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Secret Social Proof

Generate Social Proof

Social proof is crucial in creating attraction.

You walk into a bar by yourself, most girl’s won’t even notice you.

You walk in with a crew of dudes, and you’ll maybe get a bit more of a look.

But you walk in with a slew of babes, and every girl will want you.

But what do you do if you don’t have a slew of babes?

Rent some!

Just kidding.

Here’s a “trick” that will help. It requires that you practice talking to as many women as you can.

Not just women you’re interested in, but ALL women.

All you need is their name, and ANYTHING about them.

Let’s say you’re in the supermarket.

And you see a ninety year old woman looking at pasta sauce.

You ask her what she’s planning on cooking.

She tells you lasagna. You ask her if it’s good. She says yes.

You ask her name, she tells you it’s “Betty.”

So far so good.

Now, here you are a couple weeks later. You’re in a conversation with a girl you’d LIKE to create attraction in.

She mentions she likes pasta.

You say, “Yeah, my friend Betty likes to cook Lasagna. It’s pretty good,” and leave it at that.

The girl you’re talking to won’t know who Betty is. But she’ll assume she’s decent looking. And since you mentioned that she cooks lasagna, the girl you’re currently talking to will assume all kinds of things about you and Betty.

If you linger too long on Betty, it will lose it’s effect.

Just drop Betty and her cooking into the conversation, and then start talking about something else.

If you drop two or three female names in the conversation, and they are related to the conversation, the girl you’re talking to will only assume ONE THING.

That you are a mad player and have all kinds of women on your back burner.

Which will make her want you more than ever.

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