will.

Now, I’m not talking about any big huge behaviors. Not the standard “fake it until you make it” lip service gurus love to spit out.

I’m talking about making teeny tiny micro changes in your day to day behavior.

Simply because they will be congruent with your deeply programmed strategies, they will come out.

Just like being a little kid, and swinging your legs at the right frequency on the swing will get you some pretty big movements, so with your inner strategy.

You’ll slowly be building up a powerful self-sustaining cycle of success, where the energy you get out is much more than you put in.

This is the secret of all prosperity. People, nations, planets.

There comes a seemingly magical “tipping point” when the “system” is kind of humming along on its own, and just takes a wee bit of input juice for a MASSIVE output stream.

And because that strategy IS deep within you, even the smallest and easiest changes in your behavior that are congruent with this deep strategy will seem familiar, natural, and simple.

Because anytime you HAVE achieved any success, of any measure, you’ve proven that you HAVE that very strategy within you.

All it takes is to bring it up to the conscious level, see how it works, plug in what you want out of life, and then drop it back down into your subconscious.

And you’ll be on your way.

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Be A Man With A Plan


Do You Know Where You’re Going?

Imagine if you were on a paddle board, out in the middle of the ocean. Imagine you had plenty of food, and water, and sunscreen. But being on a paddle board in the middle of the ocean was pretty limiting, and pretty boring.

You’d like to find a boat, and go somewhere better. You wouldn’t mind getting a job on the boat to earn your keep. Swabbing decks, cleaning windows, whatever. 

And you kept seeing boats going by. Some were big, some were small. Some were zig-zagging all over the place. Some were going so fast you couldn’t grab hold. 

Some even slowed down and almost stopped when they saw you. They literally begged you to come on board. Of course, you’d never do that. They might be pirates, or cannibals. After all, why the heck would a boat stop in the middle of the ocean to pick up some stray paddleboarder?

Think of your ideal boat. One going in a pretty straight direction. One that didn’t seem to be filled with pirates. One that was moving pretty decently, but no so fasts you couldn’t grab on. And one that kept going along the same route. Not one that stopped and asked where you’d like to go.

Of course, this is just a metaphor. You are the boat. The girls you are hoping to “pick up” are the paddleboarders.

They want a “boat” that knows where it’s going. But not so fast they can’t grab on. They don’t want a captain so unsure he keeps changing direction.

They want a strong boat, that won’t look like it will sink in a small storm. Hopefully you’re looking to pick up a paddleboarder who’s willing to earn their keep, not just some lazy paddleboarder looking to sun herself on a luxury liner.

How does this translate to your life? Before you even think of picking up girls you hope will turn into a serious relationship, you’d better have a plan for your life. Because she’s going to ask.

And you’d better have a plan that you are committed to, with or without her (or any other particular girl).

Most guys don’t. 

Even if your dreams seem a million miles away, at least have some. Plan your life, starting today, on a five or ten year plan. What would your ideal outcome be? 

That way, when she asks about your job, or major or even hobbies, you can put it in the right context.

If she see’s you as a “man with a plan” that’s one more leg up you’ll have on the competition.

Your Biggest Obstacle To Love

It's All In Your Head

Hint: It’s All In Your Mind

Most everything you’ll read or be sold today regarding seduction and dating is partly a scam.

I don’t mean that sellers or bloggers are scamming readers or customers. It’s the people reading and buying that are scamming themselves.

The biggest block to guys getting the girls they want is fear. I know many guys will disagree, and say their not afraid. It’s just that the market is too bad. Or they don’t want to spend a lot of money. Or they don’t have the right job, or whatever.

But think about this, if you can. Imagine you’re at the grocery store, and you’d like an apple. You have an idea of the perfect apple. So you head over to the apple cart. You start picking up the apples, looking at them, feeling their softness or hardness. Finally after ten minutes or so (you’re REALLY picky when it comes to apples) you finally settle on the perfect one.

Now, when you were picking up any individual apple, what were your emotions like? Afraid, nervous, worried, impatient, bored?

Most likely not. You looked at this big pile of apples and were pretty certain you’d find ONE that would be perfect. It may take a few minutes, but you KNEW you’d find one. The entire time, you’d likely be thinking “Man, this is going to taste SO GOOD!”

Now, just for the sake of argument, imagine if you could talk to girls, all girls, with the same mindset. Zero fear, zero anxiety, zero worry, zero consideration to what other people were doing or whether or not they were watching you.

Would you have ANY trouble finding your dream girl, REGARDLESS of your status in life?


But many guys are terrified to admit they are terrified. So they come up with all kinds of excuses. Some of them cover up their fears by approaching and closing TONS of women, creating numerous but shallow relationships that are based on nothing but drunken fun. (Not that there’s anything wrong with drunken fun!)

The structure is the same, inspecting apples vs. dating girls, but the time period is far, far longer.

What if you were as completely open and fearless with not only talking to girls, but dating them, and completely and confidently opening yourself up to them?

Not only that, but what if you had such rock solid criteria, you’d know RIGHT AWAY if they were your type or not. There’d be NO WAY they could fool you.

What would your life be like then?

Would you need a billion and one pick up lines? Would you need to strategically organize your bedroom for the most efficient, resistance free closing?

Most likely not.

Obviously, this is much more easier said than done. Even admitting that the biggest problem is emotional resistance is tough for most guys.

It’s hard to let go of being able to blame the world, blame society, blame women, whatever.

But once you realize all you need to do is get over your irrational fears, there’s a whole world of women out there just waiting to be loyal to a guy like you.

How To Re-Write Your Caveman Brain

Rewiring Your Brain Is Easier Than You Think

Ready For Human Brain 2.0?

I remember the first time I went bungee jumping, a long time ago.

Of course, I’ve only gone twice, but the first time was WAY different than the second time.

Even though my conscious mind was totally aware there was ZERO danger, I was still petrified.

Me and a buddy went to this amusement park, and one of the rides was bungee jumping. It was about twenty stories high, and the stairway to the top was inside the skeleton like structure.

We decided I’d go first, so my buddy watched me walk up to the top. He said I was slow, and hunched over, like I was walking to the gallows or something.

The guy at the top gave me the instructions (just stand at the edge and lean forward), and I almost passed out from fear.

But as soon as I went past the moment of no-return, something pretty amazing happened.

My fear was immediately replaced by exhilaration. Excitement. A feeling like I’d never felt before.

Pure adrenalin.

The next time I went, (a year or so later) it was much different. Since I knew what to expect, it was exciting the entire time. I walked up the stairs faster, and instead of slowly “leaning forward,” I leapt off the top platform.

Most conventional wisdom tells us we have to do something first, and then the confidence comes later.

Normally, this is true.

But normally, we’re using our brains the way they are hard wired. With the factory installed programming. Programming that was designed for a time when there were just as many critters trying to eat us as we were trying to eat them.

As you’re well aware, that’s not true any more. There’s rarely any physical danger. If you’re in a job interview, and you give the wrong answer, the guy’s not going to call in a couple of goons to beat you to a pulp.

If you walk over and talk to a pretty girl and say the wrong pick up line, she’s not going to pull out a switchblade and stab you in the eye.

But our caveman brains don’t think so. Our caveman (or cave woman) brains are still screaming bloody murder, like there’re tigers around every corner.

The good news is that with a little bit of reprogramming, and some targeted visualization, you can flip the switch on where confidence comes from.

You can get the confidence FIRST, and then take action.

Easy action.

To learn how, check this out:

Self Confidence

Mind Control For Approach Anxiety

Think Your Way Around Approach Anxiety

Ditch Your Inner Caveman

Most guys feel a certain amount of approach anxiety when even THINKING about going over and talking to a girl. 

You could be sitting there with your buddies, and they point out a group of girls that YOU should go and talk to. Just thinking about it may send you into an anxiety brain freeze.

This is perfectly natural.

The trick is to train your brain so you don’t automatically respond in your naturally programmed way.

Humans are hard wired with all kinds of automatic responses. These were helpful in our ancient days as hunters and gatherers, but they aren’t so useful any more.

For example, if you stuff your pie hole every time you had an opportunity, you’d be pretty obese. If caveman DIDN’T do this, they’d die of starvation.

Approach anxiety is another leftover instinct from our caveman days. Back in those days, there were only a couple hundred people TOTAL in our tribe. We spent our entire lives with these people.

Which meant that there were MAYBE ten or twenty girls to choose from, and ten or twenty guys who were going after those ten or twenty girls. Everybody else was either too old, too young, or already hitched.

So in those days, it was absolutely CRUCIAL that you approach correctly, or you were in deep trouble.

These days, not so much. In fact, you could walk up to ten cuties TODAY, fail miserably, and NOBODY would know.

If you tried that the caveman days you’d be one lonely dude.

So the first trick is to simply accept that EVERYBODY is hard wired to feel approach anxiety. There’s NOTHING wrong with you. It’s COMPLETELY normal.

So, how do you fix it?

Think of it like you’d think of planning  a diet. If you wanted to get a six pack, you’d decide ahead of time which kinds of food you’d eat, right? And when you’d eat, right?

So if you were walking down the street and you passed a burger joint, you’d tell yourself, with your conscious mind, “Hmm. That smells good, but it’s not on my diet plan, so I can’t eat it.”

You would overcome your irrational instincts with rational planning. To the extent you could stick to your plan, you’d get your six pack.

You can approach girls the same way.

Plan ahead of time which girls you’d like to date, just like you plan your six pack meal plan.

Figure out what kind of personalities they need to have. What kind of education, religion, politics, etc.

So when you do this, you’ll see girls and NOT KNOW if she qualifies or not.

So when you think about approaching her, you’ll be curious rather than anxious.

The first couple of times may be difficult.

But the more you do this, the more you’ll realize that not a lot of girls meet your criteria. Once you get that deep feeling from experience that “good looks aren’t enough” you’ll be home free.

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Why You’re NOT Broken

You Are Perfect

You And The World Are Perfect

Once upon a time, you had the world at your fingertips.

Perhaps you can remember now, what it’s like to dream big, and expect the dream to come true.

Big plans, goals, visions.

Of course, they are still there. If you take the time to reawaken them, you will.

They are just as strong now as they ever were.

It’s not that they weakened, or diminished in value. Only they were covered up.

By fears, worries, anxieties. A layer of protection that kept you safe.

Or you thought kept you safe.

Stuff you accepted from others. Stuff you thought you needed, but not any more.

However, you’re still carrying around a bunch of junk. A layer of gunk between the real you, and the world outside.

That’s why it’s hard to express yourself the way you really want.

That’s why it’s hard for others to see the real you, and appreciate your real value.

Most people don’t know this layer of gunk exists.

Some blame the world, some blame themselves.

If they only change the world, things will be better. Or if they only “fix” themselves, things will be better.

Of course, you can’t change the world. The world does what the world does. A huge evolving juggernaut of ever expanding reality that relentlessly moves forward.

You don’t need to change yourself, because you aren’t broken.

And there really is no “you” anyhow. Not that you’re a hallucination or anything. But the “you” is really ALWAYS changing and evolving and growing and learning.

Any definition of “you” is obsolete by the time you even think of the words.

How can you “fix” something that never stands still?

The ONLY thing that needs changing is that layer of gunk between you and the world.

That layer of gunk that was put there by well meaning but misinformed adults.

That layer of gunk you’re still carrying around.

Take in a deep breath, and blast away that junk once and for all.

Let loose your brilliance. Let in the world.

This will help:

Belief Change