How To Get Her Begging For You

Secrets Of Powerful Seduction

Your Greatest Weapon

Your mind is a very, very powerful tool.

There’s been a lot of experiments that pretty much PROVE that in some cases, mental practice is just as good as real world practice.

Of course, when talking to pretty girls, every single situation is going to be different. Even if you’re in a happy relationship, every single conversation is going to be different. Pretty much any time you open your mouth, you really have NO idea how she is going to respond.

For those of you who’ve been in relationships for a long while, you know that after a period of time you can pretty much guess HOW they’ll respond in certain situations.

But what about girls you’ve never met before?

First Impressions Are Crucial

One of the biggest problems guys have is knowing what to say in those first few minutes. After the ice is broken, and there’s plenty of rapport, it does get easier, for some at least. There’s also guys that can start conversations like nobody’s business, but when it comes time to close, they trip over their own feet.

This is a way that will significantly improve your progress in ANY stage of the game.

The first step is to go out and get some kind of result. Doesn’t matter what. Just do what’s comfortable for you. Smile and say “hi,” introduce yourself, ask her to marry you, whatever.

Only For Practice

The purpose of this exercise is NOT to succeed. It’s to simply get ANY RESULT.

Then later than day, you take that result you got, whatever it was, and think about it. Think about one small thing you COULD have done better. Then imagine what would have likely happened, if you DID that small thing.

Then imagine the situation, rewritten with your NEW BEHAVIOR, and her NEW RESPONSE. Spend about five minutes playing this new movie over again and again in your mind.

Build On Experience

THIS is the kind of mental exercise that will literally SKYROCKET your improvement. You’ll be mixing real world events with imagined outcomes, giving you the best of both worlds.

Here’s another cool thing. If you do this for a week or two, pretty soon you’ll see every opportunity as a chance to IMPROVE your game, rather than a life or death seduction situation.

And when you start to FEEL yourself getting better, there will be no stopping you.

To make it even better, when you learn the powerful language patterns of covert hypnosis and influence, and incorporate these into your daily mental practice, you will become a natural in no time.

You’ll be quickly talking to girls in a way that will have them BEGGING you to take them.

Real world experience, mental practice, and language technology.

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