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Your Life Is A Hero’s Journey

I love watching movies.

Anybody that knows me well knows I spent a good deal of time in movie theaters.

Being somebody who loves hypnosis, movies are the perfect trance generator.

The conscious critic is knocked out, and you’re taken for a nice ride.

Stories have been part of human life since we learned to talk. Maybe even before, as some of those ancient cave paintings may have been around before humans developed any kind of recognizable grammar.

It seems out  minds are hard wired to relax into a good story. Evolutionary psychologists tell us this folded in neatly with our huge learning ability. 

Listening to some old, experience member of the tribe tell a fascinating story was a much better vehicle to deliver essential truths about life than to simply pass dry information.

By following along to stories, rather than some dry lecture, early humans could “own” the knowledge. By paying close attention to the story, they would “see themselves” in the roles of the main characters, and appreciate the deeper meanings.

Get In The Game Of Life And Conquer Your Fears!

All Blockbusters Tell Your Tale

Many stories and movies today have the same structure. Most blockbusters, despite being filled with zillion dollar special effects, generally tell what’s known as the “Hero’s Journey.”

Meaning they’re about some normal guy or girl put into an “un-normal” situation, generally without much choice. Then this normal guy or girl has to dig deep and respond to the situation. Usually there’s some bad guy, and usually the hero has to develop skills, relationships, and sometimes use a “magical” tool.

Why are these stories so compelling?

Because all of us experience the same thing. We all feel we are living lives without really living life.

We are kind of going through the motions, without feeling we are living up to our potential.

We KNOW we are missing something. That common theme, the “Hero’s Journey” is a welcome reminder that we are MUCH MORE than we think we are.

YOU, are much more than you think you are.

You were meant for greatness. Not to get by. Not to make enough to pay the bills and save a little. Not to spend your free time wasting away in front of the TV.

You were put here to set your sights on something HUGE. You were put here to ACHIEVE something huge.

In your life, YOU are the hero.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

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