Blast Away Emotional Storms

Rediscover Your Beliefs

Re-Discover Your Beliefs

The idea of a “perfect storm” is pretty common.

It was first made popular by a book and movie of the same name.

A group of fishermen went out in the Atlantic, and two storms coincided, becoming impossible to escape from.

A “once in a lifetime event.”

Since then, every time there’s a confluence of “bad” events, it’s called a perfect storm.

On an individual level, it can certainly feel like everybody’s conspiring against you sometimes.

Nothing goes your way. All the lights are red. Everybody you talk to says “no,” before you even finish.

Makes you wonder why you even got out of bed!

Other days, the opposite can happen. Everybody thinks you’re a genius. Everybody’s checking you out wherever you go. All the lights are green.

The thing that our human experience and weather have in common is something called “feedback loops.”

Windy weather changes the conditions, which feed back into the system, and affect the weather. Every once in a while this turns into a hurricane or a tornado.

In the human experience, it kind of works the same way, only about a kajillion times more complicated.

Somebody shuts you down, this puts you in a bad mood, which makes the next person less likely to listen to you, etc. etc.

Naturally, this works both ways.

You smile at somebody, they smile back. Suddenly you’re on top of the world. Your energy changes. The way you behave changes. This, of course, changes how people perceive you, which changes how THEY behave towards you, making you feel even BETTER.

When you’re smack dab in the middle of a “negative feedback loop” it can seem like you’re stuck in a tornado.

After all, tornadoes don’t suddenly morph into happy sunshine without ripping out a few trailer parks first.

However, there’s something that humans have that make it MUCH EASIER to turn on a dime. 

See, weather does what weather does. It HAS to follow the laws of physics. If a tornado doesn’t like being a tornado, he or she suddenly can’t change the laws of science to turn into a puffy white cloud of happiness.

On the other hand, humans DO have that power.

Since what happens to us is largely based on how we PERCEIVE events, rather than the events themselves.

Especially when it comes to trying to “guess” other people’s intentions based on some really vague behavior.

When somebody looks at us funny when we ask for something, it could be they hate our guts, or it could be they’ve got some really bad gas, or are madly in love with us.

Not only can we change the meaning of events as they happen, but we can the meaning of ALL the events in our lives.

Going way back to when we were kids, when all of our limiting beliefs and “limitations” were “discovered.”

This can make for some VERY INTERESTING opportunities!

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