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Ancient Seduction Secrets

Some of the most POWERFUL persuasion skills have been around a long, long time.

Take pacing and leading, for example.

This is pretty well understood concept.

When you start a conversation with somebody, you want to create rapport. The easiest way to create rapport is to simply pace their environment. Move like they move. Talk like they talk. Breath like they breath.

The idea is to get them thinking, on a deep subconscious level, “Hey, this guy is just like me.”

Not consciously, mind you, but unconsciously. When their unconscious notices that you two are very similar, it will come across to them as a feeling of comfort, of trust, and decrease any worry or anxiety.

Once they are sufficiently in rapport (there’s plenty of easy and sneaky ways to check) you start leading.

They’re On Board

Meaning you change your behavior, and watch them follow. Again, there’s some pretty sneaky and easy ways to do this.

Now, some people think this is some kind of new idea that’s only come up in the last couple decades.

But if you read some of the letters of St. Paul (in the Christian New Testament) these are some VERY persuasive SALES LETTERS. Many of which are FILLED with pacing-leading language.

Those Old Dudes Knew What Was Up

The fact that these simple concepts have been around for so long are a testament to how well they work.

Doesn’t matter if you’re talking to kids, your wife, your girlfriend, or some girl you’ve just met.

If you take the time to pace, and the slowly start to lead, and the VERIFY that they are following, EVERYTHING will go much smoother.

Even if that’s ALL YOU DID, and then walked away without even number closing, she wouldn’t be able to get her mind off you.

She’d think of YOU as that really interesting guy she had a DEEP CONNECTION with.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to walk away, you can keep talking to her.

Because once you’ve got her attention, so to speak. You can move on to the next two levels.

What are they?

Feelings Baby

Simply put, all you’ve got to do is elicit all those wonderful feelings that she already has, for her own reasons, and then attach them to you.

If you take your time to create rapport, and slowly lead, and then VERIFY she’s following before you move on to the next level, you’ll be AMAZED how easy it is, and how well it works.

In fact, you’ve got to be careful. Because you CAN create some pretty powerful feelings of deep emotional and sexual attraction in a very short amount of time.

Which is why you NEED to be sure that’s what you really want.

To learn how, check this out:

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